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The 8 Things We Love About Real Books AND E-Readers

This is an argument for the ages. Literally, it will go on for ages, because we just can’t stop fighting about it. Which is better: real books or e-readers? 1,162 more words


The Best e-Book Readers To Buy Now

E-readers aren’t just another tablet or phone to read a book on. For starters, their screens are designed for extended reading, resisting the glare of sunlight and leading to less eye strain. 295 more words


The Case for E-Readers

Many years ago, when the first Kindle hit the market, I was horrified. Read books off a screen? Gross. About 2-3 years later, my grandma bought one for my sister. 886 more words


Bookshops vs. The Internet: Is This the Reality?

I miss the independent bookshops in my town. We had two good ones but they folded and went under a number of years ago now; maybe a decade or even more. 580 more words


Books vs. E-books: An internal debate

Today I will be weighing in on (what I consider to be) the biggest rivalry in modern literature: books vs. e-books.

When the Amazon Kindle first became popular, I was all over it. 398 more words


Nookers Shame Kindlers

It happened before: it’s happening again. The owners of this brand of e-reader…

…kindly buy my e-books.

The owners of this brand of e-reader…

…take the free giveaways. 25 more words


Library Times

Library Times

Bibliophilia was contracted amongst the stacks–
between the covers,
both soft & hard,
some covered in dusty, peeling plastic.
Some sheets were glossy, 90 more words