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Who am I? Why are you Here?

Samuel G. Baluzy is the name given to me by my parents but I generally just go by Sam. I own, operate on, and drive a tired 2.5L inline 6 BMW built in 1997. 463 more words


Event 1, 2018 - That was fast!

Event 1 of 2018 had finally arrived! It was a beautiful dry day (though fairly cloudy) and my BMW E36 was running perfectly. My car has received a lot of upgrades and weight reduction over the winter, as seen in my previous posts, so this was the day to prove that it was all worth it. 801 more words


Real race cars have wings!

My two young sons recently informed me that in order for a car to be a “race car” it needs to have a rear wing. Apparently fast run times at events don’t matter to six year olds. 693 more words


Practice #1 - Setting fast times!

The first chance to get my BMW E36 on track in 2018 has arrived! It’s time to see how all the weight reductions, steering component changes and general winter repairs/upgrades will affect my runs. 632 more words