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Why Kindle Fire is Coolest for Readers

I’ve had my Kindle Fire 7 for several years and it never fails to help me get the books I need for reviews or just for fun.  157 more words


Kindles are Great, Buy One Buy One Buy One!!!

I feel I must start this post by stating that I am not an employee of Amazon and have no affiliation with the company at all. 1,596 more words


6 Things You Need to Know Before Buying Your Child an E-reader

So you have a bookworm at home. The kind that reads two books a day and has got into the habit of leaving a dent in your wallet. 608 more words

Book Clubs

Print Books vs. E-books: 8 Benefits of Using an E-reader

When I watched the first episode of Game of Thrones back in 2011, I was instantly hooked. It had all the elements I loved in a TV show: fantasy, adventure, excitement, intrigue, romance. 1,045 more words


Physical books or e-readers? My thoughts!

Afternoon guy’s

Physical books or E-readers that is the question?!

I have to say for me personally I’m kind of sitting on the fence on this one! 653 more words

A long story about why I love my Kindle

It’s finally summer. The days of semi-decent English weather, inevitable penalty shoot-out disappointment, and people photographing stacks of holiday reading and putting the pictures on social media. 2,165 more words

Out With the Old Nooks, In With the New

As a fragile human, you’re surely well aware that the ravages of time cannot be escaped. I say this not to bum you out with a reminder of your own mortality, but to point out that technology is also subject to Father Time’s slow, steady march toward the grave (see, everyone and everything’s gonna die, don’t you feel better?). 261 more words

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