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There's Nothing Like A Perfect Match

The beauty and allure of our differences escapes us every moment we seek to conform. The human mind is constantly evolving, and we clip its wings with our fears. 283 more words

Futurism- Dynamism of a Dog on a Leash

Futurism, as an art movement, began in 1909 and incorporated ideas fluid among film and literature of the time.

One of the most prominent art pieces produced by Futurism is Giacomo Balla’s “Dynamism of a Dog on a Leash”, from 1912. 234 more words


In The Realm of Semi-Truths

If we have an understanding of the universe.  A model of predictability that is constantly changing because we expand our quantity of observation. Does this mean we are currently wrong? 148 more words


Lake Reflections with Light and Color, 2013

The photograph was featured in “Trends in Photography and Contemporary Art: Brian Appel”; Brian Appel is a art critic and teacher at SVA.

Please follow the link and share.  27 more words

Fine Art

It's Okay If...

It’s Okay If!

It’s okay if our definitions differ,
It’s okay if we don’t want exactly the same things
It’s okay if your idea of fun is a marathon race… 207 more words

Things are constantly changing,

dynamism drives living,

the living are always changing,

you have a strong desire to fly without perching,

but you must perch to start learning… 32 more words


Oculus Rift First Reaction

We recently acquired a development kit for the new virtual reality console Oculus Rift. We’ve been sharing it with anyone who comes to visit. This was by far the best reaction. 34 more words