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Recap of ADSG QLD Gathering – Molecular Biologist, Dr Lucia Zacchi

On 20 August 2016, Dr Lucia Zacchi, a Molecular Biologist at University of Queensland, gave an extremely informative presentation at the ADSG SE Qld gathering. The goals of her research are to identify therapeutic targets for Dystonia and to understand how the disease develops. 104 more words


Putting Our Lives On Hold

I am grateful that on most days I am for the most part functional. I am grateful that my dystonia has not affected my job or my life in such a profound way as it has affected some of my fellow dystonians. 874 more words

Never underestimate the meaning of  - a shed

This week has been significant in a good way. It has been one to write on the calendar – worthy of remembering. After 9 excruciating years, my husband has a shed. 310 more words

Babies, Bodies and Baclofen

So my boyfriend and I have been on shaky grounds recently, not because the relationship is about to go south. No, instead it is moving forward and we both want it, but it is so unclear as what is too  come for the both of us. 785 more words

Getting real: being dis-abled

It was when my partner suggested that I get real about being disabled…reminding me that kind people actually got up out of the disabled seats on the train for me…that I had to consider how to move around. 339 more words

Personal Experience Of A Functional Movement Disorder

Blepharospasm a Focal Dystonia Disorder Treatment TMJ Connection

http://www.tmjconnection.com A different therapy to botox, medicines or surgical procedure. New Blepharospasm therapy with a dental mouth item by Dr. Demerjian. She has actually been suffering with blepharospasm (eyes shutting) TMJ jaw pain, persistent headaches, temporal headaches, occipital frustrations, ear discomfort, neck discomfort, shoulder pain, pain in the back. 22 more words

Spasmodic Torticollis/Cervical Dystonia Disorder New Treatment: TMJ Connection

tmjconnection.com An alternative therapy to botox, medications or surgical treatment. TMJ client dealt with by Dr. Demerjian with a dental mouth piece prove to improvement of head position and also boost in grip toughness. 20 more words