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Why should you consider recycling your old personal computer

During the holidays, thousands of people would be unwrapping brand-new computers, leaving the old ones discarded and gather dust, or even worst, head to the garbage. 488 more words


I'm Sorry Sir, You're Obsolete

Is the rate of obsolescence proportionate to the rate of technology advances?

A few years ago, those little iHome alarm clocks started to appear in hotel rooms. 658 more words


An affair with technology

Lusty affair with technology

I had many arguments with my friends ever since I bought a smart phone and I am being ridiculed every day for the choice I made. 563 more words


Apple's Clean Designs Come at a Not-So-Clean Price in New Film

“Some guy called one day and asked a bunch of questions. Like, who were the workers and which factories. Of course, I didn’t feel comfortable answering,” Williams told the Observer, during an interview in her Manhattan office. 1,466 more words


Product Ecology: Obsolescence & e-Waste

Lecture Week 2 4/8/16 by Dr. Miles Park (UNSW)

Let’s consider why household products go to waste.

Ephemerial products – the durability and rate at which we change our products is critical to environmental impact. 556 more words


Spot the Batteries

This week my Garbology 101 students began to learn about e-waste. We did a little exercise which asked them to colour in all the objects on the page that require batteries to operate. 153 more words