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I am a dynamic loop

a loop that nature enacts
through me
to the extent I let it

a loop that projects the real into novel trajectories… 9 more words

CSGO: Best Crosshair Workshop

Okay, so finding the best crosshair for you in CSGO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive) is very important. It can mean the difference between well placed shots and just a general location. 31 more words


dynamic dns

Most internet providers, heck, most internet connections are dynamic. Your device gets assigned an IP address when it asks for one. Sometimes it’s the same, but more often than not it might be different. 153 more words


File Upload location based on another field.

I needed to change the file upload location of my “managed_file” field on the basis of another field’s value in the same form.

I am sharing the code I used to do so. 305 more words


A Beginner's Guide to Pointers

What Are Pointers?

Pointers are basically the same as any other variable. However, what is different about them is that instead of containing actual data, they contain a pointer to the memory location where information can be found. 3,081 more words