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'Game Changer'

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This post is about the change in video gaming from my eyes and it’s about a certain change.. video gaming/games consoles are less social, no longer a games console more of a entertainment box competing against other entertainment boxes for the hard earned £$£$ of the ‘gamers’ they appear to care about. 854 more words


Huge Technology and Media Trades Highlight Insider Selling

As we had expected, with the markets tipping up and down near record highs, the sellers have the green light to sell stock, and they were not shy about it this past week. 540 more words


FIFA 16 to include playable Qatar slave workers


EA has announced highly anticipated football video game FIFA 16 will include the option to play as borderline slave workers constructing the World Cup stadium in Qatar. 311 more words


Hello world! Sims Freeplay

Im here to help you with your Sims freeplay quest! Ive noticed in the year ive been playing that the quests have changed a little so im here to help with the new players get started :) My page offers the up to date versions of the beginning quests. 13 more words


EA Reveals Need For Speed Reboot Will Require Internet Connection To Play, Attempts To Defend It

Seemingly determined to never learn from their own mistakes and crush all hope for the Need for Speed reboot before gameplay footage has even been shown EA today revealed via Twitter that their forthcoming restart of the racing series will require an Internet connection to play. 178 more words



I talked about EA’s never released fighting game from their Chicago studio last year in my five-part series on unreleased comic book games and now PtoP Online, a group dedicated to preserving old video game prototypes who also released footage of the… 96 more words


Women teams to be included in FIFA 16

Now for many out there we are known to saying that the FIFA series, like many other sport series out there, is just an annual title that seems like the last title just with a new cover on it, which sometimes we can be right, but this year it seems that EA are going to be taking a bigger step forward by introducing Women international teams. 150 more words