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Finally, I'm picking back up on forgiveness

And what prompted this restart was what I found, a little earlier this morning, on the WordPress page Life on Dover Beach. Over the past few years, I have been wandering over there and finding quotes and ideas worthy of musing and even being captured. 333 more words

E.O. Wilson Champions Biodiversity Protection

This week, I had the rare opportunity to meet Professor E.O. Wilson and hear him rally National Park leaders, academic scientists, and conservationists at U.C. Berkeley’s Park Summit… 270 more words

Conservation Trends


“Biodiversity is both a practical necessity and a spiritual underpinning of human existence. All organisms on our planet rely on the complex web of life for physical resources essential to survival: air, water, food, and a healthy environment. 127 more words

Reasons to Research

From personal experience, I can attest to shark diving being a truly incredible experience. And the research that I conducted on the Shark Reef Marine Reserve… 309 more words



I read the other day that experts such as E. O. Wilson, a pre-eminent sociobiologist, believe tribalism may well lead to the downfall of humankind. 234 more words


Edward O. Wilson's Dull Paradise

In all sincerity I have to admit that there is much I admire about the biologist Edward O. Wilson. I can only pray that not only should I live into my 80’s, but still possess the intellectual stamina to write what are at least thought provoking books when I get there. 1,349 more words