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Slow Roller

I’m all about the slow pan; of all the photography techniques that’s probably my favorite. Normally, one of the challenges of hand-held photography is to keep the camera perfectly still, but with panning shots you’re shooting an object in motion with a camera in motion. 102 more words


CAS E9: Aerobic Dancing

Journal & Reflection

  • Category: Activity
  • Total Duration: 2 hours

Today, all of us (DP Р1 students) were asked to assemble in the school football field during our last 2 hours of CAS. 551 more words


AotS - The [Insert Location Here] Job, Part 3

Ash opened the door and slipped into the hallway leading towards the elevator, looking around to see if anyone had taken special interest in their presence. 2,888 more words


AotS - The [Insert Location Here] Job, Part 2

They got back up from the cargo hold just as Ash was coming out of the engine room. “You two have fun trying to put holes in the ship?” … 2,256 more words


Apex of the Songbird, Episode 9 - The [Insert Location Here] Job, Part 1

It had been another few days at Jayna’s hometown. It didn’t take long for Ash and Zane to get a little bit claustrophobic. And honestly, Mari was surprised how little time it took for her to feel the same way. 1,245 more words


The Cheese Truck @ The Chesham Arms, E9

Is there any foodstuff in the world better than a cheese toastie?? If, like me, you’ve had a week bruising to both heart and soul, all that gooey, melty, cheesey goodness is a comfort, a balm and – when you combine it with copious quantities of red wine – a pretty damn good sedative. 511 more words


Curiosity, the wonder of Hackney, and running tours

Curiosity about the world is what drives Hackney Tours. How does it work? How do we make sense of it? How can we best be in it, appreciate, enjoy and ultimately improve it? 237 more words