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Editorial: Why Wagons?

This post is written in first person, as it’s a different narrative than the regular chronicle of events at SkunkRennWerks.

To me, the wagon forms a perfect combination of elements that make up a great car. 323 more words


Because Racewagon

What is the #racewagon? At it’s core, a 2001 BMW 325i Wagon, with the grey interior wrapped in Alpine White paint, equipped with sport and premium packages. 231 more words



A lot has happened since our last update. The garage has been busy as hell at SkunkRennWerks and the lineup has changed. Let’s dive into it. 233 more words


Drift Cars of December: Paul Parnell

Chaps and Chapettes,

The idea of putting a big BMW straight six into the little compact 3 series shell has always appealed to me. It’s a tonne of power in a very small shell and we have seen some absolutely stunning examples of converted E36 compacts over the years. 323 more words

Drift Cars of December: Darrel Smith's E46

Chaps and Chapettes,

Darrel Smith is an experienced drifter who has had plenty of seat time in various cars at various tracks. His current car shows that a slow car can be fast if the driver is brave/mad enough. 183 more words