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Good Morning Caregivers

My prayer for you today. Blessed be.





Care Giving

The Non Compliant Patient

There was post recently on the Special Interest Group (SIG) 13 email blast.  An SLP was asking what to do with a noncompliant patient.

When I was first beginning of the ever-changing world of speech pathology, I first learned that if a patient is noncompliant then they are discharged.   405 more words


Good Morning Caregivers

I’m still running a little late. This cold is getting better but I’m still sleeping later than usual. I know you don’t have that opportunity when you are not well so today I am sending you a hug. 34 more words

Care Giving

Adult Clinic Day Two - Counselling

Today I was just observing clients. The first was in their 80s, who had had an extremely severe stroke. This was my first experience of stroke in the acute phase. 462 more words


Books to Read-Drugs and Dysphagia

What a great reference for any medical Speech Pathologist.  This book talks about the medications that can affect the swallowing process and how they affect swallowing.   41 more words