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Generation Gap -- Redux

I am on yet another business trip today and tomorrow, so I decided, since I really won’t have time to write a new post today, to recycle this one from August of 2009. 520 more words


Digital vs Print: The Survival of the Bookstore

Going back long before we were born, the printing press killed the scribe. Will digital books kill the printing press?

This is a question that’s been circulating the book industry for quite some time sparking heated debates between those who think it will, and those who believe it won’t. 514 more words


The Achievers reading more ...thanks to e-library

People always ask precisely what we do every evening at Achievers. Well, every evening, over 60 girls troop into the center to participate in discussion sessions, public speaking seminars, writing workshops,  poetry and arts, tech workshops, or simply to read a book on one of the 25 e-readers (100 titles each) we are opportune to have through a partnership with… 108 more words

Public Schools vs. Private Schools

 Thanks for reading the first part of the Blog.In the first part of the blog, we understood the difference between public and private schools in various categories. 390 more words


Book Formats

For a long time, it was paper books for me all the way, more specifically paperbacks.

They were quite portable – I easily put one in my handbag and read pretty much everywhere; generally speaking, never strained my eyes, as long as there was enough light; I loved the feel of the pages and even the smell; I memorized the narrative pretty well and, even though I could not remember which page or chapter I saw something, I could remember which place on the page, and whether it was the left or right page. 483 more words


From Guest Blogger Izabela: Environmentally, Why It's Time to Make a Switch to E-Reading

E-reading is gradually becoming more popular in today’s society, with some reading enthusiasts preferring an e-book reader to their conventional book collection. E-reading is much more environmentally friendly, with many other benefits too, and it is because of this that e-reading is more prevalent than ever before. 587 more words