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On Loves (Rohan Edition)

He cannot have her.  That is the only thought I have when I think about what is coming.  I should worry about my hall, our people, my sisters.  931 more words


At This Time (Rohan Edition)

Since most of you don’t interact with these daytime-rp characters, I’ll introduce them as I vignette ’em.


Certhwin is a young warrior of the Westemnet whose long quest to find his family has ended in (it’s Rohan, so of course) tears. 647 more words


Scenes From the Hall, 1

The unmistakeable sound of stone rasping against metal filled the small room.  After a few moments of it, Maerec raised the spear head to inspect it in the firelight.  1,237 more words

Heir Of The Nighthall

Heir of the Nighthall: Homecoming

Though weariness settled deep into his marrow, Ardric did not yet sleep.  He looked around his own rooms slightly bewildered, disbelieving, as if the next time he blinked it would prove merely a dream.  889 more words


Various: What I Won't Tell You, Take Three


This one is not what she was.

This one should be shamed, for does the knife question it’s purpose?  It is known that a knife cuts where the hand that guides it wishes.  702 more words


At this Time: Five Years Ago Today

Greetings from a hotel in Arizona!  Anyway, here.  And apologies in advance for incoherence:  twelve hours across the desert with three cats in the car?  That does not make for braininess. 995 more words


Heir of the Nighthall: Look To His Coming

(This is a story of those left behind to wonder. There is a mention of  two of the riders from a previous story.  I am such a Rohan freak…) 2,217 more words