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Are You Different?

I first wanted to have my own business when I was 17.  I worked at a nursery (plants, not babies) in high school and saw myself having a landscaping business. 556 more words

The E-Myth Revisited: An Essential Read for All Would-be Entrepreneurs

I don’t know why I always have some skepticism for the bestseller lists, perhaps it’s my natural penchant for going against the grain, so books that have “More than one million copies sold” on their covers don’t really catch my interest that much.   250 more words

Book Reviews

Four Insights into Small Business Ownership [Book Summary]

Written by Janine Noble | @realjaninenoble

It was actually my brother who introduced me to The E-Myth Revisited by Michael E. Gerber (@MichaelEGerber), and while I may never have had a true… 596 more words


Your Business vs Your Commodity

Working in the wonderful world of marketing for many years has taught me some valuable lessons. I thought I would share one key lesson with you today that has come up in conversation a lot lately. 382 more words


Hiring The Right People, The Right Way

The people in your business have the ability to make or break you.  Hire the right people, be successful.  Hire the wrong people, at best you have to go back and rehire, at worst, you lose business.  327 more words

$100 Challenge

The real "F-Word" in CrossFit and why affiliate owners should be using it daily.


There I just came out and said it…Franchise. The ultimate “F-Word” in CrossFit. The brand that is CrossFit has it’s roots deep into an anti franchise mindset; we know this because there’s no business model to follow and there is no consistency across the affiliates. 651 more words

Work of Art

So my annual Christmas vacation is coming to an end.

Every year I tend to loosely follow the School year calendar when it comes to Christmas vacation. 914 more words