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Chasing Control

This is a reflective piece which was recently published in Judy’s Punch, the annual publication by the University of Melbourne Student Union’s Women’s Department.

Content warnings: Eating disorder, fatphobia, food… 1,193 more words

Mental Health/illness


I’ve been thinking about coping. What does coping mean? What is there to “cope” with?

I’ve been thinking about self care. Is that something that we do consciously? 437 more words


Falling from grace

I was reminded recently that I was not a graceful child. So graceless in fact that my mother cut short my career as a ballerina at the age of 5 (or maybe even 4 years old). 305 more words


Proving Myself To Myself

The past week or so has afforded me multiple opportunities to prove to myself that I can take care of myself. These have been really valuable for me as I often lack confidence in my own ability to look after myself and feel that I rely too heavily on others. 912 more words


Short Story Review: "The Lost Children" by Alison McBain

3 of 5 stars.

Many traditional characters from mythos and folklore, such as The Wicked Witch of the West and Maleficent, have received revisionist treatment turning their untold tale into a humanized one. 179 more words

Book Reviews

Ice Queen Much?

Frigid! Ice Cold! Ice Queen! Log of Wood! These are the terms used quite often by men to describe women that are sexually unresponsive. The etymology of the word even connotes iciness, frozen [ 513 more words


Toxin stench

I’m not enjoying this phase of my weight loss journey.  I am finding myself wanting or wishing to just stop and maintain the weight I’m at now.   597 more words

Challenging Myself