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探索法國五月美食節 / Le French Gourmay @ Renaissance Harbour View Hong Kong

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香港萬麗海景酒店為法國五月美食節官方酒店伙伴,特意呈獻一系 列的美酒佳餚,共您舉杯慶祝! 無論是加入了香檳亞丁區菜式的萬麗咖啡室海鮮自助晚餐、 Mirage Bar & Restaurant 的香檳四道菜晚宴,還是滿福樓精心炮製的香檳盛宴二重奏,您總 可品嚐到心儀的香檳口味!


法國五月美食節載譽歸來,並以香檳作為本年度的主題。香檳亞丁區除了出產為人喜愛的香檳 酒外,亦有不少著名的傳統佳餚。萬麗咖啡室特別呈獻具香檳亞丁區特色的國際海鮮自助晚 餐,讓美食愛好者體驗法國香檳亞丁區的美食魅力。

您的法國五月美食之旅將由精心製作的頭盤展開。經典地道的肉醬酥皮卷被譽為是該區的美食 瑰寶之一, 酥皮包裹著以白酒醃過的豬肉、鴨肝、蘑菇及開心果等,焗完後的濃郁香味定會讓 您一試傾心! 而來自區內城市漢斯的火腿肉香四溢,油脂分佈成雲石般的紋理,除了是當地人 喜愛的可口小食外,亦可配搭沙律進食。

主菜方面,香檳亞丁區的蔬菜燉肉是法國北部的傳統家常菜,以新鮮蔬菜及多款香腸入饌燉 成,簡單的做法帶出食材的原汁原味。來自勒泰勒市鎮的特色美食手工白肉腸口感綿滑,而於 內餡混入牛奶令味道層次更豐富。鱒魚菜式常見於法國美食中,我們的團隊特意為您炮製杏仁 焗鱒魚,帶來與別不同的味覺享受。 799 more words


The Day Before I Met You


HAIR: *Besom~Ocean *Blondes* @Uber
TOP: United Colors Taka Top black @Uber
PANTS: United Colors Taka Pants white @Uber
SHOES: Reign Espadrille Flats @Uber
LIPSTICK: itGirls - DOLCE Lips @Uber

HAIR: DOUX-Angel Hairstyle
PANTS: Fashionnatic-Rey Washed Jeans
SHOES: *WN* Urban Sneakers

DÉCOR: DYNASTY - Camp Essentials set @ Epiphany
COUPLE POSE: Je Suivre: Couples Pose by Lalochezia
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Ongoing Spotlight - April 24, 2017


The genius of movies like “Unforgettable” lies in an awareness and embrace of the inherent trashiness of the premise. You have to surrender to the gloriously soapy excesses of pitting characters against one another in situations that regular folks in the cheap seats can laugh at out loud without shame or remorse. 125 more words

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A Season in Review: Los Angeles Lakers

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Once upon a time there was a royal village

Tamadhoun – A village that was the capital of Manral Dynasty (sub dynasty of Katyuri kings) for more than 20 years.
The Katyuri dynasty was a branch of Kunindas origin and was founded by Vashudev Katyuri. 222 more words


Isn’t it essential to know about the history, prior to the British Raj, to have a deliberation on the contemporary society?

For a person to dissect the issues, which have been plaguing his/her society for a longer time period, it is unarguably essential for the person to garner insights about the root cause of such issues. 302 more words