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NHS March, London - 4th March

I decided that I would also go to witness the NHS protest, which took place in the centre of London near Downing Street. I found the event to be insightful and I did manage to capture some interesting images, which I have attached below. 128 more words

March into March using the MODE Effect.

March into March using the MODE Effect

Quote of the day

‘Take charge of a new era in your life by marching into March with valour and vigour. 420 more words

Divine Thread: our human legacy (Navajo Wisdom 1)

The Navajo nation believes to this day that they are the direct descendants of the Holy People or Creation Gods. Their whole reason for existence is to carry their legacy forwards with each generation endowed with the physical and emotional attributes of human beings. 691 more words

No Separation

Image Experimentation Continued/Primary Research- 14th February

I have been continuing experimentation with capturing images and above, I have attached an image, which I thought turned out well by manipulating the light exposure when taking the photo. 243 more words

Don't just die!

Don’t just die by  playing a game where one man’s win is other man’s loss,

Live in the state where his success doesn’t mean your failure. 266 more words


Avoid desires to be touched by the divine.

It is our countless nagging desires that keep us separated from happiness, from the great truth. But there are 2 principal desires: the first is to avoid death; the second is to avoid living fully. 233 more words

Divine Links

23 Compression tips (part 1)

Hey everyone…this is the first post for the blog… I decided to start with this because it’s one of the major problems experienced by beginners and ‘sometime’ intermediate sound/audio engineers. 607 more words