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The room at the top of the stairs

They climbed the crumbling concrete stairs one by one; Macy in front and Amber close behind.  As they ascended, they slowed their pace, uneasy about what they might encounter above. 260 more words

Dystopian Fiction

Chapter 1

For the summer, I’ve decided to post some creative works on the blog as a change of pace.  Here is Chapter 1 for a novel in progress.  1,246 more words


The greening

The greening had begun again. The lights had been out for more than five bitter winters and every spring since then, spring revealed itself in more wanton glory—as a long-awaited wonder of warmth after the never-ending ache of the winter’s frigid darkness. 120 more words

Dystopian Fiction

Saga - a 50 word story

As much as I fear looking back at my former life, I look forward with alarm. The direction in which I travel is  dark and inhumane. 36 more words

Flash Fiction

No Net by Noah Nichols. Createspace (2016)

The premise of No Net is intriguing. Basically Noah Nichols asks, “What if the Internet suddenly vanished in the not-too-distant future?” Over the course of 20 chapters, Nichols’ message shines through: We should be careful not to neglect the things that are truly important in the midst of the noise and fury of technological diversions. 623 more words

Book Review

Chapter 51: Laura

Laura has done her deed and now she’s on the way to Mr. Walker’s lair to see if it was enough to ensure her freedom. For some reason, though, she’s got a sneaking suspicion that it won’t be. 5,422 more words

Science Fiction

Book Review: Fluence, by Stephen Oram

The world is constantly changing. Technology seems to be creeping into every aspect of life. It goes without saying that the future seems to be a world where its influence would definitely be more prominent than ever. 559 more words