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Titanfall 2, nice story arc. (Spoiler alert).

(Spoiler alert: major plot points are discussed here.)

The title may be a bit mild, but I felt a calm approach to the game is useful for this article: just finished the Titanfall 2 campaign, and what a ride it was to enjoy. 814 more words



A thought for your day, with my good wishes …


Battlefield 1 and the No Quit option

DICE has stated that it cannot put a quit button on Battlefield 1‘s end of round screen, despite protests and complains by players.Responding to a complaint on Reddit, the developer explained that the end of round screen is basically just a loading screen, so players cannot leave until the next map starts, as it’s in the progress of loading the map. 97 more words


Un contract pe viata sau rate pe luna?

Hei, buna, salut, nu stiu … ma gandesc daca te pot saluta acum si aici. Te-am luat de acasa, te-am adus aici. E intuneric. Ma mir ca nu tremuri si nu de frig, ci de frica. 592 more words


Weekend Poll: Do You Celebrate Halloween?

Fall is is in the air, and Halloween is close at hand.

While long prominent in North America, it seems that Halloween gains even more momentum each year as an occasion to be marked by adults as well as little ones. 67 more words


Helen Parker: Insights from Portishead, England

Today we’re making our way to Portishead, England.

Do you ever wonder how your career compares with those of admin. professionals from other countries and continents?  89 more words



A thought for your day, with my good wishes …