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Body Shame: Power of Shame (Part 2)

Dear Kyle,

I want to tell you a story about two people: a boy in sweatpants and a man in a mirror.


Do you remember the letter I wrote you about becoming aware of opinions other people have of you? 1,382 more words

Went for a walk in the sun earlier on when I decided that spending hours body checking was not a wise way to spend time. I’ve decided tomorrow not to change or wear safety jogging bottoms. 200 more words

Alice Explains

I have been reading Alice in Wonderland as assigned homework for English classes at school, but a passage from the text really struck me so I want to share it. 514 more words


Preserving my body continued...

Carrying on with using chewing gum as a material, I have experimented further…

These are little sculptural pieces I made and photographed them. They look a lot more interesting in the photographs which I love. 185 more words


People with anorexia and body dysmorphic disorder have similar brain anomalies

People with anorexia nervosa and with body dysmorphic disorder have similar abnormalities in their brains that affect their ability to process visual information, a new UCLA study reveals.

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Beauty and the Cyborg

Accept The Body In Christ Is Already A Temple

How can we begin to treat the body like an etch-a-sketch? One professor from NYU has surgically attached a camera to his skull. 1,791 more words

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