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How to be an escape artist

Drape me with chains, secure me in handcuffs until they chaff, wrap yards of rope around me so I look like I’m wearing a hemp boob tube*. 695 more words


Film Review: Fifty Shades of Grey | Moronic Masochism (co-written with Lauren Wark)

Note: For this movie review, we here at Quail Bell Magazine are going to be trying something different. This time, we had two Quail Bell writers, Alex Carrigan and Lauren Wark, look at the same movie and review it, in hopes of adding to the discussion of the film. 4,430 more words

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Movie Best Moments

I was going to choose 10 best moments on the movie, but then I realised I am very bad at choosing and that in fact I didn’t want to choose. 727 more words

Fifty Shades Fans

Fifty Shades of Dark-matter

I usually stick to reviewing books here, but since the Fifty Shades of Grey movie started as a book, I think this will be just fine here. 456 more words


A Clueless West Virginia Teacher Screened 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' As A Reward For Students

A West Virginia teacher could be facing disciplinary action after screening part of Fifty Shades of Grey for her class.

The movie was meant to be an end-of-the-year reward for the class for hard work, and it was requested by the students. 378 more words


Chapter 2: Ana's Dull Life

Our new chapter begins as Ana’s elevator lands on the first floor of the building. She rushes out and contemplates on how Christian made her feel. 2,936 more words

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How Has 50 shades of Grey been effected by Media Transitions through space and time?

It can be argued that without the transition of media into new mediums; and the progression of technology; that 50 shades of grey would not have become the international phenomenon that it is today. 3,545 more words

50 Shades Of Grey