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Uoline Cut Resistant Gloves

I needed something to help prevent me from cutting myself in the kitchen. It really never fails I either burn myself or cut myself and it’s crazy. 300 more words


Cat Harbor, Catalina Island by Sailboat

Knowing our daughter would be back in school late in August, we took a short four day trip to Cat Harbor, Catalina last weekend, soaking up pointers like we do every trip. 1,000 more words

Reviews Of Places We've Been

Sewing projects

A couple of months back, at the swap meet, I found a Pfaff 332 Automatic. It has been mostly sitting.

Couple weeks back, I used my kayak’s for the first time. 379 more words


Want a preview of the book?

Scroll through the pages of the Handbook Splicing Modern ropes in this Issuu presentation made by Bloomsbury publisher.


Love splicing ropes!

Splicing ropes with a core of superfibre, like Dyneema® is quite easy and rewarding. This picture shows a twintail made for a catamaran made of 100% Dyneema® attached to a swiftcord cover with Cordura fibres for grip. 46 more words


To make a Brummel Splice in Dyneema

This time last year we were bashing to windward with our newly installed dyneema inner forestay and staysail flying. It made the three day trip from New Caledonia to Vanuatu a whole lot easier. 14 more words