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New army Started

The weather has not been good in my neck of the woods this year, and I had some vacation already scheduled, so I have ended up with a nice chunk of time off lately.  693 more words

Dystopian Wars - Diogenes frigates

First off: Welcome in 2017. As mentioned last week, there lays an exciting year ahead. First of all, we are continuing our journey with the Covenant of Antarctica. 72 more words

Dystopian Wars - Titan of the seas

Two weeks ago the first battleship joined the fleet. This week’s showpiece is the back then announced dreadnought – an unchallenged titan of the seas. Escorted from above and below the waves, this masterpiece of technical ingenuity lures in the vast oceans to rip enemy ships apart with the advanced weaponry of the covenant. 82 more words

Dystopian Wars - Aeronauts of Enlightenment

No fleet can succeed without a decent aerial backup. This addition to the flying forces of the Covenant makes the sky division complete and ready for battle.

Dystopian Wars - Let's talk big

Battleships are the overwhelming giants of the oceans, just topped by the even mightier dreadnoughts. The Alkaios is one of the backbones of the fleet and carries destruction to the foes of the covenant.

Dystopian Wars - Escorts

Fitting just fine to start the Christmas season, here is another update of the Covenants fleets. The small escorts will guard support vessels in the dark and stormy seas of the covenants domain.

Dystopian Wars - Covenant of Antarctica

After years on the shelves, I am kinda proud to finally display the first finished lot of my dystopian wars collection. The colour scheme I chose back in the days was based on heavy weathering, salt technique and a contrast of dark rust chipping. 88 more words