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Colossal sized robots in the Victorian age!

So Spartan has some new toys coming out for Dystopian Wars. If they are by the same standard as the Leviathan miniatures seen in Planetfall these will be a HUGE presence on the board.  930 more words

Spartan Games

"Will this invalidate my corrosion warranty?"

Right change of plan. Last week I said that I was going to use September to get some progress done on some of the projects I’ve had hanging about half finished for far too long. 1,034 more words

28mm Fantasy

"Ship Ahoy!"

Well back to the grindstone this week, and another load of boats for my “Dystopian Wars” Prussian fleet, the plan is to get some of the other projects I’ve started this year (and last year if I’m honest) that have been languishing about in “half finished” states for far too long… well finished! 692 more words

28mm Fantasy

"Another floating runway"

I’m posting this today (Friday) as I have to work from seven tomorrow morning, so I’ve been pulling out all the stops (well a bit at least) to get these finished early so you don’t have to wait till tomorrow evening (the varnish is still a little tacky as I take the photos). 837 more words

Dystopian Wars

"Land Ho!"

Good news everybody! I’ve finished the islands, and I’m rather pleased with the finished articles if I do say so myself, yes scale wise they might be a bit on the wayward side (but then some of the Dystopian stuff is) and Myles isn’t that sure about the gravel ring around the bottoms of the buildings, but I did this so that the buildings can face in any direction without the pathway looking odd as it would not run up to the front of the building, anyway before I get to carried away in justifying all the various aspects of these bits of scenery I’ll get on with… 1,101 more words

Dystopian Wars

"Don't land ere', it ain't ready"

Oh well, as I stated last week “The best laid plans of mice and men!”. My ridiculously optimistic plan to get these islands finished for this week’s blog have fallen around my ears like Pompeii, I personally blame the three “Queens” (for those not in the know these are the three Cunard cruise liners that have docked together in Liverpool for the first time for Cunard’s 175th anniversary), as we spent quite a bit of time watching them on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, that and other “holiday” activities (not all of them fun I hasten to add!) have really eaten into my island building time. 784 more words

Dystopian Wars

A Dystopian War And Some New Additions

The new fad that is Dystopian Wars, has led to a modest spend on my own fleet.  Ebay has again come through with a collection of new and used ships that should allow me to field an effective force. 393 more words