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E3 Day 1: EA Play

Day one of E3 is over and I’m already prepping for day two. Tonight we’re going to get a Microsoft conference I’m surprisingly excited about considering I haven’t owned a Microsoft console since the original XBox, and Bethesda which duh. 617 more words


Watch "Star Wars Battlefront 2: Official Gameplay Trailer" on YouTube

As promised, it’s here! Check out the gameplay trailer featuring new vehicles, space battles, and voices from The Clone Wars on prequel-era maps! Looks like all the eras are here, along with both phases of clone troopers, new weapons, and a brief tease of the story of Iden Versio.

Star Wars

Based in China Shigekazu Tsuuchi talks localization and more.......

OK who are you and what are you known for?
My name is Shigekazu Tsuuchi. I have been doing localisation QA for 7
years (started as a… 620 more words


Senior Software Engineer John Woznack shares his thoughts on the games industry.

Who are you and what are you known for?

I’m John Woznack, and I’m not really “known” for any hit games. All of the games I’ve worked on were, unfortunately, not commercial hits.

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From a pro Counter-Strike player to Q/A Lead Analyst!

Based in Romania, Sebastian is a QA Lead Analyst for EA Games.

He kindly took 5 minutes of his day to talk about QA, the game market and how he started in the industry. 317 more words


Q&A with the BioShock contributor who has the wildest break into games.

Joe McDonagh 

Joe has worked across all platforms from helping to bring BioShock alive to working with PopCap and Dots bring household hits to the mobile platform. 508 more words