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Baby Steps: No Means No

Here I state the obvious: Having a daughter is different than having a son. Example: at some point, maybe around two years ago, I realized I had to be careful how I tickled her. 178 more words


E비자 (자주 묻는 질문들 포함)

1957년 11월, 미국과 한국이 우호통상항해조약을 맺으며, 무엇보다도 두 나라간의 투자와 무역을 권장했었습니다.  협약으로 인한 변화들 중, 한가지는 “E비자(상사주재원과 투자자)”라 불리는 새로운 비자 종류의 탄생이였죠.

미국과 사업을 하거나 미국내에서 사업을 하는 한국 기업들은 무역 혹은 투자로 분류되는 두가지 종류의 비자 신청이 가능합니다.  789 more words

비이민비자 Nonimmigrant Visas

Tiny Polka Dot Cards

I’ve decided this school year to focus a bit more on E2’s number sense. I’m looking at a few resources I already have, but I also decided to purchase a set of… 289 more words


September Roses

I read September Roses by Jeaneatte Winter to E2 this morning in memoriam of 9/11. What a wonderful story of the healing power of art and beauty in the face of unspeakable tragedy.


Why care about English?

Motivation is the key to learning. We asked two successful Norwegians about their incentives for learning English. Perhaps their stories can help students reflect on their own experiences and language skills? 834 more words


International English - A visual presentation

A new school year is upon us. This teaching resource helps your students get acquainted with the content and aims of the course International English, using the cover of E2. 40 more words


Hokuriku Shinkansen

Hokuriku Shinkansen Wikipedia

The Hokuriku Shinkansen (北陸新幹線) is a high-speed shinkansen railway line jointly operated by East Japan Railway Company (JR East) and West Japan Railway Company (JR West), connecting Tokyo with Kanazawa in the Hokuriku region of Japan. 88 more words