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I’ve decided to create this mostly for myself as I way to monitor my progress after being diagnosed with PoTS (Postural Tachycardia Syndrome) and hope that it may also provide help to others that may be experiencing similar things :) 1,307 more words


A letter to my POTsie Daughter

Dear Nicole,

I get that this horrible disease makes you feel different. I get that when we eat stuff you can’t you feel sad.  I also get that being different royally sucks!   397 more words


Confessions of a creatoholic

Hi, my name is Claire and I am a createoholic.  Yes it’s totally a real word because I have decided it is!  I suppose that while I’m getting it all out there I must also confess I have quite a collection of craft projects I’ve started over the years and never completed.   1,437 more words



There are not a lot of positives to having P.O.T.S. I don’t magically have any bonuses added to my life, it’s mainly a laundry list of things taken away. 796 more words

Hot Chips / French Fries

I’ve been craving chips lately. Just good old plain salty chips. Maybe it’s a sign that I need more salt in my diet  – or maybe its just a sign I love chips!   613 more words

Crazy Body

So I’m starting to think my body really hates me. The dysautonomia that I have has a way of screwing with bodily functions. It’s a disfunction of the autonomic nervous system. 629 more words


Endoscopy Day!

My endoscopy went better than expected today! The worst part was not being able to eat or drink in the morning. I’m an eat-breakfast-first-thing-every-day kind of person, and have been for many years. 219 more words