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Elm ME+ 2.5 PLalpha43 DEB announcement

Experimental DEB generator script for Elm ME+ 2.5 PLalpha43
exists on <URL: http://www.elmme-mailer.org/deb/elm-ME+2.5.html > directory.

I do not know dpkg, so please do not blame me, if…

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What Are You Not Doing

This article is for all professionals who want to make the most of their time. The thesis is that we need to consider the things we are not doing as well as those we are supporting with our effort. 813 more words

Enabling Actions

Never stop learning, become a specialist.

Never stop learning, never think you know everything, there is always someone who knows more…

Whether it is through reading, watching TVĀ and films or doing an online course, never let yourself stagnate, there is always something new to learn, you will never know everything there is to know, even experts don’t know everything. 336 more words


Elm ME+ 2.5 PLalpha43 RPM announcement

Experimental RPM spec file for ELM ME+ 2.5 PLalpha43
exists on <URL: http://www.elmme-mailer.org/rpm/elm-ME+2.5.html >

I do not know rpm, so please do not blame me, if…

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Subject lines

So you have spent time putting together an incredible marketing e-mail, you have included lovely pictures, descriptive writing, a call to action and you know it is perfect for your target market, you even spell checked the damn thing!!! 323 more words