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Neuropsychology Intervention Following a Stroke

At our June Stroke Support Group we were joined by the lovely Michelle Jackson, a neuropsychologist. She led a discussion around her role in stroke rehabilitation. 420 more words


We Can't Treat What We Don't Know

Call it what you like, a bedside swallowing evaluation, a bedside swallow, a clinical swallow evaluation. No matter what you call it it’s never the same. 825 more words

6/2/17 Intern Morning Report – Asthma, Dysphagia, Food Impaction, Eosinophilic Esophagitis

CC: trouble swallowing solids, food impaction

ID:  35-year-old male with asthma and intermittent difficulty in swallowing solids for 2 years presents with food impaction after eating a chicken sandwich.   121 more words

Morning Report

Dysphagia: A Hard to Swallow Side Effect of Conventional Cancer Treatments

As if it is not bad enough to suffer from cancer and have to go through all the pain and stress of the many tests, the diagnosis and the treatments, conventional cancer treatments such as chemo, radiation, and/or surgery come with lingering side-effects that make life very difficult. 976 more words


Reducing Pickiness Part 3

Oral Motor Strengthening Exercises

In Part 3 I am going to discuss the therapy that we used to strengthen Sara’s mouth.  As I said in… 909 more words


Reducing Pickiness Part 2

Desensitizing the mouth:

As I mentioned in Part 1, my daughters pickiness was in part the result of Oral Motor weakness.  In order to improve her relationship with food we first had to restore the functioning of her mouth.  1,680 more words


Reducing Pickiness Part 1

Oral Motor Weakness

Disclaimer: Before I start I want to let you know that I am not a medical professional  I have no certification, no degree, no special training.  1,144 more words