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Maybe She Is Hiding Something From Bill

With all the furor about Hillary Clinton violating government policy to use her personal e-mail account instead of the official State Department system there is a simple solution to the problem. 270 more words


Shopping Heaven With Asos.com

I had my birthday in March and there was only one webstore that took advantage of it. Kind of disappointed, but good for them. Congratulations… 2,253 more words


Your time at work really isn't your own. Change that.

This is a really good, albeit long, article from Wharton (UPenn) summarizing the different speakers they had at a recent event in SF, and how everyone basically talked about how  567 more words

Fundamental Explainers

Don't Look Now, but Hillary Clinton's E-Mail Scandal Just Got a Whole Lot Worse

I know, I know. You didn’t think it was possible for Hillary Clinton’s e-mail scandal to get any worse. And yet, here we are: 410 more words

Care For Some Ketchup With That Crow?

Okay, let’s be honest here (says the man who writes a quasi-anonymous blog).  Can we please have a show of hands of those who have ever mistakenly sent out an embarrassing e-mail?   1,132 more words

Buckley Carlson

Writing consistencies and Differences

All forms of communication have different functions and utilities. Though, they have two things in common: it is used to communicate a message, and to others our voice or brand. 1,250 more words

CPRL 224

Ha, Ha, Ha. Funny.

Apparently, secret homebrew e-mail accounts that can be hacked, a server in your own house–where it is vulnerable to all manner of dangers–and the frustration of efforts to make the government transparent… 182 more words