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The miracle of brokenness......

I have been, in the course of my journey through life, asked so many times; “what is a miracle?”. And my answer since April 1992 has really not changed! 1,004 more words

My Journey

Wake It Up!

Yeah, so I don’t take that pill anymore.


That comic about that thing....

Blessed are those who can grab their sternocleidomastoids. Or something. I’m sleepy.

I’ve recently been diagnosed with cervical dystonia, which sounds disgusting so I’ll call it wonky neck. 76 more words


Rumpitur Autem Corpus -- But My Body is Broken

Why did you

           choose to fall in love

                          with such a broken existence?

 I don’t mean that

                 in the beautiful way,

I mean that in a bull… 8 more words

Struggle & Love

I have spent the last week feeling like one more teeny tiny microscopic thing is going to be what does me in. I have dealt with so much suffering — or if I want to look at it from an enlightened angle, growth — in the last few months… I mean, the Struggle is Real people. 1,600 more words

Young, Naive and Desperate!

I think it was around the age of six I started to realize that my body worked a little differently from others. I convinced myself that when I was older, whatever it was that was wrong with me would just disappear. 1,013 more words