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BMW E36 Winter Project - Manual Steering Rack, Oil Pan, Valve Cover and Control Arms

With Winter now here, it was time yet again to move the BMW E36 race car into the garage, put it up on jack stands, and attack a few areas that needed attention. 2,159 more words


My BMW E36 Compact

I just happened to have my camera with me a few evenings ago when I went to the supermarket to buy some batteries and got a few photos of my new daily car that I picked up a month or so ago. 134 more words


Racing seat installation in my BMW E36!

Lately, during my autocross runs, I’ve found myself sliding around in my seat during the hard cornering. I’ve had to brace my legs against the door and transmission tunnel. 764 more words


New Racing Tires! Bridgestone Potenza RE-71R's for the BMW E36.

You’ve heard me complain numerous times in my posts and videos about the terrible tires that I’ve been racing on this season. Thanks to a generous gift (let’s call it a sponsorship), I was able to finally get the tires for my BMW E36 that it deserves! 777 more words



This pristine M3 was a gorgeous find situated in back of the bleachers as the owner took a quick break to use the porter potty. I had about a minute and a half to shoot it as I did not want to take up any of his track time. 104 more words


Post Summer Malaise

Hello readers! Apologies for the distinct lack of bloggery by myself over the past 6 weeks. A new job, coupled with some swift, short holiday action has precluded putting virtual pen to paper. 609 more words

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