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last day of the how to, write

Finally the big day arrives, launch day and you need to drum up lots of social media, you need your family, your friends, your work colleagues to all buy it at around the same time – 627 more words

New Book

Magic and Vatar, Part Two

Continuing the blog posts about the magic of the world of the DUAL MAGICS series and how it affects the main character, Vatar.

The last post was about his inherited magic. 309 more words


E-Day for “Close to the Edge – Tales from the Holderness Coast”

Tomorrow the Kindle version of my history/travel book becomes available on Amazon. The Paperback is already out and some lovely people have bought it – more than I anticipated since I don’t really get into the marketing swing until 10 August when I’m back in the UK. 525 more words

Local History

Hey Amazon! Let's make something NEW!

E-publishing will kill REAL books!

Real books will never die!

The arguments have been raging about e-books since they first became a thing, way back in 19-I-can’t-be-bothered-to-look-it-up. 943 more words


The Grubs' Journey So Far

It’s been quite a journey since deciding to have a go at publishing a children’s book series all those years ago. With this blog, we will be going into a lot more detail about our past and present experiences in writing, illustrating and producing this series. 181 more words

Children's Books

The Magic of the World of the DUAL MAGICS series

Rather than just do another boring update on the status of revisions to BEYOND THE PROPHECY, I thought I’d blog about the magic system, instead. 470 more words



So, last time I blogged about the last sticky revisions to BEYOND THE PROPHECY. The ones I left until last because I needed to think about them more. 341 more words