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How to - Rehab for Upper Cervical Instability


In this blog we argue that bio-mechanical failures, impairment and derangement within the upper cervical and lower cranial area can trigger neurological dystonic symptoms. 439 more words


Brief Update

I’ve been appalling at keeping up to date with my blog recently, a big apology to you all, posts will be back to normal soon. The last month or so has been crazy busy between flare ups, coursework and the launch of my debut novel. 261 more words


A Running Rebirth

SHALANE’S. NYC. FINISH. THOUGH. In her own words: F*&# YES.

I’m a few days late because this post took me awhile to write but…WOW. I cried for Shalane and for Meb and for the sport and the whole entire amazing day. 1,069 more words


I’m a mummy on the edge. The last few weeks have been a haze of hospital visits and admissions. Our already hectic and unforgiving schedule was blown out of the water. 1,970 more words


Dystonia needs to be talked !

मनाला चटका लावणारा ‘झटका ‘ !!

हा प्रसंग मध्ये मध्ये आठवला कि त्रास होतो. स्वतःचा राग येतो. घरी काहीतरी हळदीकुंकवाचा कार्यक्रम असावा आणि माझ्या च एका नवीनच मैत्री झालेल्या मैत्रिणीला मी तिच्या आई ला घेऊन ये असं खूप वेळा आग्रह केला होता.सगळ्या जमल्या कि आम्ही मुली मुली गप्पा टप्पा मज्जा करायला मोकळ्या असायचो.

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Dr. Jonathan Squires on Medication Management in PD

HeadWay, aka the Victoria Epilepsy & Parkinson’s Centre, recently sponsored a talk by Dr. Jonathan Squires on medication management in PD. A copy of his slides are available as a PDF at the following link: 98 more words

Parkinson's Disease

Taking Inventory...

Sunday (10/15/2017) marks a significant milestone in my writing career and despite the origins not being specifically auspicious (as viewed by some), like everything else that exists, there was a beginning and it is still going strong. 1,140 more words

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