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Four types of stretching, which is the best?

Regardless of which physiotherapist you see or which sport you have played in your lifetime, you are bound to have heard or been told that stretching is good for you. 497 more words


7 years = a lifetime

Psychologists say that if you have a friendship that lasts more than 7 years then it will last a life time.

Recently I was at a birthday party for a close friend and at this party we sat around the dinner table after sharing a meal… soon enough we all started talking about recent events. 487 more words




my daughter visited. i think i managed to see her for the adult she has become, and let go (a little bit) of the 5 year-old girl i constructed of her in my mind. 52 more words


It is your opninion. And yours alone.

I read an online rant of someone about how other people do not abide the rules he seems to think are obligatory in that particular scene. 205 more words