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Latest Battle

Last Wednesday I attended my latest appointment up in London for treatment. This was week 8 in my treatment cycle; this extra week made a huge detrimental impact in my health. 16 more words


Rare Dystonia Syndromes and Parkinson's Disease: By Dr. De Leon

About a year before my dad passed away, he and I were at the store about to enter the store to do some grocery shopping when comes along a lady stooped at 90 degree angle pushing a buggy full of groceries. 1,413 more words

Parkinson's Disease

Thankful for Cervical Dystonia

On Friday, November 13, 2015 I will celebrate 20 years of living with Cervical Dystonia. Yes, I said ‘celebrate’. For all of those new to this blog, cervical dystonia is defined as a neurological/neuromuscular movement disorder that causes the body to contract and spasm involuntarily creating abnormal posturing and positioning/twisting to that portion of the body. 1,955 more words

Cervical Dystonia

TBS Ph.D. candidate Molly Jaynes appears on WXXI's Connections

Molly Jaynes, who is in her fourth year of the Translational Biomedical Science Ph.D. program, was recently on WXXI Connections with Evan Dawson, discussing her research and a possible cure for focal dystonia. 51 more words


Newsflash! Dystonia Awareness in South Australia!

On Sunday 8 November 2015 Margot Chiverton, an ADSG member who also is a member of the SA Dystonia Group, organised a Dystonia Awareness stall at a local Market. 141 more words


What I Learned From Sleep Depriving My Son

I shook him, but he didn’t wake. “Come on buddy,” I pleaded, “It’s two in the morning. Time to wake up.” I sat him up but it didn’t help. 848 more words

#runnarounddmarathons training week nine.

Each Tuesday I’ll be sharing marathon training wrap-ups, so if you’re into this sorta thing, these will be the days! Also make sure to follow #RunnarounddMarathons on social feeds for more sweat. 301 more words