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What changes occur as you get older?

What’s all the fuss about?

The nutritional well-being of the elderly occasionally gets swept under the rug. Either they don’t want a big fuss made or they will sort themselves out, etc., etc. 1,353 more words

2 Fruit And 3 Veg

Elizabeth Joy Update

Elizabeth is now 22 months old.  It’s been a rough start to 2018– with two surgeries under her belt already and a 3rd on the horizon.  330 more words


Aging and Swallowing Problem

It’s thought that one-quarter of U.S. adults will develop a swallowing problem at some point. But researchers hope insight from a new study may help lead to improved treatment. 281 more words


Dysphagia, so far.

It has been just shy of a month since we found out that Clayton has dysphagia. This is a disorder of swallowing (his is in the pharyngeal stage) that can cause significant risks, such as aspiration. 551 more words


頭頸癌 (Head and neck cancer) 對於亞洲人來說並不陌生. 除了鼻咽癌外, 較為常見的頭頸癌包括口腔癌, 口咽癌, 下咽癌, 喉癌, 鼻竇癌, 唾液腺癌以及甲狀腺癌等等. 跟據腫瘤生長位置是否適合做手術, 擴散程度, 病人年齡及康復的可能性等因素而決定選用哪些治療方法. 每個方法都有有利之處及副作用,而副作用可能會令病患者減少進食而導致體重下降. 須知除了乳癌以外, 一般癌症病人的體重與臨床治療結果會形成相對關係 (positive relationship): 體重下降的病人,他們的治療結果一般都比沒有減輕題重的病人不如理想.


  • 1) 吞嚥困難 (dysphagia): 有一些腫瘤生長在咽喉食道附近而阻礙吞嚥.
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Swallowing Awareness Day #swallowaware2018

Esther Clift is a Consultant Practitioner in Frailty and Chair of Wessex BGS, as well as the Vice Chair of the BGS Nurses and AHP Council. 504 more words


It's Swallowing Awareness Day 2018! Did you know that Dystonia can affect swallowing?

Around one million Australians have a swallowing difficulty. Swallowing problems can occur at any stage of life. However, the knowledge of dysphagia and its implications remain largely unknown for most Australians. 116 more words