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Matthew 20:24 – WHEN NOT TO PRESS SEND  

Matthew 20:24 – WHEN NOT TO PRESS SEND

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Digital Media in Workplace

Workplace E-mails and Digital Media 

Critics opine that email is outdated and sloppy as it is time-consuming and stress producing. But in contrast, it is the most efficient way which can be used to send formal messages at the workplace, when you know the right way to write an e-mail. 354 more words


After assessing MI5’s files on my father, it’s clear that not all facts are equal

People have always had an exaggerated respect for facts and, thanks to the internet, these are now easily accessible in far greater quantities than ever before… 355 more words


Digital Declutter - March and April!

I know I’m a bit late to the party, posting my March sum-up being we’re in May and all… but here it is anyways 😉 195 more words


Make you feel my love and longing

How do you make someone feel the love you have for them?

In the book and movie “Like Water for Chocolate” the protagonist pours her overflowing passion into her cooking. 509 more words


Student's Guide to Communication | First Contact

There’s a lot of hype about the importance of first impressions. You never get a second chance, etc. etc. To a certain extent, this hype may overemphasize the importance of first impressions. 1,218 more words


Love letters in the loft

After opening Pandora’s box of photos of women in various poses, she started to snoop around his desk top computer at every opportunity. There were many folders labelled with capital letters that seemed cryptic. 753 more words