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Spun cobwebs, cracked fleas, smoke and flames

Ladies and gentlemen,

While searching far distant reaches of the Web for the most delicate and abstruse philosophical argumentation, I found this fine and, upon deep cogitation in dressing gown, slippers and armchair, richly rewarding piece.

Kristin, this is for you.


I Am...

I am the laughter that rings out of the crowd

A lone wail in the middle of the night

The soul in search of a half… 52 more words


50 Word Review: Serge Lutens Gris Clair

Gris Clair starts with the grey of the sky before a cool spring sunrise, bright with pure herbal lavender and sharp green galbanum. The powerful realist lavender slowly softens and warms into a lightly hay-sweetened spicy incense.

61 more words

San Francisco Ballet: an inspiring company

“The mission of San Francisco Ballet is to share our joy of dance with the widest possible audience in our community and around the globe…

562 more words

My Opinion: "The Wolf of Wall Street"

The Film “The Wolf of Wall Street” by Martin Scorsese features dynamism of a businessman. It really takes passion, guts and pure talent to get your goal. 282 more words

THE push , THE fall, THE RISE

The fall to which I want to succumb myself; the depth to which I want to fall down;the depth to which gravity can’t take me;  the depth at which mankind does not exist; the depth at which there exists a different domain; the domain as defined by swami Vivekananda; the domain which all the skeptics believe exist and that is where I believe my time machine 003M will take me. 270 more words


Chapter 3

Ever so silent, Ryoma took a bit of step and without a sound took his fingers to the window. It was not locked to his desire and he made it ajar just for a bit as it was all that was needed to give a good ear to what they were on about. 205 more words

Episode 1