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BADPOET; Arbitrary

BADPOET is a project I started playing around with about a year ago now, the basic idea is, that while I have the utmost respect for poetry as a medium and even more so for the practitioners that can use it to express themselves, I am and always have been a pretty bad poet. 117 more words


About me: if only this were the least of my worries

I’m sitting on my novel–oh, my aching ass.

I have been considering e-publishing through Smashwords on and off again for the past four months. My beautiful and talented friend designed the cover art for… 113 more words


Finish Line

And WAR OF MAGIC is now available for preorder.

The special preorder price of $0.99 won’t last past the release date of September 27.

Now, it’s on to completing the polishing edit. 44 more words


The 5 Top Reasons Why Self-Publishing Is Good for the Author

To many authors, getting a deal from a publisher sounds like a dream come true. For others, however, self-publishing is much more appealing. Here are 5 reasons why: 344 more words


New Chapter

I am now nine chapters from the end of this round of revisions on WAR OF MAGIC.

Unfortunately, this is a new chapter. Maybe. I’m not real happy with it so far. 126 more words


the man who could not smile (iii)

The third and final installment of the man who could not smile, then, in which our hero listens to the news and unexpectedly meets a young lady. 906 more words


Round 1.5 Revisions Complete

And about half way through the clean-up round of revisions on WAR OF MAGIC.

So things are moving forward. Looks like probably September after all, though probably mid- to late September. 37 more words