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CRPS Awareness photo challenge: time

Photo challenge: The biggest roadblock in my life other than pain.


I have limited activity per day re pain management.

I have limited activity, functionality, independence per day re the worst of the Dysautonomia symptoms. 108 more words


Oh, the Humanity!

I made the mistake of reading over many of my old blog posts and oh, the humanity! I am cringing over the horrible errors I made. 474 more words


If not this?

I am admittedly all over the place with these posts. One of the first things I learned when studying was to know your target audience, know your message and know what outcome you want to achieve when you write. 1,698 more words


I’m so confused right now. I had an appointment with my gastroenterologist this morning. It was my follow-up appointment from my gastric emptying study back in August. 283 more words

Hypermobility & Elhers Danlos Syndrome

After a day of seeing many patients with diagnosed hyper mobility syndrome I thought I would spread a little more light on this condition & the many effects it can have on the human body. 1,417 more words


I need to get it all out. Lacking paper in front of me, or any sort of real light (this is Canada in November and I am on a road trip) this is the writing platform I’ve chosen. 1,044 more words