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Smile when you can, although lately I feel I can’t. I want to smile, I want to be happy. I want my chronic illness to be managed. 244 more words

Chronic Illness

So What Is Dystonia?

In the United Kingdom it is estimated that at least 70,000 people suffer from Dystonia. Despite being the 3rd most common neurological movement disorder many people have never heard of it. 279 more words


Dystonia Awareness Week 2016

Dystonia Awareness Week has arrived! This naturally got me reflecting on my journey with my alien so far. It has been a long four years to say the least, but the experiences I have had on my journey so far has been worth it. 285 more words


friday favorites: best posts from last year’s marathon training.

I signed up for the Walt Disney World Marathon on Tuesday, April 27, and created my training plan on Wednesday April 28. Four full months before I actually begin training. 273 more words

runnaroundd marathons round 2.

OH SNAP. We’re doing it (again)!

#runnarounddmarathons round 2. I’m going to need a new hashtag for 26.2 numero DOS.


Last year, when I signed up… 364 more words

Hospital Post

Receiving post is a very everyday aspect of life. Normally it’s not something that I would get over excited about. Every now and then though there is an exception. 199 more words


What it's like to date an Asexual with Aspergers

I’m not going to say what it’s ‘really’ like to date a man with Asperger syndrome, or who is asexual because my experience only counts as  1,087 more words