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Case Solution for Sumeru Software Solutions: Creating a Culture of Serene Dynamism

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Case Name :      Sumeru Software Solutions: Creating a Culture of Serene Dynamism

Authors :           Amit Gupta, Kshitij Saxena… 311 more words


Chapter 2

They were ruffians of an uncouth nature. They had murder in their eyes that pierced the citizens of the merchant town with fear and aghast. They bore crude weapons of all kinds, dull and blunted, the scimitar being the most common but in no better fashion than the others, but it’s unkempt edge stopped them not from using them. 215 more words

Episode 1

Game Worlds

Do you want to be in this world?

Why is it that sometimes when we play a game, we immediately love being in that world? 2,861 more words

Game Design

tschumi and event spaces

From this starting point, space in the city is more than simply the distance between walls. By making use of and interacting with the city, space itself is perceived and used as something greater than the sum of the parts – it has a dynamic property and potential.

318 more words

Lilith in Watercolor

I’m very pleased to share a watercolor portrait I’ve been working on this weekend of Lilith. I regard Lilith as an important entity who’s own self-transformation is very much an integral aspect found in the Left Hand Path tradition.

Left-Hand Path

Dynamism 3D Printers and 3D Scanners Perfect Holiday Gift Options for Technology Enthusiasts

Smart Design and Beautiful Accuracy Create User-Friendly 3D Printing Experiences

(CHICAGO, IL)- Dynamism, an exclusive provider of next-generation high-tech products, has a variety of cutting-edge technology that will make the perfect holiday gift for gadget-obsessed friends and family. 315 more words

Press Releases

A Small Plastic Robot Walked into a Bar . . .

The age of 3D printing is upon us. Just check out the shelves at your local Staples and OfficeMax. But is it ready for the “common man?” 456 more words

Consumer Tech