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How to check the status of windows service using c#

C# code to check status of a windows service

 Below is the C# code which return the status of a windows service running on a machine/server on passing correct name. 122 more words

How to change BPF stages automatically using workflow in Dynamics 365

Change BPF stages in Dynamics 365 with no code

So far we have been trying to automate BPF auto stage movement using client side js or plugin. 426 more words

Microsoft Dynamics 365 v9.0 latest feature – Show Progress Indicator

In latest release of Dynamics 365 i.e. v9.0 MS has introduces many new features to enhance the user experience, Progress indicator is one of them. 257 more words

You cannot delete this component while the following components depend on it.


In Dynamics 365, to delete any component, you must remove/delete all the dependencies of the component which you want to delete. For e.g. If you want to delete custom entity called Configuration, you will need to delete/remove all the dependencies of the component which are dependent on Configuration entity. 232 more words


Reviewing your existing Dynamics 365 System (Moving to Online Part 3)

This is the third post in a series of posts about migrating from Dynamics 365 on-premise to Dynamics 365 Online.  The content and topics are from my recent sessions at D365UG Summit and Extreme365. 731 more words

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Configure Text Analysis in CRM with Azure Machine Learning Text Analysis

With lot of addition and improvements to Azure Machine Learning; Microsoft has done a tremendous job of integrating it with Dynamics 365. Bringing machine learning capabilities to Dynamics 365 will be benefited by lot of companies out there. 298 more words

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Extracting Dynamics CRM audit logs with SSIS and Kingswaysoft adaptors


I need to extract the audit logs from Dynamics CRM since the date specified.  The Kingswaysoft adapters for SSIS make this very easy.  However I found that extracting audit information for all entities was significantly slower than when a single entity is specified.  387 more words