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Rudy Ray Moore: The Signifying Monkey

One of the best to ever do it, a performer way before his time. If you listen carefully, you’ll hear his performance echo in modern comedy and storytelling. 97 more words


Gangsta Bitch Music Vol 1 by Cardi B

Because Two Poons In A Pod(cast) supports any woman who displays a good ol’ fashioned ‘I don’t give a fuck’ attitude, here’s Cardi B’s free mixtape. 107 more words

Ear Hustling

Two Poons In A Pod(cast): 'Pickled Poon and Pig Feet'

Cheri shares ancestral information that leads to a discussion of race relations. MelE shames a slut. Listen on Soundcloud here.

Haynes House Apothecary has new, all natural beauty products available for order  on… 28 more words


Two Poons In A Pod(cast): Three The Hard Way- Me, Her, and Our Man

Cheri shares her latest threesome experience. MelE admits to having sex with the gasman and the proper after sex protocol. Both MelE and Cheri discuss the pros and cons of having an “Our Man”. 39 more words


Two Poons In A Pod(cast): Chicken Wings and Peen

Cheri and MelE share jail stories, discuss street fighting, bad breakups, and revenge. Cheri gets passionate about good sense and respectability. Listen below or on… 55 more words