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REVIEWED: Kobo Aura H2O Edition 2

It’s bigger than a Kindle and it’s waterproof, but this super-slim eReader’s killer app is its abilities with ‘save for later articles from around the web 603 more words


2017 Reading List: vol. 7

I’m so invested in the lives of the characters from the Throne of Glass series that I couldn’t wait until September for the next book to come out. 548 more words


Read tons of new books--cheap

Did you know that you can get thousands of books to read for free? No, I’m not talking about the library. I’m talking about the Kindle. 377 more words

My twenty second birthday gifts

I turned twenty two on the first day of May, yay! Today I’m going to share with you which (bookish) gifts I got for my birthday. 284 more words


Not everyone desires all forms of technological advancement

Technology, it has made our modern world what it is today. From the days when we no longer needed the horse and cart to the earliest mobile phone, Technology has shaped our modern world to a point where it would be very hard to live without any form of technological enhancement. 438 more words

Kobo’s Aura H2O gets an upgrade, but waterproofing is still its standout feature

Kobo doesn’t upgrade its products much, because, let’s face it, the e-reader market isn’t what it once was — and what’s left of it is still dominated by Amazon. 493 more words


Reading the CIR Handbook

So, I have been reading the 国際交流員ハンドブック2016 on my e-reader recently. It has a total of 140 pages, and everything is in Japanese. I find so many new 語彙s on every page that it is extremely useful as a 勉強道具, though seriously most of the time I don’t even know what I’m reading. 36 more words