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FSOSS @ Seneca

The Business School will be sponsoring a group of students from the e-Business Marketing program to attend the FSOSS (Free Software and Open Source Symposium)  @ Seneca College… 66 more words


E-Business Models

Analyse two different business models and provide an example for each.

An emerging trend of online marketing has introduced various types of e-business models. One of the commonly used models is online revenue model. 515 more words

Internet Marketing

Do businesses need to think about e-business models?

The advancement of the internet is creating constant change in how marketing can attract more customers. It is important for businesses to adapt to these changes in order to retain sales. 827 more words


Google Analytics: CampTech Workshop

CampTech will be at the Lakeshore campus delivering a Google Analytics hands-on workshop!

Want to know the secret to making your website better than your competition’s? 107 more words


E-Business Models

E-business also referred to electronic business emanates from the words ‘e-mail’ and ‘e-commerce’ (Ryan & Jones 2012). Simply, it can refer to managing the company on the Internet. 357 more words


Analysis two e-business model

Different as businesses may be, they share one commonality They all aim to make profits by providing its target market with some value, although in various forms. 396 more words


Much like a moderate acting poison presented in a man’s circulatory system, COD makes its vicinity felt bit by bit inside of new businesses by contaminating different capacities and making unexpected complexities. 522 more words