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Review: "After Moreau" by Jeffrey Ford

2 of 5 stars.

This tale supposes that H. G. Wells got his famous story about Moreau all backwards. The mad scientist wasn’t mutating animals progressively but rather evolving humans regressively. 102 more words

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Review: "The Song of Sighs" by Angela Slatter

2 of 5 stars.

This short story stands solidly as Cthulhu-lore fan-fiction without significantly adding to the canon. In this case, the urban legend of Innsmouth hides behind a veneer of amnesia in the psychologically-compromised narrator. 126 more words

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A day in the life of a movie star

I arrived at Moving Pictures having booked a photo shoot a few weeks before. One of my clients had already been to see them and was raving about their work, so I was a tad intrigued. 832 more words

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Time to change

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At least body dysmorphia is not new

I’ve enrolled a coach…

I read the blog

See the sadness and despair

Reflection moves faster than introspection… 11 more words


THE POWER OF POETRY – Ronnie K. Stephens

There is no origin story, here. No single point on the broadside of this universe. For me, poetry has been a series of planets dotting up the sky when I’m not looking, and suddenly I’m thirty-two with a galaxy spread out around me. 814 more words

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Jacked: Popular Culture's Objectification of Men

The past year has seen the formation of the National Center on Sexual Exploitation, a powerful organization striving to combat the dehumanizing hyper-sexualization of women. 1,948 more words