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"Furry sabotage on the high seas"

Dystopian Wars time again, and I must admit I’m tempted to just write “different Ships, painted the same way”, but that wouldn’t make for a very interesting posting for you dear reader would it! 812 more words

20mm WW2

International TableTop Day

Today I have now discovered was International TableTop Day (it’s 23:42 as I type this). Had I known this before today begun it is unlikely to have actually changed what we did today in my house as it has now become normal for us to play at least a few wargames, card games or board games during a weekend. 472 more words


"Oh a life on the ocean waves"

I’ve now completed the second lot of ships in my Prussian naval force, this is an ongoing “Dystopian Wars” project I’ve started with my oldest son Myles. 525 more words

Dystopian Wars

"Pruss Ganged!"

I don’t really know how this happened, I was all set to do another of my “roll of the die” weeks and pull something out of one of my draws to paint up for this weeks blog posting when I got called into Myles’s bedroom (I should have smelled a rat there and then as I never! 625 more words

Dystopian Wars

Dystopian Wars - Japanese Box Set

Here’s some older work I did years ago, but hadn’t posted here.  I really like the end look.  Unfortunately, the game’s local popularity died rather quickly.   21 more words


DZC Battle Report and DW Playtest Game (Pictures)

Seb and I got together and rehashed our DZC match up from last weekend, Scourge vs Resistance.  We did not end up with access to much terrain however…. 1,438 more words

Dystopian Wars

Objective versus the Subjective

In my Token Opening Statement, I remarked that sometimes we like things based on subjective opinion. This, in spite of an abundance of objective metrics.  This is definitely worth exploring when it comes to gaming, in general, and Maifaux, in particular. 2,015 more words