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Discussion: Do You Re-Read Your Books?

In all my years of being a reader (which is as far back as I can remember), I have only ever re-read two books. Those books were Night and Nineteen Minutes. 485 more words


Feeling crafty -- made an iPad stand!

Hello all!

It’s birthday season again, which means my mind turns inevitably to creating gifts for people, and counting out the days that I can feasibly make something. 241 more words


Mobile phones least likely to be shared; tablets most likely

Of all connected devices, mobile phones are the least likely to be shared, while are the most likely, according to GlobalWebIndex’s study on digital device usership in 2014. 202 more words

Did Amazon axe its hardware division over the dismal sale of the Fire Phone?

It isn’t yet clear yet as to whether Amazon will discontinue the sale of its Fire phone. What is clear though is that its secretive lab is cooking up some rather cool technologies for us to play with, sometime in the near future. 371 more words

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It's happening again

Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea after all. Why did I think another move would make any difference? I haven’t slept in weeks. I can barely think straight. 26 more words


Ugly is as Ugly Reads: In Defense of E-Readers

The tweet hit like a swat to the cheek.

“Reading books instead of Kindles can improve your memory, concentration, and good looks.”

And the source of this stunning wisdom? 1,100 more words


Science Says, Suck It, E-readers!

I just read an article about how reading an actual, physical book will turn you into a smarty-smarty pants. This makes me giddy as fuck. … 271 more words