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Registration for the New Energy World Symposium is open

I’m happy to announce that registration for the New Energy World Symposium is now open, with an Early Bird discount of EUR195 valid until February 17, 2018. 243 more words

Standardize Part Type for E-Cat ... why is it important ???

Here is a e-mail we just sent ..this is important and we have been fighting for this FOR YEARS now … and not making much headway … but …we know it is super important and will keep up the fight…  your support would also be appreciated … let them know it is important for you as well… 547 more words

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Duplicate UPC Codes - how to add

Have you ever wished you could add a duplicate UPC code for a part from an optional ( X line ) supplier?  You can’t in the F-8 screen for Inventory … but … you can by using DFIU and importing the UPC data.

Image below is proof

Quality Assurance ... good to know

Had a Ken , a staff member report this to CatalogPRS ( in Canada we don’t have access to the normal PRS reporting system ) via e-mail for this problem …. 161 more words


How BIG is too big ... in DFIU Importing

WE have a line in Canada called BSL for Cross Canada body panels – CARQUEST Canada has stopped supporting this data — but we still sell body panels and need up-to-date data … so we get the data file from LKQ Cross Canada.   112 more words

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How do YOU add images ?

We have been asking the Image Dept for years now to get missing images …. here is an example that we asked for on April 1 ( no fooling ) 2016 …. 30 more words


Better description solve (almost) every problem

We have been pleading with CARQUEST Advance Auto to give us better descriptions … especially for items we buy in a box and sell each … so we don’t make a mistake and see the box for an each price.   142 more words