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Strange Election Candidates And Winners!

Ok, so it’s the General Election in the UK this week.

Although the campaign has officially been a month long, they’ve been talking about it for the last 2 or 3 months and I for one was totally fed up after the first couple of days. 126 more words

Duke The Dog

Lake Weekend 2k15

Our favorite weird but fun Jewish fraternity hosted a lake weekend and I was lucky enough to be invited. We rolled up to a LEGIT children’s summer camp, equipped with a ropes course, cafeteria, basketball court, BLOB, bunk beds- now add in 100 or so obliterated and stoned college kids running around. 827 more words


The sizzle into summer

My somewhat satisfying sophomore year is about to end with a slow, sad, sizzle. Hard finals and hard goodbyes with not one goodbye involving a boy. 336 more words


Ex Machina (2015)

*Major Spoilers Below*

When Her came out, I was pretty adamant that the film wasn’t really at all about technology or AI or isolating effects thereof. 594 more words


We'll never be royals

This is my latest guilty pleasure.

E! has made a show outside the reality show genre and I’m hooked. I blame it on its marketing for flooding my twitter timeline and now my curiosity got the best of me. 222 more words


Post 12

As my graduation grows closer and closer, I’m beginning to become more and more agitated towards the individuals around me. Yet, it’s not nessasarily their personalities that agitate me, it’s more so their actions. 81 more words