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Salvare la biodiversità, e noi stessi? Metà del pianeta deve diventare una riserva naturale 

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È la soluzione offerta dal biologo E.O Wilson. Affascinante, ma quanto è realizzabile?

Nato nel 1929, statunitense, E.O Wilson è uno dei più grandi biologi viventi. 727 more words


Richard O. Prum's Beauty Challenge

For evolutionary biology, on this platform we have favored E.O. Wilson because of his biophilia ideas (about which, plenty). For ornithology, we have leaned heavily on the… 616 more words


Dr. E.O. Wilson marks Mass. Envirothon 30th year with note of support

Award-winning American biologist, theorist, naturalist and author Dr. Edward Osborne Wilson recently provided the Massachusetts Envirothon with a note of support to mark the program’s 30th year. 78 more words


EuSociality? How linked to altruism of raising children? Pinker fallacy

EuSociality? How linked to altruism of raising children? Pinker fallacy

But first, this comment

John Skybar shared Nassim Nicholas Taleb post

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The Meaning of Human Existence - A Book Review

Few have the merit or authority to title a book as boldly as Edward O. Wilson’s The Meaning of Human Existence. I count this man part of that few, and his execution of answering such a question was unique and mostly effective, save for occasional tangents not wholly relevant to its title. 481 more words


What exactly is a Conservation Biologist?

It is a common misconception that wildlife management and conservationists have completely homogeneous roles. A wildlife management officer typically will be on the ground dealing directly with threats, for example a ranger who patrols a national park in Tanzania, he acts as a deterrent for poachers whose ultimate goal is the murder of elephants and theft of their eye wateringly valuable ivory tusks.   227 more words


February, Sunday feelings, and Monday facts

DAB What’s New February 3, 2017

February lows and highs; Sunday feelings, Monday facts
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February is the nadir of winter as well as the shortest and most variable month, with average snowfalls of 13 inches, highs of 35℉, and lows of 20℉ in Ann Arbor (U.S. 3,942 more words

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