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Backlash Against War on Cash Reaches the Bank of Canada

A cashless society could have “adverse collective outcomes.”

In recent months, a slew of political and financial institutions have raised concerns about the march toward a cashless economy. 263 more words

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Sears Didn’t ‘Die.’ Vulture Capitalists Killed It.

Sears is a prime example of how hedge funds and private equity companies take over retailers and gradually bleed them dry for their own benefit. 294 more words

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Three Colliding Problems Leading to a New Economic Disaster

Last week’s stock sell-off was merely the beginning of what’s to come.

By Matt Taibbi and cross-posted from Rolling Stone

The soaring stock market has been the crux of Donald Trump’s argument for the competence of his reign. 255 more words

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Brazil's Military Poised to Amass Power After Three-Decade Wait

“There are grim echoes in the 2018 election to the start of the military dictatorship that began in 1964.”

By Bruce Douglas, Rachel Gamarski and Gabriel Shinohara and cross-posted from Bloomberg Quint…

294 more words

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Internet Censorship Just Took An Unprecedented Leap Forward, And Hardly Anyone Noticed

By Caitlin Johnstone and cross-posted from Medium

While most indie media was focused on debating the way people talk about Kanye West and the disappearance of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, an unprecedented escalation in internet censorship took place which threatens everything we all care about. 258 more words


Future of Western Democracy Being Played Out in Brazil

Stripped to its essence, the Brazilian presidential elections represent a direct clash between democracy and an early 21st Century neofascism, indeed between civilization and barbarism. 242 more words

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How the Super-Rich Are Gutting What Remains of US Democracy

By Jon Schwarz and cross-posted from The Intercept

If you, like most Americans, believe you’re being screwed by the U.S. political system, and would like to know exactly how the screwing functions, tune into “ 401 more words

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