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5 steps for building a vibrant online learning community

I am a real advocate of online learning communities.  I regularly participate in a twitter community #ldinsight which provides some of the best challenge to my thinking and ways of working.   450 more words

White Lotus System / Learning Impediments

As a general rule, most students do not believe that they are, or will be, impeded in the process of learning. Having taught over twenty thousand people, I can assure you that, to some varying degree, they are impeded throughout the… 210 more words

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White Lotus System / The Problem with Modern Day Preparation

Having taught thousands of students, I can tell you that I have serious concerns about “Modern Day Preparation”. The problem lies in getting students to… 396 more words

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Project Management Certifications Courses, Training

Our e-learning project management courses have been designed specifically for employees at any level. Whether you are a manager with direct reports, non-manager, Human Resources professional, or simply an individual who hopes to earn a management role in the future, our courses will improve the skills you need to succeed in your current and future careers. 302 more words

Certified Ethical Hacker Certification

Constantly Learning New Things Has Its Own Benefits

There is a thirst to know more in each of us and the only way to pacify that thirst is to…keep learning, well guessed! We start to ‘learn’ only to check boxes, forgetting it is much more than that. 394 more words


Addressing the Skills Gap in Industrial Sectors

It’s no secret that the industrial sector is a crucial part of the U.S. economy. In fact, according to the The Manufacturing Institute, every $1.00 invested in the manufacturing industry adds $1.37 to the nation’s overall economy. 360 more words


White Lotus System / Changes

“Anything that can change will change.” – Leishman’s Law

When I first started training back in 1972 my mentor, Arnold Ihlen, introduced me to the I Ching – Book of Changes. 188 more words

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