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E. O. Wilson and Spontaneous order

Jump right to the 17:28 mark if you don’t care to spend some quality time with a delightful old man.


“We share with insects the mysterious instinct to build complex societies… Here was a labyrinthine web of underground highways, mini-colonies, gardens, and garbage dumps. 131 more words


I Want To Be E.O. Wilson When I Grow Up

I caught a PBS presentation last night by the name of “Of Ants and Men” It is a documentary on E.O. Wilson and covers his life as a scientist and his personal history. 407 more words

E. O. Wilson--Of Ants and Men

I didn’t know it was coming up, but I was fortunate in turning on the television this evening in time to catch a 2-hour PBS show chronicling the career and scientific and personal thoughts of E. 83 more words


Machu Picchu without the crowds: when only the rare and one-off will do

When you’re George Clooney or Donald Trump you don’t stay at the Holiday Inn. You stay at hotels that provide exclusive fringe benefits, that tell a story or that offer unusual perks. 396 more words

Ideas that add up #190

Wilson argues that multilevel selection – both at the level of individuals and groups – has led to the creation of eusociality in ants and humans. 1,201 more words

Bio Science

Ideas that add up #189

Populations of bacteria live in the spumes of volcanic thermal vents on the ocean floor, multiplying in water above the boiling point. And far beneath Earth’s surface, to a depth of 2 miles (3.2 km) or more, dwell the SLiMES (subsurface lithoautotrophic microbial ecosystems), unique assemblages of bacteria and fungi that occupy pores in the interlocking mineral grains of igneous rock and derive their energy from inorganic chemicals. 193 more words

Bio Science

Ideas that add up #188

Because we evolved in the Palaeolithic, I like to say humanity has Palaeolithic emotions, medieval institutions, and godlike power.

E.O. Wilson, interviewed for The Life Scientific… 348 more words
Darwin's Paradigm