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Book Review | The Heart Goes Last by Margaret Atwood

It’s a little embarrassing for me to admit that I had never read anything by the incredibly intelligent and prolific Margaret Atwood until early 2014. But after loving… 575 more words


Review: The Light That Gets Lost by Natasha Carthew

Margot McGovern reviews Natasha Carthew’s gritty YA novel,¬†The Light That gets Lost¬†(Bloomsbury, 2015).

Trey … looked down towards camp and he looked beyond mere mere looking and saw the blue come clean and clear above their heads. 1,038 more words

Book review: Undertow, by Michael Buckley

Buckley, Michael. Undertow. (Book 1 in the Undertow series.) Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2015. 376 pgs. $18.99. ISBN:978-0-544-34825-7. Gr. 7+. P8 Q8

America has longed polluted the depths of our unexplored oceans. 114 more words

Book Reviews

Review: Who Fears Death by Nnedi Okorafor

Beth has already done a short review on this book so here I am to give a longer, spoilerier review. This is a dystopian novel set in a future post-nuclear-holocaust Sudan. 1,004 more words


Book Review - Memory of Water, Itaranta - Good read, ready for more

Copyright 2015, Dennis Mitton

I don’t read dystopian YA sci-fi fantasy but I’ve been on a Scandinavian kick lately and I liked the author’s name. Thus I claim no expertise or expectation in the genre. 280 more words

Book Reviews

The first life of Vikram Roy by Laxmi Hariharan

About the book

His family is being held to ransom by a deadly mastermind.

Vikram never should have left his family, but when Vikram’s father brings his half-brother Vishal home, life will never be the same. 1,096 more words


An indie author's work is never done.

There’s so much more to writing than the writing.

After writing your story, you have countless editing and rewrites to look forward to, then a cover to be conceived and designed, then publishing. 147 more words


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My good friend, J.L., continues to add insult to injury. Not only has he trumped me to the self-publishing table, but now he has also decided that he will be his own in-depth marketing firm for his first book! Seriously, I am pleased to see how far he has come with this book as well as the first advertisement for a book I would highly recommend. "The Visitor is part science fiction and part history; it's part time travel and part mystery. With a tablespoon of politics, a pinch of dystopia, and a dash of conspiracy, this tale will take you on an entertaining ride with an ending you won't expect." --- At least, that is what I read somewhere!