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Who MUST HAVE paper catalog's ?

We are adding a 4th store in CARQUEST and this store has a mountain of paper catalog’s … including a large paper catalog rack in plain view … hmm … our other 3 stores have sone ..but out of sight. 75 more words


Time to get serious on 'little things'

Sorry for the long lapse in posting here and on the CQCHANGE blog … so lets look at little things and see why they are IMPORTANT. 120 more words

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Registration for the New Energy World Symposium is open

I’m happy to announce that registration for the New Energy World Symposium is now open, with an Early Bird discount of EUR195 valid until February 17, 2018. 243 more words

Standardize Part Type for E-Cat ... why is it important ???

Here is a e-mail we just sent ..this is important and we have been fighting for this FOR YEARS now … and not making much headway … but …we know it is super important and will keep up the fight… ¬†your support would also be appreciated … let them know it is important for you as well… 547 more words

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