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When Edward O. Wilson Has Something To Say In Writing, Reading It Is A Top Priority

Edward O. Wilson invariably focuses our attention on the planet in new and interesting, not to mention critically important, ways. Here he goes again, and the supporting graphics, highly informative maps, alone are worth the read: 920 more words


Stand up straight, it is Charles Darwin's birthday

Happy Birthday, Charles Darwin! I made him this card.

From the outtakes reel:

“You look like a Homo Sapien… And you smell like one, too!” 398 more words

Wilson: The Meaning of Human Existence

Few have the merit or authority to title a book as boldly as Edward O. Wilson’s The Meaning of Human Existence. I count this man part of that few! 562 more words

Book Review

Elizabeth Boakes: Biodiversity isn’t just pretty -- it future-proofs our world

A small boy hauls enthusiastically on his fishing rod. The line flies up and a needle-spined fish strikes him in the eye. Desperate to stay outdoors, he ignores the pain, but his sight deteriorates over the following months. 1,153 more words

Opinion Leaders

Book Review: Consilience - The Unity of Knowledge (E.O. Wilson)

‘Such, I believe, is the source of the Ionian Enchantment: Preferring a search for objective reality over revelations is another way of satisfying religious hunger. It is an endeavor almost as old as civilization and intertwined with traditional religion, but it follows a very different course – a stoic’s creed, an acquired taste, a guidebook to adventure plotted across rough terrain.’

978 more words

TAP # 10 - Genussiness - Violin Yoga and Death

Don’t you dare skip my soulful karaoke session!

Did you see that smug look! I thought I was being scholarly. There’s no such word as Genossischkheit as per my web query.

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Nature's concept of unity

It is a scientific understanding that the total mass of an isolated system like our ‘planet’ Earth is constant since its birth; yet, here we are, from scratch to reading blogs online. 945 more words

Amazon Deforestation