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I'm materializing again...

No, I haven’t died. I’ve been in a funk–what Holly Golightly called the Mean Reds. It happens sometimes: the fountain of insane notions in my head dries up and I stumble around thinking about such killer ideas as grocery lists and Things I Must Do. 261 more words


No 13 in Amazon top 100 Free

Sales were a bit sluggish, however, Amazon allow a promotion for up to five days to price books for free. This is obviously very attractive to the reader. 26 more words

Libby is up and running!

Just a reminder that OverDrive’s new e-reading app, Libby, is available for download in all app stores! We recommend that you give Libby a try — we’ve found it to be really easy to use. 22 more words


#Publishing: Here’s why #Print is winning the battle against #E-Books

Bookshops Back in Black

As reported by The Guardian, sales of e-books in the UK declined by 4% in 2016. By contrast, sales in bookshops rose by 7%. 83 more words


On Bookshelves

It’s interesting what we notice when we walk into someone else’s house for the first time.  Some look at the decor. Others check out the view. 493 more words

Soul Ripping Romance Tag

Thanks to Patty@moonshinerscorner for tagging me for this (I like doing tags and let you guys know a bit about my tastes like this) Go check out her answers they’re really soul ripping the stories, the ones she picked out. 584 more words

Bookish Fun

Why Judge A Book By Its Cover

Don’t judge a book by its cover! This is a frequently used expression, right? We have heard it a lot and not only regarding books but everyone at some point is guilty of doing just that. 503 more words

Bookish Fun