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"Ark City Confidential" - The Challenges of Historical Fiction

You currently know how to make a call and text and surf the internet on your smart phone; where to get a quick bite to eat; how to get cash expediently. 366 more words


First Post of 2017

So, here we are in 2017. Happy New Year to you all! I realised that my last post was a bit miserable when someone called me ‘Scrooge’ in a text, so this is going to be more upbeat, I promise! 469 more words


2017 Writing Goals

Since I was a day late earlier in the week, I suppose I should make up for it by posting a day early.

It’s time to decide on my writing goals for 2017. 337 more words


The Kindle Effect

Consider the metamorphosis of self-publishing. For decades it was dismissed as the desperate refuge of authors rejected by publishing houses, wannabes who paid a fee to a musty vanity press that would dutifully typeset their words and transform them into a few boxes of books that the “writers” could hand out to their friends. 1,121 more words


2016 Goals Results

Time to see how I did against the goals I set for myself last year. (Results are in bold italics.)

  1. WAR OF MAGIC: Complete first draft, revisions, get critiques, revise again, polish, and publish.
  2. 232 more words

Temporarily Derailed

I was making good progress with my writing on BECOME this morning.

And then, after I finished a scene, I paused to go do the grocery shopping–and got a flat tire. 93 more words