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New shows in Atlanta: "Bossip on WE," ABC's "Gospel of Kevin," "WAGS Atlanta," "Dynasty"

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Several new TV shows are being produced in Atlanta right now, ranging from a gossip show to a “Step Up” spinoff to an ABC comedy to a yet another “Real Housewives”-style show. 729 more words

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Severan dynasty and Rome

Which dynasty rule Rome during 193 and 235 BC?

Severan dynasty


Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Draft Devante Parker 

Growing up, I was an outdoor kid, always playing some form of sport requiring a ball and competition. Usually the games involved me pummeling my best friend, Adam, who was almost a foot shorter than I was; we bounced from basketball to baseball on the front lawn to one-on-one touch football. 1,117 more words


The human sacrifice diet

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During the final two centuries of the Shang Dynasty (1600-1046 BCE) in China, thousands of people were sacrificed at the state capital of Yinxu. 1,185 more words



Amid a dynasty of barbers,

how do you find the imposter?

The one who doesn’t make the cut.

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CW Expects to Notch Volume Gains in TV's Upfront Market

Advertisers attracted to a growing slate of superhero dramas and a revival of the long-running drama “Dynasty” helped boost upfront volume at the CW, another signal that the 2017 market for TV advertising could be more robust than had been previously expected. 262 more words