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Hull Stool - A dynamic high stool

The celebration of curvilinear structures and admiration for the organic curves found in nature. A dynamic stool designed to allow the user to become a natural part of the structure. 241 more words


Unity - Dynamic Circle Mesh for UI

I’ve created a dynamic circle mesh that can be used with the new Unity UI system. It comes with a custom inspector for easier use and an example for using the circle as a health bar. 43 more words


“The Best Wedding Ever!”


“To know Jesus is to know and experience new wine, the dynamic message of God’s grace that frees us from confining and restrictive old wine skins of stale, musty and oppressive institutionalized religion.” 122 more words

Christian Ministry

Working with Library and List Apps

The next stage of development in SharePoint Server 2013 Essential Training is Working with Library and List Apps. This section covers Using a list, Adding a list app to your site, Adding a custom list app, Using the Import Spreadsheet app, Customizing a library, Creating a custom view, Creating a dynamic view, Working with calendar views, Viewing Exchange calendars in SharePoint, Changing settings for files and libraries, Changing settings for items and lists and Using asset libraries and rich media.

Microsoft SharePoint

Fifth Element

What makes outfits like this so great is the way all the different elements work together. The texture, the colors, the pattern, the cut, they all work to make the look interesting without overpowering each other. 37 more words


Case Solution for Toybox: Managing Dynamic Digital Projects

Complete Case details are given below :

Case Name :      Toybox: Managing Dynamic Digital Projects

Authors :           Darren Meister, David Singer

Source :             Ivey Publishing… 159 more words


How to make a basic Registration system in PHP

Most websites nowadays allow or require you to make an account in order to view content.
This can be a pretty basic system to make, but you must spare no expense with your time when it comes to securing the user credentials. 416 more words