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The dirty little secret about communication at work

This isn’t going to be a long or well-thought-out post, so I apologize in advance. It’s just something I was thinking about recently and wanted to articulate; one of my ideas going forward is to actually do a post where I get four or five people from different walks of life (spouse in a marriage, therapist, business leader, blue-collar worker, etc.) and talk to them about communication in their space. 819 more words

Fundamental Explainers

The Speech Hillary Won’t Give

My fellow Americans:

I am going to level with you about the e-mail controversy.

No, really, this time.

There is a kind of personality that finds it hard to admit making a mistake, let alone wrongdoing. 565 more words


How I Conquered My E-mail Inbox

When I first started working in an office setting, I found e-mail incredibly overwhelming. My inbox often got the better of me, and I either ignored it or spent WAY too much time on it, to the point that I wasn’t productive as I could be. 410 more words

It's Personal

How to Write Strong Emails that Your Readers Will Open

By Julia Spence-McCoy

 You know the struggle.

You sit down to craft an email and you spend hours polishing each sentence, removing unneeded words, testing and re-testing subject lines and agonizing over what time of day to send the email out to your followers. 1,498 more words


Palace Intrigue in the Age of E-Mails

The stock market is swooning, new revelations about awful side deals to that awful Iranian nuke deal that would allow the Iranians to choose their own inspectors make it look it all look even more awful, the illegal immigration debate continues to simmer, and other significant news is plentiful, but nothing seemed of particular interest and yesterday was a birthday, so we decided to simply engage in some idle speculation about this e-mail controversy that has been so entertainingly disruptive to Hillary Clinton’s presidential aspirations. 709 more words


ابعتلي ايميل 📝

I was watching this movie the other day and there was a scene during which the main character was all busy sending an email to a friend. 612 more words


Chuck Todd: "We all knew this was coming"

Watch, while Mika Brzezinski proclaims; “if Hillary is the Democratic nominee she will still vote for her,” during a mournful Morning Joe panel discussion of the latest developments in the Hillary Clinton e-mail scandal.