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Keepin' It Open..Sorta

Hey All,

One of the changes that I have found extremely hard with a chronic illness is being open about it. When this all started, I was literally writing on facebook every day about all the tests I had done and all my symptoms. 425 more words


"We Will" (Being sick doesn't have to be lonely.)

Hi guys,  I know I’ve been awol lately, the past 6 months have been so stressful as Andrew and I prepared for our wedding! The planning, shopping, decorating, paperwork, counseling, and of course $$$$$. 448 more words


The Tech That Might Save Me One Day

In my previous post, you probably noticed my watch that didn’t have a face. It’s my little helper, the Samsung Galaxy S2, I bought it when they were getting outmoded by the S3 so I got it for a good deal. 180 more words

Sick But On The Run: MacGyver That Sh**

Today, I am infusing my daily liter of saline to keep up my blood volume but with a twist; I’m doing it at work. Now my office is in the Health District office building, so my co-workers are mostly medical professionals, but when they walk past my office and see an IV line running under my poncho I get the weirdest looks. 179 more words

Health Update

I saw my gastroenterologist and my dietician two weeks ago. Turns out I had misunderstood some things before. I don’t have to be trying so hard to force myself to eat by mouth or wean myself off my tube feed. 211 more words

Chronic Illness

A Blog

Hello, I’m Mallory.

I have been living with chronic illness and issues for 8 years. For all the doctors, medical studies, papers, surveys, and other official sources of information, I have found the most helpful information actually comes from first person accounts of other patients. 26 more words



This has been on my heart for some time. I’ve felt the nudge from the Lord repeatedly, but shrunk back in fear like I tend to do when I’m called into the unknown. 359 more words