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How are you breaking the stigma?

This week has inspired me. Inspired me to think about what really matters. What matters to you? How would you feel if you weren’t yourself? That’s something I’ve been asking myself this week and it’s inspired me to share my story. 673 more words


Leeches Everywhere!

All my blood to drink.

X rips out the offending wyrm. Achh! It always hurts so much. God DAMN it!

What a fucking nightmare. 326 more words


Must really love his country

Life at steak

Taste is a strong word but it’s in a bad way

Word vomit up U-S alphabet soup, Pig wallows in the return… 155 more words

Body Dysmorphia Part 2

After enjoying a nice summer day at my neighbors’ pool at the age of eight,

I ran back home since the sun began its descention from the sky. 204 more words


Ruby Lights Portraits (Body Image & Mental Illness)

One thing I massively struggle with, is my body image. The body dysmorphia is real and I see my ‘slightly-larger-than-average’ body as one that is like an elephant. 1,141 more words

Mental Illness

The Man in the Mirror is Me

It’s happened again.

Something tipped in my brain, and once again I spend half an hour in front of the mirror, turning this way and that way trying to determine how fat I am. 1,301 more words

The Dysmorphia Demon.

*Please be warned that this post talks about body dysmorphia and issues relating to body image and eating disorders. Please do not continue if you are fighting your own ED battle, however do get support. 512 more words

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