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The Environmental Impact of Reading

As an avid reader, I’ve been trying to figure out how to be a more socially conscious and environmentally friendly consumer. In my city, Auntie’s Bookstore holds poetry slams and other events that contribute to a thriving culture, so I have been buying books to support them. 447 more words


Donde Esta La Biblioteca?

As you may or may not know, I’ve recently started checking books out of the library again. And since it’s National Library Week, I figured I would tell you why. 416 more words


How To Read an E-book

Hello World

Since the books I read are all digital copies, I thought I could talk about the various ways to read e-books, and about a few of the most popular e-reader brands. 1,559 more words

The countrywise similar education system in India

India is a country, where kids are treated as a “gift from God” and their education is a MUST. Kids start going to school at the age of 3-years-old and  462 more words


Kobo and the art of imitating books

While it’s both cliché and unseemly to wax poetic about a glued together sheaf of inked tree pulp, sometimes clichés ring true because they are. Even if I do the bulk of my reading on my phone (magazine and newspaper articles, blogs and, if we’re being both honest and generous, tweets), the codex strikes me nonetheless as the ideal technology for taking in a book. 718 more words


Trends in the Magazine Industry

It’s 2am and my brain won’t shut up. Perhaps I’ll use this time to research the magazine industry, it’s current trends, and tips on publishing. Hopefully this will put my mind at ease and I get back to sleep. 522 more words