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Granny goes Atishoo

Hello All.

I never get colds.
Ok, that is no longer strictly true.
For the last few days I have had head cold from hell. 189 more words


Comey's Firing Is So Damned Complicated

Pretty much all the news these days is reported through the prism of President Donald Trump versus the Democrats, which makes the big story about Trump firing Federal Bureau of Investigation director James Comey pretty damned complicated for just about everyone. 885 more words


James Comey Is a Part of the Reason why America Lost the Election: He's not Done Belittling Hillary

On October 28, 2016, Hillary Clinton was leading comfortably in the polls. The revelation of Trump’s immoral character, and by his own words, his objectification of women, placed any possibility of a win on November 8th in the rear view mirror. 548 more words

Tip #65: Six Ways To Destress rather than Distress About E-mails

Tip #65: Sort out your inbox.

The why: E-mails can be the most stressful part of the day. A constant cry for attention from work, petitions, people trying to sell you things, foreign princes who just need £5,000 because they’ve lost their credit cards. 715 more words

The Point of No Tax Return

President Donald Trump spent an early part of Sunday “tweeting,” as he does most mornings. He wished everyone a Happy Easter, which suited the occasion, and he boasted of a military build-up that is apparently somehow already underway, but mostly he seemed annoyed the previous day’s protests around the country demanding the release of his tax returns. 721 more words


BGA Goes Back To Court To Gain Access To Emanuel’s Private Emails

CHICAGO (CBS) — The massive document dump that saw Mayor Rahm Emanuel release 2,700 of his private emails after trying to conceal them wasn’t enough to satisfy the Better Government Association. 824 more words


Right Wing Hypocrisy Takes Center Stage: FOX Proves its Purpose: Propaganda

The Indianapolis Star reported that Mike Pence used a private e-mail account while the Governor of Indiana. He misused it while communicating secret information, and was hacked. 345 more words