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Modern smoking or not lucky party

My silly ava decided to go to a party. She had much fun, danced a lot, then she was offered to try e-cigarette. Given the fact that she never smoked, that was the last one she ever tried :D… 119 more words

5 Benefits of Making the Switch to Electronic Cigarettes

5 Benefits of Making the Switch to Electronic Cigarettes

The health benefits of electronic cigarettes is still up for debate with some health professionals saying they are no better than traditional cigarettes and others saying that making the switch to e-cigs has health and lifestyle benefits according to  346 more words


Mods: What to Expect After Starter Kits

You may be asking yourself, is there anything else other than these starter kits out there for people to vape? And your answer is YES there certainly is! 371 more words

Quit Smoking – Vaping Is The New Habit Now!

As we all know that smoking is a very dangerous habit and it damages our body and our lungs slowly and when you start smoking you slowly get used to it and started depending on it which is the most dangerous thing. 468 more words

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How to Choose the Right Juice?

Hopefully after the last post you are comfortable choosing the right vaping device for your specific needs. But how do you choose the right e-juice? There is a vast array of brands, flavors, strengths, qualities- HOW DOES ANYONE CHOOSE?! 1,211 more words


Who am I?

Who am I?  I am a middle aged female vaper.

I don’t care about blowing huge clouds and I don’t want to see half naked 20 somethings pushing e-liquid too me.   251 more words