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The Way It Was And How It Could Have Been: Entering Hell

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Must active swallowing therapy or speech therapy be initiated all the time?

The answer is NO.

Most patients have the perception that when they see or being referred to a speech therapist, they must receive some form of active treatment that involves active exercises. 330 more words



Spoon feeding an eighty-something stranger who has lived a whole life feeding himself is a delicate thing. But a nursing home is sometimes no place for dignity. 907 more words

Moments Project

Centralized Access to Patient Performance Leads to Better Care

At Swallow Solutions, we believe in helping clinicians provide the best care possible to their patients.

As a means to that end, we offer an innovative product called the… 176 more words



Last week was Tube Feeding Awareness Week. A time for understanding of all things tubie. Kids (people really) are fed by tube in a few different ways for a number of reasons. 854 more words


Exercises, Techniques, Compensations



Supraglottic Swallow-


To close vocal cords prior to the swallow.


For dysphagia accompanied by reduced or late vocal cord closure or delayed pharyngeal swallow. 1,177 more words


Dysphagia Tools

Here is a list of dysphagia tools that are commercially available.  Dysphagia Ramblings does not endorse any commercial tool for dysphagia.  

Thermal Stimulation

 Ice Fingers… 181 more words