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the last season (part too-chicago)-phil jackson

“In fact, in many ways, I have more in common with reporters than with my own players. We maintain an ongoing dialogue about subjects other than basketball. 604 more words

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Leaving No One Alive To Light Them Again

Once we were a dynasty that ruled an empire that stretched from the Crescent Bay to the foothills of the diamond encrusted Mountains of Ahl. We were feted; we were emulated; we were feared. 255 more words


the last season (part won)-los angeles-phil jackson

“The answer is because he can’t possibly imagine anyone ever voluntarily leaving his Los Angeles Lakers, the number-one franchise on the planet. It reminds me of a story about a guy who can’t understand why his girlfriend would ever break up with him.” (262) 692 more words

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How Do You Say Gossip Girl in Korean? Boys Over Flowers Part 1

Consuming: Korean food at Mandoo Bar and at Hee. Greek food at Periyali. All very good. We are loving Fargo and Master of None… 1,741 more words

Tuesday Open Thread | Black Women on Television: Diahann Carroll as Julia & Dominique Deveraux

Diahann Carroll has blessed us twice with memorable roles for Black women on television.

In 1968, with Julia.
And, then again, in 1984 with Dominique Deveraux on Dynasty. 549 more words