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FBI found 14,900 more emails that Hillary Clinton didn't turn over to them

This is from the radically leftist Washington Post, of all places:

The FBI’s year-long investigation of Hillary Clinton’s private email server uncovered 14,900 emails and documents from her time as secretary of state that had not been disclosed by her attorneys, and a federal judge on Monday pressed the State Department to begin releasing emails sooner than mid-October as it planned.

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F**K This E-Mail Crap, and Damn the Media for Supporting the Republican Party

The media has constantly failed to denounce Donald Trump for his lack of knowledge relating to our nation and its government. It has also failed the American people by supporting Republican attacks of Hillary Clinton. 512 more words

E-Mails Continue to be Republicans Only Prayer

‘Judicial Watch’ is an extremist right wing group who is desperately seeking to damage Hillary Clinton before the election. They are aware that Donald Trump cannot defeat Hillary by himself; he lacks the knowledge and intellect to battle her ‘one-on-one.’ This group, which has no real purpose other than the destruction of those on the left, has filed a frivolous lawsuit Their claim is that she used a private e-mail server to avoid ‘Freedom of Information Act requests.’ 267 more words

Colin Powell Advised Hillary Clinton Regarding E-Mails

While the Republican Party continues its desperate attempts to discredit Hillary Clinton with multiple and costly investigations regarding the Benghazi tragedy, and the use of her personal e-mails, they can now cease wasting time, money, and attacking Ms. 429 more words

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Store date: 1 November 2007

This is the text of the e-mail that went out to our customer base the morning after the Josh Ritter Halloween show in 2007. 33 more words