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Superfeet Copper DMP Premium Insoles,Copper,E: 10.5 - 12 US Womens/9.5 - 11 US Mens

FEATURES of the Superfeet Men?s Copper Insoles ? Low to Medium Arch Structured heel cup maximizes natural shock absorption thanks to the way it encapsulates and positions the soft tissue under the heel The rearfoot support towards the back of your arch and the front of your heel is the Superfeet shape stabilizing the rearfoot, providing all day comfort even after the most active of days Bottom stabilizer cap acts of the base of the insole that supports the rear foot and provides structure and stability to the foam layer Naturally molds to your unique foot shape through daily wear, thanks to the pressure-sensitive memory foam The insole has a super accommodating heel cup that positions the heel to absorb impact naturally and comfortably The Copper insoles offer the most flexible and accommodating shape and support to keep your feet happy The biomechanical shape remains intact for support and stabilization while reducing stress on ankles, feet, and knees. 142 more words

It’s been a long time I didn’t leave any post here. So… today, I gonna talk about what I did and where I went in these days. 282 more words


Huggies Pull Ups Training Pants

Hey all thought I would just post a review on a product I am digging at the moment. I have not used it personally but from the response I got from my friend after she tested it on her little one, I believe it is a winner. 105 more words


Bulletin Board

A new ministry has started. They counter the many false teachers and teachings that are growing rapidly all across, TN,FL,PA,NY,IL,GA,SC,MD, etc.

This is a live call for any interested persons. 148 more words

My Sunday Photo: Lighthouse Memories

My sister’s painting of the Umhlanga lighthouse, which she did for my birthday a few of years ago,  has survived the trip over from South Africa, and it’s so nice to see it again. 55 more words