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Merkle tree and anti-entropy

1. Merkle Tree

Merkle trees are typically implemented as binary trees where
1) each non-leaf node is a hash of the two nodes below it… 2,084 more words


Driving Shared Parameters with Dynamo

One of the simplest and most useful applications of Dynamo is driving Shared Parameters with formulas. This allows you to have a Shared ParameterĀ as a “Calculated Value,” which is something that you cannot do in Revit without access to the API. 197 more words

How To

#TATASkyTransfer: New Horizon in Entertainment

There was a time when watching television meant a big rectangular box placed on a table in the living room of the house where black and white pictures moved. 912 more words


Now Launching Dynamo!

Starting this week, I will be delving into the world of Dynamo, Autodesk’s open-source, visual programming tool. Though it can now be used as a stand-alone program (via… 238 more words


The Tangible Benefits of the BIM Revolution

The digital revolution in architecture encompasses a number of different topics – advances in what can be digitally modelled, in what can be physically constructed, in how we think about documentation. Ā  510 more words


Create unplaced rooms

If you are lucky enough to have received a detailed design brief which list all the required rooms in your project, you may want to load these into your project to save time entering them manually. 190 more words