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Electrical Stimulation, it will Shock you with it's Advancements!

Electrical Stimulation is being used in many different and interesting ways in our health care these days. If your heart stops beating, defibrillators are designed to shock your heart to stimulate it to continue beating. 114 more words

General Information

Life Behind A Blue Door

Several weeks ago my husband was in a little cafe for lunch and noticed a lady glancing at him. She soon approached him asking if he was Joe. 895 more words


Let's jump!!!!

After the success of the ice bucket challenge in raising awareness for ALS many are using social media to say “this disease/condition exists” even if it only causes a little ripple.  58 more words

Expanding Horizons

I hardly know what to say. I’ve tried to write this blog post several times over the course of the past few days and always ended up scrapping it. 664 more words

Saturday Spark: Dancing Against the Odds

Imagine discovering one day that your muscles will no longer follow your brain’s commands, doing the exact opposite of your desire and intent. You want to reach right, but your body drags you left. 189 more words

Bright Ideas

The Beast Rears It's Head...

…and I don’t mean Beauty and the Beast style. This Beast of mine, is not going to transform into my Disney fairytale prince charming. Sitting in the Drs office earlier this afternoon, the Dr uttered words I had hoped I would never hear again. 289 more words


Powerful Creator

And you create your soul around you

If you look you can see it

In the beauty of the tree

The birth of a child… 95 more words