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on the exquisitely fragile, blue ball, with all the life we know everywhere, and ever was

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It’s just Earth. And Earth will be okay, completely fine, … 172 more words


Programs Eaarth Making a Life on Tough New Planet

The planet 51 aliens conceal Chuck and Lem , Chucks planet 51 pal, and help them getting around multiple times in the planet 51 movie but ultimately General Grawl, the rigid general, catches up to them. 199 more words

Oops! And Read Harder Book 1: Something Someone Recommended

Way back on December 31st, I mentioned my new project for 2015, which is Book Riot’s Read Harder challenge. And I’m doing it, and it’s going very well, but I may or may not have… 1,004 more words

Things You Can Do

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, “things you can do” books were sprouting like weeds. The Earthworks group published a particularly popular one called  1,129 more words



In the past twenty-four hours, I’ve mourned the loss of the incredible actor, comedian, and human, Robin Williams, sported grey in support of World Elephant Day, celebrated the homecoming of… 826 more words

Eaarth, Bill McKibben

Environmental Science was the only scientific course requirement for the “liberal studies” program at New York University. It was incredibly enlightening, challenging, and during one class period, we were given the opportunity to take the 1 train all the way into Harlem, my first time mind you, to meet and hear master Bill McKibben speak and talk about his work with 350.org. 106 more words

If I ruled the world

Many thanks for their invaluable feedback in development of this bloggling to my dear friend Pat, Dwight Towers from Dwight Towers, Wendy from The Igloo… 1,088 more words

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