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Writing strategies for E-Learning

According to an article, 10 writing strategies that drive up learner engagement online – “The written word is powerful. It can encourage or discourage, inspire or depress, uplift or sadden, educate or mislead, and entertain or put you to sleep.” 97 more words


Planes, trains, and barges

Week 9

It all sounded like a good idea back in February. I booked a short break, secure in the knowledge that the deadline for my development proposal was 20 March. 666 more words


Personalize Learning Experiences - ELH Challenge 134

This week challenge is to share an example that demonstrates one or more ways to personalize an e-learning course using gamification techniques. David Anderson shared some ways shared below. 214 more words

ELH Challenges

Flipped Learning: Grammar Lessons for English language students

Been busy the past week or so updating my YouTube channel with some online grammar lessons which I think English language students will find useful. Just click on the link below to see the new collection… and if you like what you see, please remember to subscribe :)


Teaching & Learning Strategies part 18

This weeks Teaching and Learning strategy is linked to the old alphabet game you might have played as a child. Let me know what you think. 26 more words


Voice of an EA - Mohan Dev

Q. How are you introduced to Chegg?

I’m Mohan Dev and I was introduced to Chegg by my friend, who has been working as an Expert Answerer. 647 more words

Chegg Speaks

Consumable engaging bites of information

There is so much content, courses, networks and more out there but how do we find the time to consume it inbetween work, gym and family. 276 more words

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