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New product: ceramic knife

Cutting fibers like Dyneema, Spectra, Vectran etc. is hard to do. This ceramic knife does it with ease. New in our assortment and a great addition to the existing tools.



Some websites I’ve used to learn as much as I could before starting to try things on my own.

Probably my absolute favorite website for all stove research, and the inspiration which has made me chase after every type of stove there is, simply to see for myself how they work and how they would fit in various scenarios, Zenstoves.net is the encyclopedic home for all things stove. 504 more words


D-SPLICER used by Alex Thomson Racing team

At facebook we spotted this picture where the rigging manager of the Alex Thomson racing team splices together two ropes to create a strop which will be used to connect back stays onto the rig. 25 more words


Tidbit Thursday: Director of R&D, Matthew Johnston, in attendance at 28th International Symposium on Ballistics

Did you know that the 28th International Symposium on Ballistics began this past Monday, September 22, 2014 and will continue through tomorrow September 26, 2014? 115 more words

Thursday Tidbit

STRATOS® Winch Pro with Dyneema® Offers Unique Benefits to the Forestry Industry

Despite continuing mechanization, harvesting timber places high demands on lumberjacks and materials. This also applies to the ropes used in hauling and winching the timber, leading fibre manufacturer Dyneema reports. 600 more words

Business Highlight

"Braided Fishing Lines"

Review of “Super Lines”

This article will take look at today’s fishing tackle technology and briefly explain how tackle manufactures have developed fishing systems designed around braided “super” lines. 3,036 more words

Saltwater Fishing

UHMWPE, Test Protocols and Temperatures: What You Should Know

It is no big mystery that I am at best a reluctant advocate of UHMWPE in soft armor. While the material itself *does* have incredible properties, these properties come at a steep price if the end user is not aware of the limitations and weaknesses inherent in the material. 593 more words