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Hillary's E-mailgate: "Oh, What a Tangled Web We Weave..."

Back in the early 1980s’, HBO taped a couple of live performances of America’s “Clown Prince of Comedy”, Richard “Red” Skelton. Even though the ol’ redhead was 78 years old, he was still as sharp as a tack…and was still an absolute master of comedic timing. 1,490 more words


What Was Hillary Clinton Thinking? And What Is Hillary Clinton Hiding?

Remember all of those news stories about how Sarah Palin used private e-mail accounts in order to conduct personal business? Sure you do. You probably also remember the concern and outrage over the possibility that private e-mails were used in order to circumvent transparency and disclosure rules; e-mails from Palin’s official account would be subject to disclosure laws, but e-mails from a private account would not. 423 more words

Strange: Cuomo Government Has Mass E-mail Purge During Corruption Probe

Newsflash:  Democrats are not always clean.

The New York state government ordered e-mails to be deleted during corruption probe.

The IB Times reports, in a memo obtained by Capital New York, state officials announced that the mass purging of email records is beginning across several state government agencies. 195 more words


Jeb Bush releases e-mails in 'spirit of transparency'

As promised, Jeb Bush on Tuesday released e-mails from his two terms as Florida governor that he hopes will provide insight into how he makes decisions and inform voters as he prepares to seek the presidency. 430 more words


Jeb Bush to reveal e-mails via new website

Jeb Bush plans to launch a website Tuesday with his e-mails from his days as Florida governor as he prepares for an all-but-certain presidential bid. 214 more words


The curse of e-mails

Have you ever wondered what it might be like to live without e-mails?

It’s happened to me a couple of times over the last two years. 515 more words


On e-mails that should never be sent

Following a recent staff survey which saw many of my colleagues complain about long working hours and an unhealthy work-life balance our Faculty recently introduced an e-mail curfew. 702 more words