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MarkTen E-Cig Mailer

It’s a hard sell to convince cigarette smokers to switch to an electronic cigarette, but MarkTen has developed a smooth looking e-cig. It easily could be mistaken for a real cigarette because it’s small, thin and white. 170 more words

Vape Juice Review | Blueberry Frost from High Caliber

Hey Everyone, happy Tuesday.

Today I’ll be taking a look  at Blueberry Frost from High Caliber. Now if you’ve already ready my review of their… 251 more words


Vape Juice Review | GO NANAS from naked 100 - Best Banana Flavor?

Hey Everyone, happy Monday.

Let me start this off by saying that banana is my absolute favorite flavor to vape. I just can’t get enough of it and I’ve got no problem using it all day every day. 282 more words


E-cigarette Tanks

A tank is a heating element using the same basic principals that you would with any attachable heating element on an electronic cigarette. Though you give up the more direct way of vaping, like the increased throat hit and flavor, you gain a more hassle free experience. 19 more words

Vape Juice Review | Cherry from High Caliber

Hey everyone, happy Tuesday.

Let me start by painting a scene for you.

Imagine yourself walking through the local mall. People are everywhere, the drone of voices are in the background, and that oh so familiar mall scent is filling your nose. 303 more words



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Chill'd Tobacco

Hey everyone, Happy Saturday!

I want to share my opinion on Chill’d Tobacco from Cosmic Fog. Now this is my first e-juice from them, and I don’t normally like tobacco flavors, but this one peaked my interest. 347 more words