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The Giver - Lois Lowry

In this 1993 young adult dystopian novel written by award-winning author Lois Lowry, a young boy named Jonas lives in a society that at first appears to be the ultimate utopia.  144 more words


Meritorium by Joel Ohman

This second book in the Meritropolis series does not disappoint.

Charley, with the help of his friends, continues to right the wrongs deemed necessary by The System. 179 more words


Night Of The Wolf – Part 23

Severo froze. Every instinct of training within him told the young knight not to answer, though the homesick child somewhere deep inside was begging him to. 1,005 more words

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Night Of The Wolf – Part 22

The upper room was awash in the glow of dim candlelight. He stood at the end of the bed aside a circle of men in black robes whose faces he did not recognize, their expressions listless. 1,073 more words

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Review: The Territory (#1) by Sarah Govett

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The year is 2059. Noa Blake is just another normal 15 year old. Except in the Territory normal isn’t normal.
432 more words


Night Of The Wolf – Part 21

Nightfall had brought with it a warm, steady breeze that extended inward from the west. Severo stood in front of the abandoned building marked on the old Cavarice city map as ‘The Shelter of Motherly Light’, about four blocks east of the Barreau District. 1,643 more words

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Night Of The Wolf - Part 20

Isaac lay restless in bed staring at the shadows on his ceiling cast by the slivers of ambient light pouring in from between his Venetian blinds. 2,252 more words

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