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How Massage Therapy Has Informed My Recovery Work

  • Understanding physical manifestation of feeling
  • Navigating the feelings on the table
  • Reclaiming physical consent and its role in healing

A few weeks ago, a friend approached me about a study that their friend was doing to complete her massage therapy licensure. 1,316 more words

Eating Disorders

51 days til the NY marathon. why can't i sleep.

i have been one busy fatso- i feel so behind in writing.

long story short- i’m running, a lot. and i’m crazy.

some days i feel so ready for the marathon, and not just ready, but like ready to CRUSH 26.2, and then other days (seemingly every day this week) I feel tired, overwhelmed and like i’m kidding myself, and that i’ll run a mediocre race and that all of this is such an embarrassing waste of time, because i’ll just end up doing poorly and have spent the summer talking about training. 275 more words

(Yoga) Hall of mirrors

That metaphor about the teacher holding a mirror to your practice? I always dread that he’ll do it literally one day, knowing my reluctance towards seeing myself practice. 709 more words


Silver-Russell Syndrome: A Review


Silver-Russell syndrome (SRS) is a rare congenital imprinting disorder. The genetic findings in SRS patients are heterogeneous and often sporadic. However, chromosomes 7, 11, and 17 are consistently involved in all individuals who meet the strict diagnostic criteria of SRS. 34 more words

Anomalies Amidst Mindfulness Meditation.

8/19/17, 1:15 AM:

I sat in my chair and decided to set the alarm on my old iPhone for 21 minutes his time. For the past two or three weeks, since I picked up mindfulness meditation as a daily practice again, I had been doing 11 minutes a day, and the last few days 16. 692 more words

I Ignore the Signs

I ignore my slowing heart rate,

Body too weak and faint,

Brain foggy, full of self-hate,

Being freezing in summer,

The dull and constant hunger, 108 more words


Thin skin

Selfish is vanity, thin skin needful of blubber to resist the freeze. For years in the future, what will it matter, if you were plain? 127 more words