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Long time, no see - my 6 month hip checkup

Man, I haven’t written anything all year. Guess I got tired of my own whining for a bit. Anyhooo dad my 6 month hip checkup today. 736 more words

I thought I needed to blog today, turns out I just needed to whine into the blogosphere

With surgery coming up quickly, I’m having to do some work off hours to complete a project in time. God only knows what I may face so I need as much done as possible. 1,991 more words

Hideous staples, Multiple surgeons, and Puddles of Goo

There are 5 stages of grief: Denial and isolation, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. Not sure which stage I’m currently in. I seem to vacillate between isolation and depression.  1,460 more words

More than enough already

Some days I worry about the amount of complaining I do. And some days I don’t give a damn. Some days I just want the carousel to stop so I can get off this elaborately painted horse called life. 1,218 more words

Surprised docs, Insurance woes, and Anxiety everywhere

The good, the bad, and the ugly

Going to make this quick. My eyes are already tired and I feel my bandage has leaked for the second time today and wet my pants. 1,469 more words

Overexertion, Obsession, Home Health, and Abandonment

So much on my mind the last few days.

The biggest thing I’m worried about right now is my future lab work. The surgeon was quick to warn me that he wouldn’t do surgery if my labs weren’t good. 1,525 more words

Farewell Vlad and the Future Suture

Today is the first day in AGES that I see a glimmer of hope. That I feel like my life is turning a hopeful corner.  And not a moment too soon. 2,018 more words