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Empty Nights

Silence can be louder than a train.

As I sit in His house at night, alone, the silence is deafening.

I miss the noise we make together.

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Using jQuery events on dynamically appended HTML

JQuery has become one of our foundations of processing requests while staying on the same page. No refreshes, simple requests to your backend PHP scripts via AJAX and updating the DOM Modals. 187 more words


Dynamic Mother & Daughter Duo - Julie & Katherine's Portraits

Under a beautiful blue sky, a mother and daughter duo enjoyed a gorgeous morning on the beach. With Katherine growing up before her very eyes, mom Julie wanted to grab on to this moment and freeze it in time. 116 more words

Group Dynamics

A collection of individuals who have regular contact and everyday interaction, mutual influence, common sense of comradeship, and who work together to achieve a common set of goals.

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Management Process

Easily execute dynamic C# using extension methods

Code has now been released under the SharpByte project to execute dynamic C# scripts (and evaluate statements) more easily than ever before. Dynamic code execution during earlier days of .NET was a sore spot, with many lamenting the lack of a functional equivalent to the… 727 more words


Putting the Light in Delight! — Yanko Design


Elegant, hypnotic, and so beautiful, it justifies all the design awards its won, the D’Light puts an art installation in every home! Named D’Light after its… 294 more words


Show dynamic VisualForce page based on a field value in Salesforce.

  • In order to achieve the requirement, create a custom button and set the Behavior picklist to option ‘Execute JavaScript’ and Content Source picklist to ‘OnClick JavaScript’.
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