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Electronic waste recycling components in California

E-Waste is the waste of electronics or electrical goods that have reached end of life. Electronic products often contain hazardous and toxic elements and should not be dumped with other wastes. 392 more words

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Serious health threat of old mobile phones

What many people do now know is that keeping not used SIM-based phones and   accessories at home or getting rid of them incorrectly is dangerous to their health as well as their surroundings. 476 more words

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Time to Dispose of E-Waste

The League supports S-981 and A-2375, regarding so-called “e-waste.”   Specifically, this legislation would require each manufacturer of “covered electronic devices” to provide for the collection, transportation, and recycling of its market share in weight of all covered electronic devices collected in a program year.   218 more words

Correctly Disposing Batteries Is Easier Than We Think!

Can you think of any household waste containing toxic chemicals which are detrimental to human health and the environment when improperly disposed? E-waste is a common source of such chemicals when disposed improperly, and batteries perhaps form the largest component of this waste. 564 more words

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There's Nothing Scarier Than Hazardous Waste! Recycle Right This Halloween

This Halloween season, you may have seen toxic waste barrels on display as scary decorations or hazmat suits on sale as costumes. The truth is, … 433 more words

Apple’s recycling robot wants your old iPhone. Don’t give it to him.

Apple wants to recycle your old iPhone so badly that it built a robot to do the job.

The company introduced Liam to the world earlier this year in a slick promotional video. 1,423 more words

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E-waste: Donate, or not, Recycle

In today’s digital age, people who live in urban areas at least hold two electronic devices on hand( i.e. your smartphone, laptop/iPad  and television/computer at home, etc.). 472 more words

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