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Remember the Human in Online Courses

Remember the human is something we intuitively do in traditional face-to-face classrooms, but somehow this gets lost in distance education. If it’s only text-based independent study, then we’ve silenced our students and treated them as mutes by not providing communication platforms that are supported in the grading criteria. 1,005 more words

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Personal facilitation is vital to develop competencies in corporate executives and managers

Organizations around the world are investing more and more in training their people to develop and hone the competencies they need to perform their roles more efficiently and with greater effectiveness. 801 more words

SCOPUS eLearning and ODL Journal Rankings

The SCImago (by SCOPUS) journal rankings for 2017 have recently been released. I have gone through the Education category and listed the journals that are relevant for research in e-learning and open and distance learning. 336 more words

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For a lot of people making the decision on online courses to take is easy and for some others it isn’t. Whatever the case may be there are some important considerations a prospective student should not miss. 608 more words

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Why Do Not Give RAW Unedited Images? | සංස්කරණය නොකළ ඡායාරූප (RAW or JPEG) ලබා නොදිය යුත්තේ ඇයි ?

විවිධ අවස්ථා වල අපෙන් විමසන දෙයක් තමයි

  • එඩිට් නොකරපු ෆොටෝස් ගන්න බැරිද?
  • හදන්න ඕන නෑ, ඔය තියෙන විදියට දෙන්න. පස්සෙ ඔයා ඇල්බම් එක කොහොමත් දෙනවනෙ.

This Is What Can Be Achieved. Course 2017-2018.


Trabajar para el Instituto Nacional de Tecnología Educativa y Formación del Profesorado del Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deportes creando recursos educativos basados en las últimas metodologías y tecnologías, y formando a profesores en multitud de competencias. 570 more words