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Types of Flexibility and Benefits of Stretching

Flexibility it the ability to move muscles and joints  through their full range of motion.


Types of Flexibility 

  • Static Flexibility focus’ on the range of motion around a joint with out the emphasis of speed.
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Fitness Tips

The Laws of Strength Training

Develop Joint Flexibility

The entire range of motion of a joint is used during strength training. In order to minimise the risk of pain, strain and stress injuries building a good level of flexibility is a must. 224 more words

Fitness Tips

2016, November 30 - 2194 - tomorrow

the world is changing (5)
in ways we never expect, (7)
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Please remember all you’ve started/I can see GOD from here. ~Willow

When afraid…continue.

When angry…acknowledge.

When desiring…allow.

When unsure…ask.

When happy…

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Glam Meets Grunge

When it comes to rocking a healthy mix of glam & grunge, it’s all about finding balance. This outfit feels casual and laid back and its so easy to replicate with items you may already have in your closet. 29 more words