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Being part of a program

As a swimming parent, I am by now under the impression, that we are living in a void and that we have become part of a scientific experiment. 530 more words


Into Infinity

Do you keep a diary or resolve to keep one every New Year? Many years ago I was given a five year diary which lasted at least a decade of good intentions and still has many blank pages, but it does record some major life events; if anyone can ever decipher the tiny writing crammed into the allotted space per day and year. 318 more words

The age of no responsibility... somebody elses fault, somebody else should pay🤣

Outside factors you say? Beyond her control? Oh my!

I must be missing something. Whether it’s the FBI or Russia or any other entity involved in getting information to the American public, it seems what’s most important is the truth of the information released. 290 more words

Observations On Life

WIKILEAKS BOMBSHELL: Assange says Clinton hack was 'inside job' and NOT Russia

Former British ambassador Craig Murray said he has met the person who handed over the e-mails and they WERE from the Democratic National Committee (DNC). 372 more words

... It Figures [#Jon Gruber][#involvement in ObamaCrapCare]...

.. well , the House oversight Cmte blasted loose 20k pages of e – mails from the ObamaCrap Administration . Is anyone surprised at what was revealed ?? 91 more words

Personal Opinion

A Russian Standoff

Intelligence agencies in the US have concluded with ‘high confidence’ that Russian officials covertly interfered in the 2016 general election with an aim to aid a victory for Donald Trump. 742 more words

Rethinking that "Lock Her Up" Chant

One of the big selling points of Republican nominee Donald Trump’s presidential campaign was that, if he elected, he would send Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton to prison. 631 more words