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Infographic on English Bible Translations

CHR Comment: A fine visual overview of many current English Bible Translations, distinguishing the major translation philosophies of literalism (word-for-word), dynamic equivalence (thought-for-thought), and paraphrase. The positioning of some of the translations could be disputed but this is a good tool for discussing translations in a Bible class.

Modern Church

羅馬不一定是對的 -- 翻譯問題


事緣筆者看到以下 Notitiae 期刊在 1970年,有關於祝聖聖血時的翻譯:

在1970年,聖禮部回覆有關 pro multis 的英文翻譯時,他們說英文當年譯作 for all (而非字面的 for many) 是合理的 (justified) ,基於: 52 more words


Shifting sands in the Bible translation world

This morning I just dipped into Stephen Doty’s dissertation (2007), The Paradigm Shift in Bible Translation in the Modern Era, with Special Focus on Thai… 347 more words


TRANSLATION & Are You a Mission Station or a Missional Organization? A Leadership Exercise

by Bob Whitesel D.Min., Ph.D., 10/19/15.

In the 1800s and early 1900s there was a “mission station approach” to missions.  This is a fairly common term used to describe how in mission work, a foreign entity (like the Lutheran Church of Germany for example) would set up “mission stations” (such as in South Africa) to reach native peoples. 397 more words