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Parties need to reach consensus on fixing our health service

Analysis from Irish Independent on 7 November 2015

They say insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Einstein’s cliché applies perfectly to political and management responses to the myriad of crises in our health system. 823 more words

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EU issues threat to warring parties in Columbia

‘Will deploy Gilmore if fighting does not stop’

In a dramatic move aimed at bringing to an end the decades-long conflict in Columbia, the European Union has announced plans to deploy Eamon Gilmore against the various factions involved in the fighting. 129 more words


White Welcomes Yes Vote In Marriage Equality Referendum

By extending the rights and responsibilities of marriage we have made an enormous statement – to ourselves and to the world – that Ireland is a modern, generous and inclusive country that values all its citizens equally. 193 more words

Irish Marriage Referendum – the aftermath

Friday 22 May 2015 will go down in history as the day when 62% of Irish voters willingly mutilated their Constitution by inserting language into the section dealing with the Family which proclaims that the age-old institution of marriage is open to any two persons, regardless of sex. 482 more words


The Sensus Fidelium of Catholic Ireland

Ireland is a country with a huge Catholic majority. Though recent data indicate a decline in those who identify as Catholic, at least 84% of the population still do ( 269 more words


"Ireland R.I.P." Playing Cards from The Irish Daily Star 30th September 2010

To mark the second anniversary of the Bank Guarantee The Irish Daily Star produced a set of playing cards with quotes from many involved in The Crash. 27 more words

Irish Politics

From the 2002 Labour Party Leadership Election, Profiles of candidates for Leader and Deputy Leader

A leaflet sent to Labour Party members from the 2002 Labour Party Leadership contest. It has profiles , provided by the candidates, for both the Leadership and Deputy Leadership Elections. 33 more words

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