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Sugar Part 1 - Cancer's Food

There’s so much to talk about when it comes to the effects of sugar on the body I had keep sharing.

Even if you’re in stage 4 cancer it’s not too late to reverse the internal damage that a high sugar lifestyle has on the body. 471 more words


It's Not You, It's Me

Hi. I know it’s been a while. It’s not you. It’s me. Really. I just needed some space. Seriously, don’t cry. It’s nothing you did. It was all me. 1,616 more words

Australian Shepherd with Hip Dysplasia? | Nzymes

Have an Australian Shepherd with Hip Dysplasia? While the Australian Shepherd is generally a healthy breed, Hip Dysplasia is a common ailment for Aussies.

Hip Dysplasia - Scarlett's story

My baby girl Scarlett has DDH (developmental dysplasia of the hip). She was very cramped inside my tummy and must have been in an awkward position.  419 more words

Mummies Tales

Editor's Choice- Consensus statement on dysplasia in IBD

Associate Editor Dr. Seth Gross highlights this article “SCENIC international consensus statement on surveillance and management of dysplasia in inflammatory bowel disease” by Loren Laine, MD, Tonya Kaltenbach, MD, Alan Barkun, MD, Kenneth R. 485 more words


Hip Dysplasia in Dogs: 3 Things to Know | Nzymes

Hip dysplasia in dogs is a devastating diagnosis. Your dog’s experiencing discomfort and the options for treatment can be scary, ineffective and expensive.

Dog Hip Dysplasia - What is it? What can be done for it? | Nzymes

An overview of options for Hip Dysplasia in Dogs. A discussion of the pros and cons of both medical and natural approaches to solve this common problem.