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“India, which has emerged as the world’s second largest mobile market, is also the fifth largest producer of e-waste, a study says” this line from The Hindu … made me worried for a while. 1,638 more words


OM in the News: America's Electronics Trash--and Mexico

On the street here, in Renovación, a neighborhood in Mexico City, Jesus Gómez watches as 8 men and a woman sit in a circle under an intense sun, breaking two huge sacks of spent Motorola cable-TV boxes apart with hammers and chisels. 329 more words

OM In The News

Toxfree’s innovative solution to Australia’s e-waste problem

Recycling your e-waste is just as important as recycling any other waste material. Toxfree is a true end-of-life recycler of electronic waste. Our business model, technologies and processes ensure that maximum e-waste recycling and recovery processing takes place in Australia and that we do not export the problem. 374 more words

You'll Never Believe Where Your Old Computer Could End Up After You Hand It In for Recycling

Roughly 20 km away from Hong Kong’s slick, densely packed urban center lies the New Territories — a suburban mishmash of rugged hills and scruffy villages, soaring new housing developments and vacant lots. 1,311 more words

E-Waste: A Looming Crisis!

Pune has now become one of leading generators of E-waste in India and it’s management requires an utmost priority 

The progress in science and technology has improved our lives in many ways and electronic sector has dominated our daily routine since few decades. 1,306 more words

How a Legal Storm Brewed Over E-Scrap in Tennessee

Anyone doing business with public agencies knows that government can be, to say the least, fickle and unpredictable. At times, sad to say not often, an individual or department delivers timely consideration and, for better or worse, a reasoned decision. 1,170 more words


The Cell Phone: Built to Last

If you are a New Yorker, you may realize Mayor de Blasio posted many exciting progresses during this past Climate Week and the UN General Assembly on his Instagram account. 599 more words