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Real Book and E-reader

As a reader of both and as a supporter of both. I thought I would go over the pros and cons, and what my personal experience with each of them has been. 607 more words


Goodbye my dear Kindle.

The Travelling Pixie appreciating what Life brings me.

Goodbye my dear Kindle.

On 20 March 2015 my best friend left me – my Kindle 2. Through the window to your soul, I saw the life flicker out of you as the light in your eyes drained away.

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Feature Article

This stunning shoes are made out of E-Ink displays - that can change colors or patterns "real-time"

Amazon seems successfully present the e-ink based display device to the whole world – the Kindle e-readers. Today, one company seems will bring the new type of flexible e-paper display to a completely fresh field, with pair of amazing heels. 268 more words


REVIEWED: Bookeen Cybook Muse FrontLight e-reader

Able to re-flow complex PDFs and great for simply reading a book, this cut-price and ultra-light EInk screen has a month-long battery 519 more words


Advantages of e-reader's

It’s time for all of us to think about a bright future. Let all of us start putting our action for this towards the education of our children. 446 more words


Hard Back or E-book?

I’m going to make this very clear: I don’t care. To me, reading is reading and that is what is important. Whether you read off a screen or paper you are still accessing the content. 399 more words


Kindle vs. Book

Today, I present to you, the ultimate showdown. Fists have been flying since November 19th 2007…and no victor is in sight. Today, we’ll let you decide for yourselves…welcome, to the Bookish Battle Station! 420 more words