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BathTime Book Review ~ 'Grey' (Audiobook)

For those who love to read a good story as much as I do, I have found that I am really enjoying this audio-book, as much if not more than reading the actual pages. 397 more words


Shades and Madness - Madness and Shades?

I am not a literature connoisseur, but I’m fond of reading good stories of all sort. A year ago my girlfriend convinced me to read Fifty Shades of Grey a bought the book as soon as it was on Colombias bookstore shelves…but… this is the time and I haven´t even pass over the fifth chapter. 132 more words


The Real Reasons Behind Reader And Author Shame

I recently read a thread on a reader site in which women were heatedly discussing Stephanie Meyer and E. L. James, authors of the Twilight… 2,239 more words


High Price not a £5 bang on the street corner.

It’s here! ‘Fifty Shades of Brown’ and what a battle it has been to get it here. There was a frightening moment when it almost wasn’t here at all. 1,038 more words

Grey by E.L. James

Hi guys – firstly, apologies that this post is a little late! Someone was definitely not up to date with her scheduling!

Today’s post is another book review as with it being the holidays I’ve had loads of reading time! 360 more words


More Sex: Grey Chapter 11 Part 2

When Ariel and I decided this chapter was too long and we needed to split it up, we clarified that the last sentence of her section would be “I might get lucky” and the first of mine would be “The A3 is fun to drive, though it’s got less torque than I’m used to”, which are both oddly representative of how bland this book is. 1,544 more words


Why Crossfire is 50 shades better than Shades of Grey

I received 50 Shades of Grey as a birthday present two years ago. It was the first erotic novel I ever read and I hated it. 831 more words