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Be Strong, Be Brave, Be You

Hey All,

I had a conversation recently that was eye-opening to me. I wanted to share the gist of it with you.

I think what we overlook sometimes is how brave and courageous we are in our own ways. 290 more words


The trouble with Midodrine. 

I have such a love/hate relationship with the drug Midodrine. Hailed as a bit of a POTS wonder drug, it increases your blood pressure by constricted your blood vessels and forcing the blood back up to your heart and brain, thus stopping the heart having to beat so hard and fast getting the job done itself. 416 more words

Time to get back on track!

Welcome back readers! It’s been seven months since I last published a blog entry…so much has happened I’ll give you the basic run down…

  1. I graduated and earned my master’s degree…if you have been following my journey you know that this degree had been the cause of many tears–both happy and sad!
  2. 812 more words

How it feels to date on wheels

It’s no secret that dating with any type of mobility restricting illness is difficult. It’s difficult for any couple but it feels a lot more tricky when you’re both only in your twenties (okay, I admit, I’ve only just turned 20 but we’ll use the phrase for convenience.) 1,436 more words

Chronic Illness

Update on the Determination post

Because my brain isn’t always engaged, :) I realized that I misspoke in my previous post and for all 4 of you who read this – I figured I better get it right! 662 more words

Enter POTS

Imagine donating a pint of blood, running a marathon and then turning your body temperature up to 100 degrees and standing still. That is what a person with POTS feels like on a daily basis. 257 more words