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A Dystopian War And Some New Additions

The new fad that is Dystopian Wars, has led to a modest spend on my own fleet.  Ebay has again come through with a collection of new and used ships that should allow me to field an effective force. 393 more words


A Flight Of Fancy And The Start Of The Dystopian Wars

A small change in direction was had recently (probably no surprise to regular readers).  This came about as a result of my long fascination with finding a boat game to play that ticked all the right boxes but remained light and easy to play. 287 more words


"Dread the Worm!!"

Well I wasn’t able to buy the bits I needed to finish my islands this week so instead I thought I’d pull out the last few ships from my “Dystopian Wars Prussian Battle Group”, this consisted of four “Arminius Class frigates, and along with this I thought I’d also paint up the Blűcher Class Dreadnought that Myles had bought to go along with them last year. 683 more words

Dystopian Wars

Dystopian Wars Faction Playtest: Mercenary Company (CdZ vs RC, 1000pts)

Last week I finally got in a solid playtest game for the Canons de Zibeline (Jack-O-Lantern Company) Mercenary Company.  To find this homebrew faction’s current force guide and rules, please scroll down to the NEXT post on this blog. 1,182 more words

Dystopian Wars

"No man is an island, but these are!"

Well this week I thought I’d take a break from painting figures and have a go at making some scenery instead (This I hasten to add has absolutely nothing to do with Myles hounding me for weeks about making some islands to add to the table during our Dystopian Wars naval battles!!). 906 more words

Dystopian Wars

NEW Rules for DW Mercenary Fleet - CdZ / JoLs

ManBattleStations.com is now hosting the PDF for my mercenary company fleet for Dystopian Wars.  You can check it out here:


Let me know what you think.   17 more words

Dystopian Wars

Small Ships Ahoy!

Andy of Steinberg Shed Space decided to pick up some Dystopian Wars ships along with the 1.1 and 2.0 rules. As I have a fleet and the 1.0 rules, we thought we could confuse ourselves plenty with a game. 401 more words

28mm Miniatures