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Soft Terrain Table

Here you see my latest terrain experiment for Dystopian Wars, based on Bruce Weigle’s boards. It starts  652 more words

Dystopian Wars

“A tale of the sea and stars”

So the madness that is He-month has ended (for a short while at least), and so it’s time to return not only to normality but also a return to a once regular (some might say too regular!) feature. 837 more words

Dystopian Wars

Woodland and Allies, among other things

So a mixed bag of finished projects this time.  I had mentioned before, but I had bought a mess of Pixies for a 28mm diorama Idea I had, which while still a good idea…is just not practical.  451 more words

Dystopian Firestorm Commission Update #4 – Big Ships

This was supposed to go up yesterday, but internet was on the fritz :(

Now, the support fleet of the Ottoman empire is complete. The dreadnought and its accompanying cruisers sit finished and pretty. 39 more words


Dystopian Firestorm Commission Update #3 – Little Ships

After settling from a move to my new place (awesome!!!!! Don’t worry, mail will still be forwarded to me), I finished off the little ships from the Ottoman Empire fleet set for the commission. 7 more words