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InkMagic RB Giveaway is still on

Let’s Go Pens!!

BOTH kinds! Just got the new pens I’d ordered for the Rocketbook AND tonight is the first game of Pens – Caps hockey playoffs. 163 more words


The new Gmail has arrived: Expiring messages, smart nudges and more (CNET)

CNET: The new Gmail has arrived: Expiring messages, smart nudges and more. “Rumors of a major Gmail update have been floating around for a while, and while these new changes are primarily aimed at business customers, many of them will be coming to the free consumer version of Gmail as well.”

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3 Tips for Hassle-Free Vacation Away From Work

When you are going on vacation, you know ahead of time when and where you are going. Come up with a clear to-do list of what you need to do before, during and after vacation so that your work does not get in the way of… 487 more words


The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me, everybody!

Being fit and taking care of our health, physical and mental, is a lifelong journey. Some of us choose different paths, but the goal we have in mind is one – being in harmony with our bodies and minds. 54 more words


Mom Talk: Technology Is Our Life

Growing up, I was always outside. Everyday after school, I wouldn’t be inside. I would be outside playing with the neighborhood kids. There was never a day that we weren’t outside. 495 more words


It Would Appear the Democrats Are Stuck on Stupid

Even before President Trump became President Trump, the Dems have been working overtime trying to get him out of office.  They act as if, by destroying the man, they can reclaim the office of presidency. 341 more words

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