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A Good Writer is a Good Reader

Being a good writer means you are a good reader. You have to be able to read to write. Reading opens doors, horizons and develops the mind. 426 more words

Fashion And Style Police

Why You Want an E-Reader

We live in an age where we have the privilege of debating over the use of e-readers or traditional books. In the interest of full disclosure, 716 more words

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A Loophole for Lines for New Books

If there’s one thing I beat into the ground around here, other than too-specific Simpsons references, it’s that libraries are muy bueno and you should use them to get free stuff. 513 more words

Benbrook Library

Why Kindles? A Guide for J Schoolers

Whenever we visit Thompson with armfuls of books, hordes of candy, and a dash of moxie, we librarians are also often spotted waving around bags of kindles. 330 more words


Ode to the Library

Ode to the library

Whereas a child I often tarried

Through dust stacks

Magazine racks

And card catalogues

Till my head was in a fog… 62 more words

Bookish Confessions: In Defense of E-Readers

Hey everyone. It’s me again, here to confess something else. I. Love. E-Readers.

I know that in the Reading Community there’s a divide between whether e-readers are good or bad. 547 more words


You don't need a Kindle or a Kobo to be able to read Kindle or Kobo e-books

Little known fact: you don’t actually need to actually own a Kindle or Kobo to be able to read e-books for Kindle or Kobo.

You can download a Kindle or Kobo app for your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. 307 more words