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Will This Blog Post Get Me Fired?

I majored in fashion design in college. When you watch the video above, that will be hard to believe. I wanted to wear something that conjured Americana, something that screamed, … 427 more words


Fire Emblem Warriors Releases In Fall 2017

Nintendo has shared new information on the previously announced Fire Emblem Warriors. The title will be released this upcoming fall and will be getting a release on New Nintendo 3DS as well as Nintendo Switch. 20 more words


Cong Plays Gandhi Poltics

Writing on politics, I had said in a blog post (‘Scavenging With Pen‘) has been a dirty job which I tried to avoid.  But you cannot escape it when political sloganeering defying  logic is unthinkingly accepted by many  as truth. 896 more words


The Trump Dynasty

I have never found listening to public radio as entertaining as I have recently since Mr. Donald trump became President elect.  He is a rich playboy bad boy from New Jersey-New York City area.   928 more words

On January 12, 1981 Dynasty premiered and reigned supreme for nearly a decade via @tdmiller820917

On January 12, 1981, ABC’s answer to challenge the television supremacy enjoyed by CBS’ Dallas was the coronation of a new show, Dynasty. Whereas Dallas had JR Ewing at the helm, the alphabet network focused on the silver haired Blake Carrington. 4,074 more words

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cost of inbreeding

…From ancient Egyptians who were married to their brothers and sisters to the infamous Habsburgs who developed jaw deformations, these royal families were eventually pushed out of power because of their rampant inbreeding…

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