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Ecom Profit Sniper

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Task 5 - E-Environment

Q7. Look in detail at the terms and conditions for purchasing from your site. Are they reasonable? Comment on anything unusual or unreasonable that you find. 664 more words


Shop Until You Drop

With the existence of the internet, mobile application, mobile banking, and of course smartphones, everything is possible. You can watch a movie, download a series of drama and even buy things online. 48 more words


Task 4 - E-Business Infrastructure

Q4. Explore the Internet for information on the site you have chosen. Look especially for data that helps to place your site in context for example, competitors, industry averages, growth rates etc. 915 more words


The Evaluation Of The E-commerce Sites- In Bangladesh

E-commerce may be a distinctive contribution to info technology. Whose freedom roll round the world market. From the later amount of freedom to the top of the nineteenth century, Bangladesh was far from the knowledge technology. 441 more words


Research your cryptos

Researching is important, but the main question is how do you go with it? If you take your information from Youtube, don’t limit yourself. The number of suscribers of such and such Youtuber should not necessarily influence your choices. 410 more words

Links: Building a Reputation For Your Website

At the dawn of Internet usage, website rankings were heavily factored on keyword usage within the content of the page. The algorithms back then were not sophisticated enough, therefore, the easiest way to rank websites was to count keyword usage. 726 more words