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The Dead Generals Chronicles is Out

So, I’ve decided to take the plunge into Kindle publishing. My first foray into the world of self/e-publishing is The Dead Generals Chronicles, a brief work of “psuedo-history” that “analyzes” the deaths of fictional generals in fictional conflicts. 40 more words


Patron of the Arts

Hey Everyone,

As we alluded to on our post on Monday, we’ve recently created a Patreon page. For those of you who are unfamiliar – Patreon is sort of like a crowd-funding service for creators of various types; there are journalists, painters, graphic designers, writers, YouTube creators – pretty much anything. 382 more words


The E-Publishing Side

On the cusp of publishing your story/novel/opus? E-publish or self-publish or …?

The questions that come after completion of the major work seem overwhelming, but consider this: it’s the best distraction for a long enough period of time that you can completely push the work out of your head and focus exclusively on something that is so much more and so radically different from the creative side that your mind will clear. 524 more words

The Daily Post

To Outline, or Not to Outline

Happy Tuesday, Folks.

Today we’re going to be talking about the pros and cons of outlining a novel (in our experience, short stories don’t really necessitate outlines because of their brevity, small cast, and limited time frame). 875 more words



Are Books Dead?

This question about the future of reading arises now because of an essay by Scottish fiction writer Ewan Morrison entitled “Are books dead and can authors survive?” 195 more words

Current Events

Author Update: Mar. 2017

I decided to attempt a reboot for Purge and its series.

For the next few months, I will be editing and redesigning Purge (once again), and making it available on Amazon, both for ebook and physical. 131 more words


Jilly: Fantastic Free Resource--Alli Independent Author Fringe

Big thanks to Kay for alerting me to this great resource: the Alliance of Indpendent Authors (Alli) is holding an online conference this weekend to tie in with the London Book Fair. 178 more words

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