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Dynamic Warm-Up Routine Benefits | Stretching Program

A proper dynamic warm-up routine can significantly improve your workout. Click here to read the benefits of a dynamic stretching program! #Fitness #Workout

Father Here Father There

This weekend Evan and I, had our usual balancing act for Father’s day as we went between our two respective families to celebrate with them. We are finding that these holidays are draining; as we have to schedule time with each family, and then having to explain why this family got that time slot, planning around the two of them, and every other detail that includes. 467 more words

Dialoging with God

I don’t know about you but for me, praying was very difficult. Sure, I’d mutter little prayers now and then during the day; however, rarely did I make prayer something I committed to and never did I volunteer to pray in front of people, heaven forbid! 1,134 more words