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Love to read but refusing to get bi-focals

This is the part about being a 46 year old that loves to read. I have needed vision correction for distance since I turned 16 and first tried to drive at night. 311 more words

E-readers, no thank you!

The E-reader, a device that’s been hated by many booklovers and storyreaders. I can imagen why.. More electronical devices in your life, books should be made out of paper, not out of batteries and other electronical parts. 873 more words



You have


The fire to learn

In me.

Enticed by

The ever expanding

Flames of knowledge

In your repertoire,

I seek you out

Again and again… 9 more words


Book Review: Wild Seed

She knew some people were masters and some were slaves. That was the way it had always been.

Wild Seed, by Octavia Butler

A long time ago, I was uninterested in sci-fi as a genre, especially those works that describe in detail alien planets and yet nonexistent technologies. 581 more words


7 Things You Should Definitely Know About Amazon

Bloomberg Businessweek recently published an uber insightful article on Amazon that was expertly reported by Devin Leonard and is chockful of interesting tidbits about the eCom giant’s strategic direction—then, now and into the future. 546 more words


Verdict On The Kindle

Many of my friends assume I will be dead against the e-reader. Understandable given the fact that every room in my house is full of piles of books. 1,344 more words

Reading Is Fundamental & Free on the New York Subway

“On Sunday, Subway Reads started delivering novellas, short stories or excerpts from full-length books to passengers’ cellphones or tablets.

The idea is for riders to download a short story or a chapter and read it on the train. 49 more words

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