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Spartan Mega Sale!

Hi all,

Just a heads up that SG are offering a fantastic deal this weekend with half price mega sets! These sets are the ones that give you one of everything in a particular fleet at a standard discount of 20% off but this weekend only that is increase to a mighty 50% discount. 167 more words

Firestorm Armada

Photos from Pacificon 2015

I spent the weekend in Santa Clara, California attending the Pacificon game convention this year.  It was a lot of fun and I got to play quite a few interesting games and watch even more.   717 more words

Games Workshop

Dystopian Wars 3 way

A rare game of Dystopian Wars yesterday evening. A three-way game between Prussians, Antartica and Britannia in which we were playing just for fun.

As you can see my hapless Prussians ended up in the middle which is never a good thing in war. 244 more words


Colossal sized robots in the Victorian age!

So Spartan has some new toys coming out for Dystopian Wars. If they are by the same standard as the Leviathan miniatures seen in Planetfall these will be a HUGE presence on the board.  930 more words

Spartan Games

"Return'ia to Eternia"

Well the madness that is He-Month has begun again and though I hadn’t thought I’d be returning to Eternia this year, “Jez” over at “Carrion Crows Buffet” has talked me into another round of figure conversions to create (sometimes successfully and sometimes not so) proxies of some of the more well know characters from the seventies cartoon and toy franchise better known as “He-man and the masters of the universe”. 436 more words

28mm Fantasy

"Will this invalidate my corrosion warranty?"

Right change of plan. Last week I said that I was going to use September to get some progress done on some of the projects I’ve had hanging about half finished for far too long. 1,034 more words

28mm Fantasy

"Ship Ahoy!"

Well back to the grindstone this week, and another load of boats for my “Dystopian Wars” Prussian fleet, the plan is to get some of the other projects I’ve started this year (and last year if I’m honest) that have been languishing about in “half finished” states for far too long… well finished! 692 more words

28mm Fantasy