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Downhill, fast.

Things went downhill, and fast. Since my last blog post everything was ticking along quite smoothly. Thomas was enjoying his paddling pool, was getting pretty interactive and his therapy sessions were going really well. 762 more words


Here is our new card. It can be printed and shared!

Thank you to the ADSG admin’s who assisted in composing and organising these cards.  8 more words


Jumping for Dystonia -- PLEASE help!

Imagine walking into a doctor’s office for the first time and telling him (or her) that you have Dystonia. Let’s not get entangled on why we are at this said doctor, or why it is our first time, just imagine it. 291 more words


Beyond The Abyss

When I left university, I didn’t have much hope. I associated my midwifery training, the potential that it held, as a measure of success in life. 517 more words


The Trampoline

I had never thought much about the saying, “A picture tells a thousand words.” But, as I stood next to my boy in the isle of Walmart, staring at the image on the side of a box, it said everything. 1,433 more words

Jump for Dystonia Down Under! SE Qld Members of ADSG

Today, some of the QLD ADSG members had a gathering in Brisbane. Associate Professor Lynley Bradnam attended and spoke about her research and work in Dystonia. 46 more words


All in the bigger picture.

If someone would have told my 20 year old self what was ahead of me, I think I may have jumped of a cliff. The thing is if you were told what was going happen in your future you wouldn’t experience the inner growth or emotional part of the journey, and I think that’s the most important part. 1,495 more words

Lianne Morgan