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Important pictures. Important Firsts.

We’ll start with a continuation from a previous posts #1 & #2

This photo above made my trip home. I may have failed at life in upside down world, but a few weeks in Ontario and someone will turn my art into an 80’s style Wooden poster. 421 more words

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Living Vicariously Through Wall Taps.

Some follow up pics of Sundays drift day. Great day, high spirits and the return of the Zombi in the hands of someone more capable. 32 more words

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Capital Punishment

Yesterday was Torture. To others a great time, with big tandems, sections of rain, and mostly good, dry, cool sun. 154 more words

Speed Hero

Local Speed Heros: Warren

It’s something I’ve been meaning to do for a long time now. Capture the great cars and people that I interact with everyday. Warren is a great example. 440 more words

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Cross Blogging

The dudes over at E7 Club gave me a holler to come help make some E7 Content. Cool, thanks for the invite guys! Guest Blogging.

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The most recent video from Justin Robert and Aircooled productions.

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