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New Series

Now that WAR OF MAGIC is launched into the world,

it’s time to move on to the new series I’ve been working on.

I haven’t settled on a series title yet, but the first book in the series will be BECOME. 267 more words


One More Scene

WAR OF MAGIC releases on Tuesday! Only two more days to get it at the special pre-order price of only $0.99.

So, here’s one more scene to whet your appetite. 1,480 more words


Still Another Scene from War of Magic

As we near release day next Tuesday, here’s another scene from WAR OF MAGIC.

Vatar’s concentration was shattered by an angry shriek. He jerked and his hammer landed a hand span away from where he intended, on an empty part of the anvil instead of where it would help shape the spear point he was working on.

1,099 more words

Another Scene from War of Magic

It’s harder than you might think to find scenes that can stand on their own without much context. But here’s another one from WAR OF MAGIC… 1,413 more words


Scene from War of Magic

Here’s another scene from WAR OF MAGIC. This one is from Chapter 3.

As they crossed the market square on the way to the Merchants’ Guildhall, Vatar noticed a different tone to the crowds.

681 more words

Happy Birthday, Mr Dahl.

Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it
Roald Dahl.

It is far beyond my capability to say anything about the man, his life or his work that hasn’t been said already; but the idea of allowing this day to sail past without marking it in some way didn’t sit quite right with me. 444 more words


Print Version Available Plus a Sale.

First, the print version of WAR OF MAGIC is now available. (Yes, while the kindle version is still in pre-order.)

The two versions aren’t linked yet. 101 more words