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Dysautonomia, IBS, and Joint Hypermobility Syndrome?

Here is an interesting article about the link between Joint Hypermobility Syndromes and types of dysautonomia. 

The concept that Dysautonomia and Joint Hypermobility Syndromes are linked¬†is not unfamiliar for me since my mother who has Joint Hypermobility Syndrome includes… 390 more words

Joint Hypermobility

I Will Not Be Defeated

Ever since chronic illness has knocked me on my butt, I’ve met lots of skeptics, questioning people and downright rude people. Some strangers, some coworkers, some, (sadly) family members…”Why can’t you get better?” “If you’d quit laying in the bed all the time, you might feel better.” “Buck up, be stronger.” Really? 562 more words

Falling off My Toes

The first time I was told I had “Ataxia” was in 2002, when a Multiple System Atrophy support group in the US suggested BCAS as a possible support for Shy-Drager Syndrome in BC, Canada. 743 more words

Learning And Coping

You just can't be sick!

Hey there, hi there, ho there! Quick update before I begin my post. Have been suffering from a tummy bug this week so haven’t been feeling especially well. 1,009 more words


I'm Getting Married Tomorrow

I’m getting married tomorrow and I’m spending today stuck in bed because I feel awful. I felt pretty good the past couple of days, but I think I may have burned myself out trying to get everything accomplished. 181 more words

so this is what pride feels like...

Ever since I was diagnosed with postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS), I have experienced an array of emotions: fear, contentment, embarrassment, disappointment…and certainly happiness. However, it is not often that I feel proud of myself. 478 more words

Chronic Illness

Dysautonomia International Conference

This past weekend, I went to the Dysautonomia International Conference. I used all of my spoons (plus some) to make it, but I did!

I love getting to hear new research. 137 more words