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Topo By Lines

If you’ve ever used Harry Mattison’s (Boost Your BIM) Revit add-in Topo From Lines, you might have noticed that it hasn’t been updated to either 2015 or 2016. 158 more words

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State of the Art

Chris here with a brief roundup of some interesting projects that have been making waves in the industry recently. First up, the mysterious Flux (a BIM startup funded in part by Google) have come out of hiding and revealed a suite of tools for architectural collaboration. 361 more words


Dynamo is Dyn-o-MITE!

Dynamo, Dynamo…DYNAMO! This open source graphical programming software, created by Autodesk has been around for a number of years. Recently it has updated to a new version, the interface has improved and basically it’s getting closer to saying goodbye to the beta phase. 101 more words


Landform Package for Dynamo

As I mentioned last week, I have decided to create my own Dynamo package: Landform. And it is now available for download in the Package Manager. 75 more words


React Structures embraces Dynamo

This week a new update of the Technology Preview of Autodesk React Structures was announced (read more here), better known as React Structures TP 2. 110 more words


Topo Slope Analysis

Since Dynamo provides access to the API, it can be quite useful in automating certain processes, such as placing, sizing, and rotating plants. But it can also be utilized as an analysis tool. 249 more words

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