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Chapter 5 Ano Libre

So Joshua what do you think of this place?’ the man asked brutally.

‘What can I say? It’s evil to say the least.’

Sitting next to the man was a bizarre occurrence something that terrified Joshua. 1,779 more words


Ano Libre Chapter 3


Chapter 3




It was Chooseday, 8:05 at Marylebone Station. Joshua sat on a bench waiting for the train to arrive. There was only a canopy protecting him from the rain that was lashing down, from the murky dreadnaught-grey sky, which turned to descending, vicious-black. 2,219 more words

Ano Libre Chapter 2

When Joshua disembarked the train and left the train station, he realized life’s cruelness. The sky was encasted, metallic-grey, the clouds crushed together in a furious howl of emotions, the airships covered the sky like cursed hornets. 2,149 more words

Dystopian Fiction: A View On This Popular Genre

It is written that utopia is boring to readers, that we are not wired to read about no conflict (how about goals?), and that a perfect world is so unachievable there is no point in writing about it. 640 more words


Guilty Pleasures and YA Fiction (Read Harder #21)

(My book choice for Read Harder #21 – a book that you would consider a guilty pleasure – was The Maze Runner by James Dashner.) 770 more words



When I first moved to the Seattle area I envisioned possibly living on one of the nearby islands and taking the ferry into the city for work or just for entertainment. 487 more words

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