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Is It Unprofessional To Use Emojis In Business E-mails?

A guy friend of mine has a woman in his office and she apparently litters her work e-mails with emoji’s…like these :) :( :<) and it’s not in hey wanna have lunch :)? 45 more words


De laatste drie e-mails van Anass

Rechts ziet u de e-mails, zoals die vanuit het account van Anass zijn gestuurd aan zijn schooldocenten.

Het zijn drie e-mails, die met 4 minuten tussentijd zijn verstuurd. 518 more words


Reham Khan used to check Imran’s messages and E-mails

There have been many rumors revolving about Imran Khan and Reham Khan after their divorce.

According to details, another rumor which has hit social media is that Reham Khan used to check Khan’s personal messages and Emails late at night when PTI chairman was sleeping. 59 more words


Democrat DOJ declines to prosecute Democrat IRS officials who persecuted conservatives

The latest news on the IRS scandal; the corrupt Department of Justice is refusing to file charges against the corrupt Internal Revenue Service officials who persecuted conservatives. 1,238 more words


What are we doing!?

Read this.

What on earth are we doing!?

Instead of sleeping, we are checking texts and e-mails throughout the night. So we fall asleep in broad daylight because we are sleep-deprived.


... Can't the ObamaCraps stay out of Trouble ?!?! [#Main InJustice]...

.. yes , Main InJustice , again ..

.. it seems that those dummies were far more involved in the IRSGate scandal than anyone ever realized . 91 more words

Personal Opinion

The Benghazi Hearings: E-mails Prove Clinton LIED As To How Four Brave Americans DIED.

Yesterday, Former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, appeared before the House Select Committee on Benghazi, chaired by the inestimable Trey Gowdy.

Yesterday morning, Hillary’s duplicitous nature was clearly revealed, for all the world to see. 1,287 more words