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Dystopian Wars - Cleomedes class cruisers

The Cleomedes marks, in my opinion, a turn in Spartan Games design philosophy. Initially, way more functional and plane, The Cleomedes design is defined by more organic shapes and a structure which translates the scale of the dystopian world into visuals. 47 more words

DW: New models The Magnate class battleship

So I got my new British battleship today from The Outpost. It looks good. Will do a comparison when I have a moment but for now here are a couple of photos as I’ve not seen anything other than renders so far. 17 more words


Dystopian Wars - Diophantus Assault Carrier

Certainly an impressive addition: The assault carrier carries waves of assault drones into battle. Fitted with potent guns and armor, the warship is versatile and well balanced. 20 more words

Bulletin - Spartan Teases New Dystopian Wars Releases

With their recent Dystopian Wars Kickstarter Campaign now complete, Spartan Games have started to release a few more details about the things we’ll be seeing in the future. 167 more words


DW Battle: Prussians vs Black Wolf - Icy waters

It was time to take my newly painted Prussian boats out for a sail. I wanted to try a tesla focused list, limited somewhat by what I had available painted. 1,321 more words


Spartan Games - New Releases

Spartan Games is continuing to offer some fantastic new products for their existing ranges in the coming months, with a fair bit of love going to the… 567 more words


Dystopian Wars - Zeno class cruisers

The Zenos strike like lancers through the waves. Outfitted with mighty Particle Accelerators they are precision instruments. Sometimes reminding me at the Eclipse from Star Wars… I mean, can you imagine green light sparkling around the main gun┬ájust before a massive beam of devastating energy crosses the distance to the enemy in an instant… 17 more words