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World-Building vs. Info Dumping

What I’m doing right now (well not right now, but you know that) is to go back through the early chapters of BECOME and try to make sure that the world building comes across to the reader. 200 more words


Love is Complicated

Wow! Here it is February and I haven’t written a blog since the New Year. I’m so sorry. Life has been kind of exciting around here, to the point where I had to move my deadline for “Trapped In Shadow” back to March. 267 more words

Caryn Moya Block

Short Break

I decided that instead of trying to continue grinding through the first draft of WAR OF MAGIC, what I really needed was to take a short break from it–only a week or so–and come back to it fresh. 1,645 more words


Future Projects

While I continue to grind out the first draft of WAR OF MAGIC (and some days it really does feel like grinding), I’m also starting to look ahead to what projects I’ll be taking up after I complete the DUAL MAGICS series. 172 more words



The bigger–and longer–a story gets the more it needs a timeline to help the author keep things straight. At least, I certainly need a timeline. 240 more words


Every First Draft Is Different

Every first draft presents different challenges. And takes its own time.

One memorable first draft (BLOOD WILL TELL) came flowing out in about six weeks. 158 more words


CIR Mid-Winter Sale

Starts today.

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Be sure to click through to find more books (including the first three books of the DUAL MAGIC series) at already low prices. 42 more words