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A Voice of Colorado No. 368 Version 5.0:

Social Media continues to be a problem for elected officials, specifically those seeking re-election. An e-mail Loveland, CO. Mayor Pro Tem John Fogle sent more than a year to his fellow council members, which was accurately described as vulgar and obscene, as well as immature and inappropriate, and which led to call from council members for him to resign his leadership post, has resurfaced. 63 more words


Fun With Email

Email filters are a very useful tool to use when you want to prioritize certain emails. At first I was confused by the process of creating a filter but I quickly got the hang of it. 264 more words

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Turn off notification sounds in K-@mail

I have been using the K-@mail app (“KatMail” as opposed to the “K-9mail” app) on my Android smartphone for a little while now. But, I was being constantly bugged by sound notifications of incoming messages. 157 more words


Wordpress - Change Password notification text on E-mail

The WordPress is the most popular and highest used CMS framework. WordPress provide hook functionality. Using hook functionality we can change the WordPress default functionality without touching the WordPress file. 140 more words


All In One CLEVVER Account

The Clevver GmbH is a worldwide digital virtual ofce provider.
With 35+ locations across the globe, Clevver brings advanced digital services for… 821 more words


People Know the Positive Potential of Social - Here are Some of the Dangers

By Corey Moss

I had originally intended to focus solely on the security aspect concerning social media, however after recent events, this has become a much wider discussion in terms of the dangers – and they extend to the psychological as well. 1,201 more words

Corey Moss