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Microsoft Office 365 StaffHub

StaffHub is a new addition to Office365 and is aimed at making it easier and smoother for frontline workers in industries such as retail, hotels, food service to manage their days, rotas and schedules. 185 more words


Europe N to S: 200 Days (1/5/17)

Today’s Miles: 29.9
Total Miles: 3,575.2

Near Recetto, Italy – January 5, 2017

A leaning metal pole holds up a stack of signs pointing in different directions. 753 more words


Europe N to S: Gotthard Pass (12/23/16)

Today’s Miles: 13.7
Total Miles: 3,426.7

Airolo, Switzerland – December 23, 2016

A blue sky stretches above us as if clouds never existed. The sun glows, almost hot in the cold morning air. 952 more words


Europe N to S: Trail Family (12/15/16)

Today’s Miles: 17.7
Total Miles: 3,289.5

Near Happingen, Germany – December 15, 2016

Moni led me through the streets of Freiburg toward the old cathedral. Small waterways, almost like gutters, flowed down the streets. 552 more words


Europe N to S: Mist and Memories (12/11/16)

Today’s Miles: 17.9

Total Miles: 3,249.8

Doldenbühl – December 11, 2016

The sky promises rain. It smells like it, thick and heavy, enough that I go from disbelief to acceptance in a few quick thoughts. 645 more words


Europe N to S: Approaching this Castle (12/10/16)

Today’s Miles: 18.1

Total Miles: 3,231.9

Near Triberg, Germany – December 10, 2016

I stopped to look at a sign and an old man with a walker stopped too. 358 more words