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Roundabouts (TEXTILES)- 20th September

On Tuesday, we started by Cyanotype printing, which meant that a solution had been set up for us with water, ferric sulphate and ferricynide, which becomes immediately UV light sensitive when mixed. 209 more words

Lino Printing  - 19th of September

In the morning, we were given a piece of linoleum and a v-shaped chisel, and then instructed to gouge into the material, using a photo or sketch as reference. 203 more words

Film Making- 15th of September 

We were given a brief introduction about film and what frames per second means. We then got to look at a roll of film for a trailer for the Spider-Man movie as well as viewing a film made by an artist called Len Lye, who is known for putting moths directly onto film to create a really interesting and abstract piece. 148 more words

China Town, Manchester- 17th of September

After taking pictures and sketches in the town or Blackburn, I decided that I wanted to document the day in a different place so that I could compare the people and surroundings and more importantly gather more material for the project. 28 more words

The Tale of a Clueless Administrator

Truly, the words of a writer who asserts that politicians just strangely check the dictionary during electioneering to get good sounding words to use in order to captivate people’s attention is religiously right. 903 more words

Adeoye Adejare

'Defining Drawing' Lecture- 8th September 

On the third day of college, we had a lecture about being “experimental”. We looked at some contemporary artists, such as Tracy Emin, who is most known for “My Bed”; a modern piece, which you can see in the picture below. 550 more words

Yoga Lesson 9th September 2016

Surya Bhedan Pranayama || Asane  Subhade yogi baddhava kaivasnam tatah  Daksanadya samakrsya bahihastham pavanam sanaih ||

On a pleasurable sitting object adopt a comfortable yoga posture (preferably Padmasan, Lotus posture) then slowly draw in the external air through the right nostril. 475 more words

Daily Yoga Lesson