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REVIEW: PES 2017 DEMO - Revamped & Looking Better

So, another year and and another battle of the football titles. There aren’t many gaming franchises that have slugged it out as much as Pro… 337 more words


Weekend Poll: Have You Created a Procedures Manual for Your Role?

In last weekend’s poll, we looked at your orientation and induction experiences. While some of you had the benefit of effective onboarding systems, that wasn’t the case for all.  82 more words


Dragon Age: Inquisition [Review]


I have recently fallen in love with the Bioware games; however, since winter of last year, I have been playing their Dragon Age… 678 more words


Model Curation techniques for EA - #1: Cleaning

Have you ever got to the point in your EA modelling work where you need others to review or use your beautiful model? You give them access, then wait for the admiring emails to arrive. 386 more words


Titanfall 2 Considered To Slow Pilots Down

Titanfall 2 is a game that was a highly anticipated sequel for many gamers. With the first game, it felt truly innovative. The large scale battles with titans, your own army dropping in to add depth to the fight and, to me which is most important of all, the high speeds in which a player can move throughout these maps. 1,293 more words