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The smoking gun: State Department pressured FBI to unclassify Clinton e-mails

The far left Washington Post reports:

FBI official Brian McCauley had been trying for weeks to get his contact at the State Department to approve his request to put two bureau employees back in Baghdad.

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On What Was Thankfully the Final Debate

We tuned into the final presidential debate of this crazy election year loathing both participants, and by the end of it we were loathing both even more, so we’re inclined to call it a draw. 990 more words


How to be omniscient and win - Can't take anymore advice

Following and browsing so many materials about the personal development and research for different interests I’ve got left me drained out struggling with a depression. I didn’t allow myself time to digest and organize my thoughts. 871 more words


2016 U.S. election

A very heated and controversial election between democratic party leader Hillary Clinton and Republican party leader Donald Trump. This is going to be fun to watch as a Canadian.


The Sacred Cow .....KAPUT!

There, before me, I saw a sacred cow drop dead. It is the instinctive reaction to trust the FBI to pursue wrong-doing without passion or prejudice. 81 more words


How Much Can A Presidential Candidate Get Away With?




As the world reacts to the new tape showing Donald Trump making lewd comments about women to a participating Billy Bush and further Clinton e-mails/transcripts released by WikiLeaks, it’s worth thinking about how much the current presidential candidates have gotten away with so far. 682 more words

Donald Trump

Classified Theft vs Clinton's E-mails

Another contractor has deliberately taken classified from NSA (though this time no one successfully absconded to China and Russia). It is also a Booz Allen Hamilton contractor, like… 1,023 more words