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Max and more gold/orange lipstick ❤️

Is this ‘the’ budget lipstick?

Hi, as you know I’m looking for a perfect glossy shimmer budgetlipstick . I went to the action in Amsterdam and there I found this lipstick for less than €1 I wanted to try it, so I did 😜 102 more words


Lil Cray (@Crayflame) 3 Million listens on single "Kyrie Irving" will be in St.Louis Feb. 11


A Cleveland rapper who blends the trappy sounds of the South and Midwest, Lil Cray born in  1997 was just 17 years old when his “Kyrie Irving” single passed 3 million listens on his soundcloud & began to gain national attention. 109 more words

New Music

Making tracks

The management (!) have laid new tracks through the wood to facilitate the sale of lots further down the hill.  If you look closely at the material used, it contains all sorts: broken brick, crockery, tiles, concrete and scalpings.   9 more words

What Are We Doing In Melick Wood?

Are cell phones the enemy? Module 1 EDTC 6433

ISTE Standard 1: Facilitate and Inspire Student Learning and Creativity

Triggering Question:

How can I help teach my students how to use mobile technology appropriately and use their phones as a research tool in the classroom? 765 more words


E1 PRI configuration

E1 PRI config :

1) Test for voice commands:

Show voice ?

2) Configure the card type for E1 :

config t

card type e1 0 0… 162 more words


Olympus EP-1 Eyecup for E1 Digital SLR Camera

Features a large hood section made of elastic rubber that provides a greater light blocking effect when used either horizontally or vertically. Bayonet-type design makes it easy to attach to the camera, while ensuring that it is difficult to accidentally detach.
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