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The Pain

I love to draw, and it has always been my passion. But, unfortunately, there is not always that much time and energy for this because of POTS. 116 more words


On Dying Ever-So-Slowly

I think it was in fact a gentler time, when those of us ill and not able to recover were considered as invalids. No expectations, we were to suffer in dignity and silence, attended to by relatives. 1,398 more words

Living As A Disabled Crone

Do you have HMS? (it is classified as an Ataxia)

We have been working on a 5-part questionnaire to identify hypermobility. If you answer yes to at least 2 of the 5 questions then there is an 80-90% chance you are hypermobile. 522 more words


'What If..'

When you realise you’ve got 99 problems but you don’t need to worry about 1.

I say ‘What If-‘ at least 5 times a day . 534 more words


Heat and Hot Weather

Summer is what I spend the year working towards : No School, Sleeping, Sun, Sea and Sand. Recently with PoTs I’ve gotten quite sensitive to the heat . 407 more words


My social skills are still in tact- sort of.

I actually wrote this blog post about a year ago, but I wasn’t comfortable with posting it once it was written. It’s not that it’s deep emotional stuff, but it’s a little embarrassing. 797 more words

Chronic Illness