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Cultivating Curiosity

E1 – Exemplify professionally-informed, growth-centered practice.

Richardson (2012) closes his book with a six-point action plan for teachers in the beginning process of “unlearning/relearning” how we do school (location 377). 534 more words


The Price of Literature (A Rant)

I keep tripping over this question about the price of e-books. I stumble over it in blog posts, it sneaks up behind me and shouts BOO during podcasts, and I’m pretty sure it stole my popcorn at the movie theater last night. 1,042 more words


Why I "Downgraded" My E-Reader

GASP! A librarian that reads e-books?! I know, I know… we’re all supposedly too attached to bound pages, letterpress printing, and dust to ever pick up anything different. 562 more words


downsizing book collections: 7

One option, when space is an issue, is to completely discard the physical book collection and buy an e-reader. This option doesn’t work for everyone though. 245 more words

Downsizing And De-cluttering

E-Gads, Part II

I was at the gym the other day, walking fast on the treadmill and totally absorbed in I am Pilgrim (a book I will review at a later date). 660 more words


E-Gads, Part I

When Bill and I took our three month tour of Europe back in 2008, one of my biggest concerns was just how I was going to have access to books for the entire trip. 582 more words