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Free chapters in return for feedback-if you like it you can e-mail for more!

If I am going down the publishing route I want to make sure I have things right!

I will happily provide free chapters to anyone who wants to give me an honest opinion. 102 more words

Jeanne: To KU or Not to KU?

Years ago, when I started journalism classes at Indiana University, our professor told us this joke as a metaphor for interviews:

A tourist asks a professional gambler if there’s a roulette wheel in town. 861 more words


Justine: Protecting Your Work Before You Copyright It

This past Friday, I attended a free webinar by the folks who do Masterclass (I had previously taken James Patterson’s class on writing and Aaron Sorkin’s class on screenwriting). 915 more words

Eight Ladies Writing

How to create ebooks with Pages on Mac

”Creating an excellent ebook on your Mac — without being locked into sharing it only through the iBooks Store – is now almost as simple as exporting a file,” Nathan Alderman writes for iMore. 232 more words


Nancy: Big Reveal: Novel 1 Cover Copy

 Many, many months ago, I shared my cover blurb (aka the 150-word pitch) of my Victorian Romance series kickoff novella and got some great feedback. Since then, I’ve worked on the cover blurb for novel 1 of the series. 458 more words

Nancy Hunter

Becoming A.L.L. Edwards

Andrea I have progressed from publishing e-books to preparing our first paperback publication and now we see how clunky our names look on the cover. 259 more words


Jeanne: What's in a Blurb?

As I mentioned in last week’s progress report, I hired the inimitable Kat Sheridan to write back cover copy for The Demon Always Wins. 

Although it’s possible to write your own cover copy, and many writers do, I find it difficult to get the proper distance from my work to do that well. 385 more words