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Class Fri 4.17

Fastwrite: Summary of Text

  • In a short paragraph (3-5 sentences), describe in a straightforward way the text you’re writing about–as if explaining it to someone who has never seen/read/heard it or hasn’t for a long time.
  • 626 more words

Treatment Plan Through CD10

Last night I began my treatment plan! The nurse from Life IVF Center in Irvine, CA sent me a big email full of results and a plan for the the coming week. 401 more words


Time To Increase The Meds

After stalking my email through the day yesterday I received an email last night with the results from my early morning appointments. Things are looking good so far. 434 more words


p6: Proposal for E2

For p6, put together a brief proposal (a few paragraphs) in which you identify the text and sources you plan to work with for Essay 2. 271 more words


Class Wed 4.15

Metaphor Show and Tell

Things I’ve seen recently around campus:

Fastwrite about your topic
  1. When did you first watch/read/hear this text and what did you initially think about it?
  2. 240 more words

HOPE Standard E2- Internship

E2 – Exemplify collaboration within the school.
Teacher candidates participate collaboratively and professionally in school activities and using appropriate and respectful verbal and written communication. 289 more words

Class Mon 4.13

Text and Metaphor Analysis
  1. Outhouse on The Hunger Games
  2. Hickson on Bosch
    • Move 1: an interpretive thesis (par. 4)
    • Move 2: distinguishing your interpretation from others (3rd-to-last par.)
  3. 140 more words