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Want to Save Money on Books? Use the OverDrive App

For the last two years, I have done most of my reading on my Kindle Fire. You can read about how much I love my Kindle Fire… 315 more words

Update on my Kindle

I’ve had a few people ask about the status of my Kindle after my post last week. Thanks, by the way, it warms the cockles of my heart to know you all care :) 230 more words


Oh no!

I think my Kindle has died. I tried turning it on yesterday to no avail — charged it for a while, tried turning it on both while on the charger and off — nothing happened. 28 more words


Pat's Love for Books

I have always loved books. They teach me, they spare me from boredom, they send me into other lives and other universes. But hey, books aren’t just for reading on paper anymore.  589 more words

Smart Panel Insider

Mobile Technology Bringing Books and Literacy Instruction to Developing Nations

It is no secret that access to books is the key to literacy. Here, in Canada, we are spoiled with choice. We can visit libraries of all sorts (classroom libraries, school libraries, public libraries), buy our own books at bookstores, and freely access e-books and other reading materials online. 757 more words

The Kindle Paperwhite: 6 Months Update

I know there is a divide with people on the subject of ereaders.  For the longest time I was camp Real Books.  I’ve matured since then and now see that ereaders are just a helpful tool to the bookish. 552 more words


Five Reasons I Love My E-Readers

As an inveterate book sniffer and hoarder of musty paperbacks, I was always skeptical about e-readers—that is, until I got my first one three years ago. 923 more words

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