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Reality Check

In a recent blog post, Seth Godin talked about kinds of truth. This got me thinking about a few truths of my own.

The truth is … I love blogging. 310 more words



In my Felling the Giant post (Pt 1), I gave instruction, advice and suggestions for healing and support of the  physical man. When I first was diagnosed with Lynne in 1992, it was a frightening death sentence because I’d heard that people became disabled and even died.  1,387 more words

Walking With Jesus Christ

Some Bruxism genes – continued

The WDR45 gene is found on the X chromosome at location p11.23. It provides instructions for making a protein called WD40 repeat protein interacting with phosphoinositides 4 (WIPI4). 497 more words

What are the 5 key features of dystonic tremor?

Teaching Video NeuroImages: The signs of dystonic tremor: tremulous “escanciador”.

Sharma J, Macias-Garcia D, Zaidi A, Espay AJ

Neurology 2018; 91:e1204-e1205.

A 58-year-old woman noticed right-hand jerky tremor exclusively while curling her hair. 111 more words


Good Friday Appeal - Donate to RCH Complex Movement Disorders Program!

The Good Friday Appeal is a time to support or donate to care and research at the Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH).

Donate to the RCH Complex Movement Disorders Program! 215 more words


Running, Currently: I Dropped :30 Per Mile

For the past two weeks, my early morning runs began the same way: 

At 5:21 a.m. my blaring alarm knocks me out of a glorious sleep coma. 759 more words

Thanks to the honest pharmacy person

Because of the knee replacement, my right foot and ankle have an issue with swelling. Doesn’t matter how active or inactive I am, it puffs up. 344 more words