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Mana Pet - 5

The pet comes out weeping in pain. Hooked and blood pouring out.

The mana pet a type of animal spirit. Its called the Zeal from the Forest. 248 more words


Fred - 4

I set out on a journey. Just a mile away. The dark creatures tell me.Light is just that way. They tell me not to interfere with the creatures of light. 130 more words


A Shadow's tale - 3

Shadow: Its bad you see.The light has me.The light captured my mana pet.It was born a curse.

If I live without it for three days. 46 more words


Journey - 2

It set apart for a journey. To seak the powers. It wanted power and only power,, for when it was born it had none.

Its the monster, the most feared monster.It didn’t take shelter from the darkness. 49 more words


The Monster - 1

Far beyond the temple there lived a monster.A monster of intelligence. A monster of pride.He was seeking powers to rule lands.Some of those powers were of elements -fire-water-air-land, others were of the human mind.


Betty Rides Women's Dynasty Siouxsie Pant, Black Tie Dye, X-Large

The Dynasty Siouxsie Pants give you the style and fit you want along with the technical features that you need. The Solid Stretch fabric gives you the freedom of movement without sacrificing fit. 12 more words

Hawks v Cats v Lions: Who was the greatest 21st century team?

The AFL has been nothing short of blessed in the past 16 years, witnessing three of the most dominant teams in history take the field. 833 more words