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The morphing face of perception

As I have described before, I find my own visage reminiscent of something squiddish. Or at least I did. Some peculiar change has taken place recently in the face that lives in the ocean at the bottom of the mirror that cannot entirely be explained by my all too tardy discovery of eyebrow pencils. 135 more words


Review: The Beauty by Aliya Whiteley

The Beauty by Aliya Whiteley
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Where “Apocalypse” meets Lovecraft, Beauty exists. And it is horrible & disturbing and tender & loving all in one. 264 more words

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Will the opinions of myself ever change?

There’s a saying that goes “how can you expect to love someone if you don’t love yourself”. How do you get to that point? Loving myself seems like such a foreign concept. 270 more words


I no longer see a fat little boy,' says a man overcoming body dysmorphia

(CNN) — Ten years ago, Brian Cuban tried to end it all.

“I was dry firing a weapon into my mouth,” he admitted. “I was ready to end my life. 694 more words


Kink and a Different Kind of Bondage

In many ways, kink asks you to have the kind of body image that would make Giselle Bündchen jealous. It’s not as though we’re fucking in the missionary position in the dark, covered in blankets. 292 more words


Part 2 of Romancing the Gym

So remember like a while ago that I talked about how I was going to change up my life by going to the gym more often and stuff, like every day. 437 more words


Norwegian Blue

I put on my best outfit
Make my face up, do my hair
Want to look my bestest for you
So that you can see I care… 282 more words