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Dynasty Recap: 1x08 "The Best Things In Life"

Below is a recap of what might be an episode of Dynasty or might be a forty-minute commercial for the Google Pixel. It was tough to tell at some points. 3,955 more words


Dynasty Video: A Tense Family Reunion Threatens Cristal's Happy Holiday

If you think “Christmas with the Carringtons” sounds like a quaint made-for-TV movie, you’ll be very surprised by this week’s Dynasty.

Dynasty Boss Breaks Down Claudia’s Reveal, the Show’s New Direction: ‘We’re Cranking Up the Crazy' 130 more words


1. Song of the Northerners (Dynasty)

Northern sails,

brought their homes to Southern shores.

On deck they carried,

mailed men with darkened eyes.

A full five hundred,

and perhaps a dozen more. 334 more words


The Magnificent Ambersons

After reading the novel, I had to watch the film directed by Orson Welles. The Magnificent Ambersons is considered a classic film though not up to the level of Welles’ Citizen Kane. 228 more words


Dynasty Recap: 1x07 "A Taste Of Your Own Medicine"

Previously on Dynasty: Cristal apologized for being a big adulterer, Blake may have killed Cristal’s husband, Cristal’s name was originally Celia Machado; someone maybe switched out the pregnant Claudia’s pills and she gave Blake a big naked soapy hug; Jeff and Fallon kind of made out. 3,879 more words


Vienna: Investing in art to generate power

Vienna is a city of the arts: plays and concerts happen every night, and the Habsburg dynasty based here for hundreds of years were huge fans of collecting art and showcasing it in their museums. 723 more words


Seeking the Throne

He’s seemingly interacting with people. He’s just not interacting; he’s understanding them and telling them about his apolitical life. He’s not delaying things now, he’s putting them on track and getting political equations correct. 696 more words