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Can Bible Translators Outdo God?

Those who frequent this blog know that I am an ardent defender of an essentially literal Bible translation. Many of you have informed me throughout the years that you too are of the same persuasion. 730 more words


The Lord is my...What?

“The Lord is my portion; I have promised to keep Your words.” (Psalm 119:57, NASB95)

The NASB along with the ESV, LEB, NIV, and HCSB all translate quite literally here: “The Lord is my portion.”  But what does “my portion” mean?  206 more words


Infographic on English Bible Translations

CHR Comment: A fine visual overview of many current English Bible Translations, distinguishing the major translation philosophies of literalism (word-for-word), dynamic equivalence (thought-for-thought), and paraphrase. The positioning of some of the translations could be disputed but this is a good tool for discussing translations in a Bible class.

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