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Electronic Cigarettes - Know About Their Components and Working Principle

You might have seen advertisements on TV, which shows that smoking traditional cigarettes will start building tar level in your lungs. Tar is the chemical that is produced when your lungs burn excess amount of tobacco or nicotine. 274 more words

Electronic Cigarette

Cartomizers and Atomizers - Which Is the Right Choice for Your E-Cigarette

Before deciding to go with either atomizer or cartomizer for your e-cigarette, you should first understand what exactly do the terms mean. Here is a brief idea about both the important components of an e-cigarette. 220 more words

Electronic Cigarette

Beginner’s Guide to Help You Choose the Right E-Cigarette

Deciding about one particular e-cigarette is not easy, since there are many options available here. Each e-cig is designed with different working principle, and hence knowing about all available options is suggested. 169 more words

Electronic Cigarette

My first post !

So what is this blog for ? What’s the “Vape experiment” ? you might ask.

My name is Nathan and I’m a smoker. On this blog (and vlog on youtube) I will (try) to document a small experiment about quiting smoking with the help of my vaporizer mod and some friends that you will meet later :) 450 more words


A Powerful Pocket E-Cig Setup

A decent combination for a pocket vaporizer that is light yet still suitable for cloud chasing is this mod with this rda. The mod and the rda may be sold out on some websites, however you can usually find the combination of the two by doing a search with bing.com. 689 more words


Teslacigs Stealth

Since the year of 2016, the atomizer inlaid e-cig kits have been on a growing demand and many brands have pushed these types of items.Not long before, the discussion center—-Smoant Knight V1 is this type of e-cigs and after that,PUFF launched another type of inner kit—-Smoant Knight V1.The features of these type avoid the risk of embarrass that a big mod heads on a long atomizer, on the contrary ,the new design coordinates the atomizer with the box,making it looks more harmonious on the outlook. 620 more words


Choose Electronic Cigarettes for Healthier Life

#Electronic smoking is quickly gaining popularity and might transform the way individuals smoke permanently. Are you thinking that this is something that would certainly benefit you or maybe someone you care about? 577 more words