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Spartan Games - June Releases

Spartan are set to deliver heaps of great new stuff our way next month, with nine exciting new products across the Dystopian Wars, Halo fleet Battles and Halo Ground Command ranges. 998 more words


Bulletin - Spartan Force Builder Beta

As announced earlier last month, Spartan Games have been working on a formal force building app for all of their current tabletop game lines. Slated as a free tool for force building before your games, as well as a play-aid to give you all the stats you need during them.  180 more words


Yet Another New Army and other stuffs

I had mentioned it briefly, but yet another army has been started.  This time,  DBA 1st and 2nd Punic war Carthaginians!

The first unit I have finished is two (more than I need, but I still have extra figures) bases of psiloi for DBA.  368 more words

Bulletin - Dystopian Wars 2.5 Info

With all the recent updates to the Dystopian Wars range off the back of their successful Kickstarter, it seems more and more people are interested in what’s next for Spartan Game’s alternate history war game. 253 more words


Dystopian Wars - Covenant of Antarctica Fleet Display

It is finally done: Years after purchasing the dystopian wars fleet and starting to paint them, they are finally all depicted in this gallery, online on my blog. 50 more words

Dystopian Wars - Plutarch heavy Destroyers

The Plutarch destroyer is, in my opinion, a benchmark for Covenant fleets. A beautiful design with highlights such as the rib-like engine funnels, the massive turret, embedded in an indent in the main hull as well as the engine centered within the rear section makes a truly beautiful ship design. 34 more words

Dystopian Wars - Thales Class corvette

Today’s addition the fleets of the Covenant of Antarctica is a formation of Thales class corvettes. Shaped like torpedoes and certainly of a certain beauty in itself, the ships of this class suit scout roles as well as combat support. 17 more words