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I am a Health Advocate Because I Didn't Get One with my Diagnosis.

I am a health advocate because I didn’t get one when I got my diagnosis for this unheard of disorder called dystonia. I didn’t get a tote bag filled with swag either and I could have really used an advocate right away to carry my imaginary water bottle, rubber wristband and American Apparel screened print t-shirt that exclaimed “I Have Dystonia and Everyone Knows What THAT Means!” printed on it. 598 more words


Has depression robbed me of my creativity?

I  read today that one of the signs of depression is stopping doing the things you once loved. Making jewellery was my passion. I couldn’t imagine a life not surrounded by beads and sparkly things. 337 more words


My Break Ups

I’ve mentioned dystonia and I’ve talked about depression, so today I’m going to write about dating. I’ve had two relationships since my marriage ended. The first lasted two years and the second three months. 496 more words


The Pursuit of Happiness

I seem to have been pursuing happiness a lot lately because I have been feeling so bleak and depressed for most of this year. I’ve experienced depression often in my life but with help and medication I’ve always come through. 271 more words


real talk: what dystonia looks like, feels like, and how i deal.

This one’s been sitting in my drafts folder for a solid three weeks. Here we go.

A couple weeks ago, Ali from Ali On The Run wrote a post about… 1,206 more words

5 Minute Toxicology Consult: Extrapyramidal Side Effects

By Abraham Flinders, MD

HPI: 25 yo female recently hospitalized for acute manic episode where she was started on haloperidol 10mg QHS now presents with trouble walking, trouble talking, drooling and rigidity. 396 more words



Could I actually be looking forward to brain surgery?

Though a new, ramped-up regimen is in place (145 rytary 6x/day) and symptoms have improved, I still hobble every morning. 23 more words

Parkinson's Disease