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Telling your mind to tell your body

This morning, I purposefully left my home empty-handed.

My alarm rang and before I even checked the time, I ran through a mental list of my meals for the day. 1,126 more words

skin & space (a breakdown)

I can’t move
What is
taking up space

I I I 

cannot sit still
cannot escape

the roundness of my face
the flesh beneath my jaw… 184 more words

Deer Feet

It was hard for Max to walk at first.  He was sure his ankles would snap under his weight. But that bastard Dr. Klinger said he would be fine and needed to exercise.  951 more words

Transference or just normal attraction?

Hey you! Remember I called this “shitpage I will never use again”? well fear not I’m still active and with a lot of things to tell. 615 more words

Hello Ed

We should be encouraged to love our bodies. Return back to the free feeling of when you were five; loving the look of that double chocolate cake and being excited to delve into it. 197 more words

Measuring habits

I thought that my self esteem had gotten better recently, but I felt like shit again after my mom took my measurements. I'm pretty ritual about it, so when she repeatedly insisted that my waist is about 2 inches larger than I thought, I broke down. 283 more words


I say NO! to PortraitPro Body

Ok, I own PortraitPro by Anthropics but I cannot abide by PortraitPro Body.

First a little background on each application.  PortraitPro is a software application that allows you to take a portait of a subject and then make adjustments to the face.  241 more words