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03. THIRD WEEK – 05TH JUNE 2015

E-WASTE | Rare Earth Recycling – 5th July 2015

The latest news concerning Rare Earth Recycling Industry

A critical factor in the availability of rare earth elements is recycling. 365 more words

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02. SECOND WEEK - 28TH JUNE 2015

E-WASTE | China’s electronics recycling – 28th June 2015

China’s electronics recycling achieves significant growth

BEIJING: The recent report published by China Business News suggests that electronics waste recycling sector has made significant progress in the country as a result of the e-waste policy introduced by the Chinese administration in 2011. 643 more words

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EPA Report Shows Progress on E-Recycling

  J. Daniel Samples

Yesterday, EPA released the Advancing Sustainable Materials Management (SMM) Facts and Figures report showing positive momentum in national electronic recycling. Consumer electronic recycling increased from 30.6 percent to 40.4 percent in the first year of the SMM Electronics Challenge, which promotes the responsible donation and recycling of electronics. 116 more words

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It would be very sad, because we’re of the generation that actually had a chance to have an engineering impact for future generations. Cheap agricultural production is gonna collapse, and there’s gonna be an expansion of people who are denied their basic human rights. 695 more words

Climate Anxiety Counseling

Criminal Negligence?

By Josh Lepawsky, Joshua Goldstein, and Yvan Schulz

On 12 May 2015 the United Nations Environmental Program announced the release of a new report called… 4,924 more words


E-waste that disappears when heated.

This is some great problem solving. E waste that can be recycled easily with heat. I’d love to see the same thing for the cheap plastic junk we buy from the Big Box stores. 15 more words

Getting It Right

My Manifesto (Still A Work in Progress)

It’s unfair that other wackos should do their manifesto and gain infamy without me getting in my five cents worth so here goes.

We need more people like Zendaya in this world: confident, intelligent and talented young Black women taking the world by storm. 919 more words