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e - waste or Electronic Waste In Bangladesh.

e – waste, or Electronic Waste In Bangladesh.

Bangladesh has produced roughly 2.8 billion metric tons of e-waste.

Most of this waste is dumped in open landfills, arable lands, and on riverbeds, thus exposing hundreds and thousands of people to life-threatening diseases. 60 more words

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Do E-waste really get recycled?

Some of us may have taken part in some sort of electronics recycling programs, in which we drop some unwanted electronic devices wishing they would get reused again. 246 more words

A Reflection On Autoethnographic E-waste Musings

A couple of weeks ago I shared an autoethnographic post that detailed my initial thoughts and assumptions on the matter of e-waste. Since then I have given considerable thought to the topic and conducted some introductory research to help me better understand issues relating to e-waste. 976 more words


Best of the week, September 11-18, 2016

HARD to believe, perhaps, but there is actually more going on in the world than the stupidity that saturates the front pages of newspapers and the first 10 minutes of the nightly news. 152 more words

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Recycle your old mobile phones and batteries

Each year, more than 8,000 tonnes of batteries end up in Australian landfills, and an estimated 16 million out-of-service mobile phones are lying around homes and offices across Australia. 150 more words

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Planned obsolescence comes for the headphone jack

Surprises are overrated. Well, probably not really, but such a shrugging sentiment seems warranted when it comes to the glitzy launch “events” held by tech companies. 1,405 more words