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Dynasty - Tom Holland

Dynasty is subtitled The Rise and Fall of the House of Caesar.  It’s a very straightforward and clear account of the Roman empire during the hundred years straddling the birth of Christ,  the new starting date for time itself, the shift from BC to AD. 859 more words

Book Reviews

75: Tshiab

“Why don’t you spend the day with uncle Seng?”

In the days and weeks following Sinbad’s death, that was what Samira’s mum told her. He returned from Bridgeport and had a job to do. 3,349 more words


Chapter 74: Dead Zen

Content Warning for: blood, gun use, parental abuse.

Franco should have been cheering up on his own. Valentine’s Day was approaching fast. Before then, it was his favorite holiday to spend with Hannah. 2,430 more words



This is for someone out here getting fed up, you can’t just give up now. In fact, we can’t attempt throwing in the towel. This is the other you speaking… 210 more words




When I see your back growing wings
and your shoulders shooting high,
I know you are coming down soon.

You match the toes of elders… 165 more words


Chapter 73: Snow and Dirt and Ashes

“Did my mum ever tell you who used to own this room?”

Although Franco had finished college, he spent a lot of time in Bridgeport. And he could say that it was for a better position in the art world all he wanted, but he rationalized it all for staying with Hannah. 2,451 more words


Are the Blackhawks still 'The Blackhawks'?

For the past six years, the Chicago Blackhawks have been the team to beat in the NHL, even when things aren’t going their way. Since Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane came onto the scene in 2007-2008, the Blackhawks have been able to turn their franchise around. 819 more words