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Two giant tiny civilizations trying to conquer the world beneath our feet.

Nazi ants? I’d never heard that one before. But a friend said it, referring to the long columns raiding her kitchen night after night. Effing Nazi ants, she said. 751 more words

Insects And Other Arthropods

Flying ants

The time is near where we all get bombarded and annoyed by the summer flying ants. But why oh why do they do it? I am hear to answer all the queries and questions you may have now or never.   680 more words


When and Why Nationalism Beats Globalism

Here’s a nuanced and deep analysis on Brexit and extrapolations for a wider phenomenon.

Those who truly want to understand what is happening should carefully consider the complex interplay of globalization, immigration, and changing values.

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Political Philosophy

E.O. Wilson on Biology as Politics, Culture, and Human Nature

One of the most illustrious living scientists, E.O. Wilson, is still active and writing great books well into his ninth decade. In this article I will review two of his most recent works, The Social Conquest of Earth (2012) and The Meaning of Human Existence (2014). 2,366 more words


An Important Question From E.O. Wilson

Thanks to the Guardian for continuing to give a platform where it is most needed with respect to the natural environment:

Could we set aside half the Earth for nature?

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I finished Edward O. Wilson’s Half-Earth: Our Planet’s Fight for Life over the weekend. It starts off so well but the end is rushed and fails to cement his bold proposal into anything but pie-in-the-sky thinking from a crazy old man. 987 more words