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Eagle Nebula

Similar to the famous pictured, pillars of creation, this picture is in the same Eagle Nebula. In fact, if you look closely at the center of the photo you can see them. 17 more words


Herschel's View of the Eagle Nebula

The famous Hubble Space Telescope image of the Pillars of Creation,the light-years long star forming columns of cold gas and dust inside the Eagle Nebula is inset on the left. 46 more words


The Pillars of Creation

One of the iconic Hubble images is the one on the left which shows a portion of the Eagle Nebula known as the Pillars of Creation. 114 more words


A Christmas Story

Perched upon one of the pillars of creation, the eagle spread its wings and gazed across the valley of night. Stardust formed clouds of glittering lights, decorating the dark depths of the nebula. 321 more words

From SPACE.com: "Get Lost in This Jaw-Dropping View of the Eagle Nebula"


October 26, 2015
Calla Cofield

The Pillars of Creation can be seen in this highly detailed view of the Eagle Nebula. Credit: Terry Hancock… 436 more words

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