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'Heroes of Bavaria': 75 Years of BMW Motorsports

‘Heroes of Bavaria’ | 19 May 2017 | BMWCCA in South Carolina

I just want to preface this piece by saying my entire life has changed since attending this exhibit. 694 more words



  1. Newtonin kolme lakia ovat Jatkuvuudenlaki, dynamiikan peruslaki ja voima ja vastavoima laki.
  2. a) jatkuvuuden laki: jos lasket esineen maahan, eikä siihen kohdistu mitään voimaa se pysyy paikoillaan…
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Spion M3 BMW E46 Coupe (2D) Retractable / Lipat / Flip

» Tipe           : BMW E46 Coupe, 3 Series (Untuk tahun 1998 – 2006)

» Model      : M3, Retractable / Flip / Lipat

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Aksesoris Mercedes Benz

The Classic & Sports Car BMW M3 Buyer’s Guide. It’s great. Well, kind of…

Reviews are like anything else. They are the opinion of someone who gives their take on a certain matter. What makes them different is how they encapsulate the audience ; the reviews grab the attention of the viewer and by the end of it you want the car more! 772 more words



BMW recently turned 100, and with plans to launch up to 40 new models by 2018, the brand from Bavaria isn’t lacking for ambition. The company’s racing heritage is baked into every model they build, and while that can incur a bit of a hit in maintenance costs, choosing the right car can go a long way if you’re interested in your first BMW. 1,274 more words

BMW E46 3xxi TurboTouring

I was never really fond of tourings(or estates), since I always saw them as something people that want something practical and, well, family people, drive. Well, my opinion changed when I got a hold of one and realized that they can be cool and look as good as any other car, so it’s a shame there aren’t more tuned tourings, especially because they can make a hell of a good sleeper. 221 more words


Yeah Mate, You can bag a Good M3 for £8,000. Really?

Don’t you just love people who claim you can own an object of desire for a pittance?  That the world is wrong and they just don’t know where to look?  677 more words