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On the Occasion of My Birthday

Today I am turning thirty-two (or thirty-three by East Asian counting.) I have done and seen an incredible array of things and places in my life, and, fortunately, my memory remains robust and rich in detail. 388 more words

Tread Softly

When you look at me and those I paint
I hope that you see a rainbow coloured haze
For though I speak sharp with words so sure… 82 more words


Introductory Rant

It is simple enough to say that I am no professional writer. In fact, I’m just like your average student who usually waits until the last second to write a paper. 715 more words


The Privatization of Ingenuity

I applied to this part time position recently for an editor of this magazine. The magazines theme was dwindling capitalism. But as I was reading the “about” page, I began to notice something shocking: these guys… 586 more words

Output \\ A (Potential) Taxonomy of Šnipiškes

The following were observable phenomena arising as a product of our identified map-able conditions (Intersections, Erosions, Ownership, Adhocism). These formed the basis of my mapping activity in Šnipiškes. 84 more words



I sought more than to know Love

But to be the heart

The dynamism that drives

The compassionate vision

Simple mysteries

Evade my acquisition