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tilt tabling.

October 23rd, 2015. The day was here. I was finally going to get a diagnosis. After reading stories on the internet, I actually had it pretty good. 452 more words


One Life, One Body


I honestly┬áhate the way society has this vision of what a woman’s body is supposed to look like. I think it is degrading and disgusting. 684 more words



The snow brings back memories. It’s like she’s back on that mountain top, the place she ran to when she couldn’t take anymore of what life had to give. 756 more words

Stories Of Life


Illness takes ATTITUDE, illness takes SPUNK, and Illness takes COURAGE. Maybe not everyone is walking in our shoes, but that is alright. It is our job to show them that we can be just as much like them, but in our own different kind of way. 222 more words

Google and Medicine

Don’t Google medical symptoms. Just don’t. Online searching was something that didn’t exist when I was in nursing school, although every time we would study a new body system, everyone in class was sure they had some rare disorder that we were learning. 1,192 more words

Cerebral Palsy

Powered By Salt!

So, I have good news and bad news.

Good news is my vomiting stopped. This means I can have all the fluids and salt that I want. 548 more words


An Apple A Day Doesn't Keep My Doctor Away

Another Day, Another Appoinment


I had my quarterly visit with my neurologist today. I had another doctor who actually diagnosed me with Dysautonomia, but he recently moved to California :( and recommended me to this doctor. 223 more words