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Bookshops vs. The Internet: Is This the Reality?

I miss the independent bookshops in my town. We had two good ones but they folded and went under a number of years ago now; maybe a decade or even more. 580 more words


Books vs. E-books: An internal debate

Today I will be weighing in on (what I consider to be) the biggest rivalry in modern literature: books vs. e-books.

When the Amazon Kindle first became popular, I was all over it. 398 more words


Nookers Shame Kindlers

It happened before: it’s happening again. The owners of this brand of e-reader…

…kindly buy my e-books.

The owners of this brand of e-reader…

…take the free giveaways. 25 more words


Library Times

Library Times

Bibliophilia was contracted amongst the stacks–
between the covers,
both soft & hard,
some covered in dusty, peeling plastic.
Some sheets were glossy, 90 more words

7 ways to achieve your 2018 reading goal

The new year is upon us, and for bibliophiles and casual readers alike, adding more books to your yearly repertoire can be high up on your list of resolutions. 952 more words


Pick Your Platform: Paper, E-Reader, or Audiobook?

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Printed Books: Have you ever walked into a second-hand bookstore, stood in the open foyer to shake the rain off of your umbrella, and drawn in a long, deep breath through your nose? 931 more words


Adventures, by proxy

I am a reader. I cannot ever remember not loving to read. It was, and still is, my favorite thing to do!

My taste have evolved over the years from adventure, chick-lit, sci-fi, fantasy and light romance. 289 more words