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Paintings I Love (Mondays)

May contain some nudity,graphic content, and mild language.

I have a huge passion for art and I love all of the different ways to make a painting. 255 more words


Cardiorespiratory Fitness Training

Options for Cardio Training:      (PLEASE be sure to warm-up and stretch before any training activity or exercise)

  • Treadmill (5-10 min)
  • Stationary Bicycle (5-10 min)
  • Stair Climber (5-10 min)
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Hot spring in Rinjani

The only thing that spurred me on was the hot spring that was promised to be take away all our tiredness and aching from our body. 176 more words


Dynamic VLANs with 802.1x Authentication

VLAN configuration can be a large overhead on resources making sure the right device is in the right VLAN.

Constantly re-configuring switches trying to keep on top of users moving their PCs. 401 more words


The Effects of University on the Ageing Process

From a year and a half’s experience, I’ve found that uni definitely, definitely creates changes in people. When I got here, upon reaching the no-clean-underwear stage, hungry and exhausted (about 4 weeks in), I decided that I would be a developer. 361 more words

3 Important Elements to Ensure Your Recording is Top-Notch

JMA Composing offers a unique experience when it comes to the production of music. You may hire us to compose and produce the music for you, say if you were looking for someone to score a movie. 456 more words


Pearl Susanne Inspiration Dynamic Promo

a 35-second dynamic promotional video for an aspiring female athlete’s Facebook page -https://www.facebook.com/PearlSusanne…

The project features dynamic editing, tracking shots, desaturated colour grading, glitch effects, colour distortion and motion text.