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Version 3 you say?

So a while ago Spartan Games collapsed under its own weight and the Dystopian Wars franchise was purchased by Warcradle Studios. The studio is owned by Wayland Games in the UK (an online retailer of games) and is known for producing the Wild West Exodus steampunk skirmish game. 131 more words


Steam Wars - Infantry For Our First Game Finished

Time for a glamour shot.  My newly painted Martian Infantry in all its glory.  Elite caste controllers and Sanwar slave infantry. All painted in less than 2 weeks… 153 more words


Dytopian Wars Clash

Dove-tailing entirely accidently with Warcradle’s brave new world,  my Prussians allied with Gary’s Brits to take on the FSA, ignoring the old Alliance blocks.  Or the UFSA.  275 more words

Dystopian comes to Warcradle Games

Via meeples & miniatures comes the news that Warcradle Games has bought the intellectual property relating to Dystopian Wars, Firestorm Armada, and Uncharted Seas.

The parent company behind these games recently went into administration, leaving gamers and Kickstarter backers alike stranded. 135 more words


RIP Spartan Games - Dystopian Wars

Well, that’s a bummer. If you’re unaware Spartan Games has closed up shop. Our local group has been debating on what to do with our fleets, hopefully we’ll hold onto them and play the game, but has definitely put a damper on desire to play it at the moment. 40 more words

Spartan Games Closing Its Doors

Some sad news has come over the wire and it’s being met with mixed feelings. Spartan Games, the UK-based miniatures company responsible for games such as Firestorm Armada and Dystopian Wars, has… 341 more words


Dystopian Wars Russian Fleet

Spent a good length of time messing with color ideas for my Russian Dystopian Wars fleet. Nothing fancy, but I like the warm browns and the red. 9 more words