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Happy Bastille Day

Today is Bastille Day in France, and it’s a big deal over there. The holiday celebrates the date in 1789 when French revolutionaries stormed the notorious Bastille prison where political dissidents were being held, which proved a turning point in the civil war that toppled the despotic monarchy of Louis XVI, and July 14 still stirs a feeling of… 1,082 more words


Okay Then, Lock 'Em All Up

President Donald Trump’s most staunch defenders are lately having a hard time defending some recently released e-mails, which show the president’s son and son-in-law and campaign manager readily agreeing to what they clearly understand to be a meeting with a Russian agent working on behalf of the Russian government’s efforts to sway the presidential election in their favor, so they’ve instead gone on offense. 924 more words


Don’t think it is all about junior

Here is an alternate theory regarding juniors E Mail and the Russians.

Daddy Trump attends the G-20 and things are going not too bad until the Putin meeting after which the President became a bit curse did what he had to do then jumped on air force one without so much as have a good day see you again. 130 more words

Another Bad News Cycle for Trump Jr.

There’s still no proof that the campaign of President Donald Trump was involved in the Russian government’s covert efforts to influence the past American presidential election, but it’s no longer possible to deny that at least three of its highest-ranking figures were willing and eager to be. 1,070 more words


But ... his e-mails!

Beating the New York Times to the punch, Donald Trump Jr. posts his e-mails setting up the meeting with a Russian lawyer who, he swears on a copy of “Art of the Deal,” only wanted to talk about adoption, not any damaging information the Russian government might have had on Hillary Clinton, no sir. 27 more words

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New Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) Rules in Effect as of July 1, 2017

If you work in electronic marketing in Canada, you are probably aware of and abide by Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL). If CASL has been relevant to how you carry on business, be advised that July 1, 2017 marks the end of a transition period by which you may have to make some changes to your electronic marketing operations. 366 more words