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Dupuytren's Contracture

On a bright, crisp, morning I set off for the woodland walk. No sooner had I entered the brassica field than the sky rapidly darkened and a biting hailstorm hit. 245 more words

Body Jewellery Shop

As someone with multiple ear piercings, I’m constantly losing the backs and consequently the earrings that go with them by getting them tangled in my hair and flinging them into oblivion never to be seen again, so I’m always on the lookout for good value earrings that I can wear everyday. 248 more words


okay, I have figured out that this is not normal
my ear is now so swollen and painful that i literally cannot move the stud back and forth in the hole… 66 more words

Ear piercing - whose decision?

I’ll give you some advanced warning – this post is a bit moany and not very funny. Sorry about that. 520 more words

Random Ramblings

Spontaneous Piercing No. 2

So this is my new piercing. It’s my fourth, and the second spontaneous piercing of my near-quarter-century-life. It’s quite funny how it came about actually. Let me walk you through spontaneous piercing number one first though… 532 more words


day 10 // profesh piercing party but more than that. (1/23)

I just cannot seem to catch up! hopefully the NEC BOLs come over late today so I can catch up.

originally, Eliza, Becky, Kathy, and Christine and I were going to get ear piercings together, but Eliza had already made plans on the same day and Becky decided to do it another time. 315 more words

1 X 365

Why I will not pierce my baby girl's ears

“So, when are you getting her ears pierced?”

I didn’t respond. My eight-month-old daughter was licking crusted-up cereal off the floor and I fussed around her, hoping the question would go away. 611 more words