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Each blog post is set to automatically be shared to my Facebook page (unless I tell it not to), and I’ll be posting more daily life stuff, memes, articles, etc. 34 more words

Sex Coffee- Get the Recipe Here

If you watched my latest live video on Chronic Illness on the Mighty’s Facebook page, then you might have heard me mention sex coffee.  Basically this is just a delicious drink that supports and enhances sex drive. 205 more words


When you're Sick and Tired of being Sick and Tired

Chronic illness sucks.

I just want to start off with that truth. The truth that everyone who has been affected by chronic illness in one way or another knows to be true. 1,128 more words


I'm a Professional Sick Person

Being unwell, for one reason or another, on a daily basis is honestly a full-time job. One with a lot of overtime, little time off, and hardly any benefits. 1,129 more words

The Sock Collector

If you have been following my blog since the beginning (at least since August 2015), or if you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, then you know that I collect socks. 3,080 more words


what is PoTS?

I won’t go into too much detail because there are websites out there that are much more informative and accurate than I could ever be. ‘PoTS UK’ is especially good and I would recommend having a look if you’re interested. 805 more words

Chronic Illness

Fibromyalgia and Combat Fatigue

Another fibromyalgia crash day and I am learning to spot them coming a mile away, though doesn’t mean I can necessarily stop them.  Not having the space to fully engage in the arts on a daily basis, write, compose etc.., to be a full time artist, true calling, doesn’t help. 436 more words