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Viewer questions. No, I'm not a Formula 1 driver...

Now that I’ve run the BMW E36 at the first event, I thought it would be good to address some viewer questions and comments that I’ve received so far. 771 more words


What You Learn Doing Cars the Hard Way

Personal car ownership is a ridiculous, unsustainable, consumerist 20th century practice. And I have two. Soon to be corrected by ridesharing electric autonomous google busses or the plain old fact that millennials are dirt poor, this doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun in the meantime. 656 more words


The Envious Valentina

Up next, on CARRATZ.

Featuring ‘The Envious Valentina’.

Name: Niishal Kumar

Age: 25

Occupation: Classic Car Restoration & Motorsport Developer

Make: BMW

Model: E36/328i… 277 more words


M Loyalty - Jeff's 318ti

His life-long passion in cars and in art did not materialize until he bought his very first car, a Cinnabar Red E30. The love continued when he got his second BMW, an E30 in a classic Alpine White. 501 more words


Chassis subframe reinforcement

Racing a normal road-going car with stiffer suspension puts more stress onto the chassis than it was originally designed and this can cause cracks to develop near suspension mounting points. 1,129 more words


Get the power down! Swapping in an E36 M3 LSD.

Getting a car’s power to the ground effectively through tight corners is one of the greatest challenges in SCCA Solo autocross (or even racing in general). 1,144 more words


The quest for a solid foundation

The newly installed coil springs and shocks need a solid foundation in order to do their job effectively when out on the autocross course. In the BMW E36 platform this means replacing numerous rubber bushings (that have seen better days after 200k+ miles) with new bushings that are stiffer than stock. 719 more words