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To Pierce or Not to Pierce

I have three daughters and all three have their ears pierced.  For one of them it was her choice.  That’s L.  She was 2 and begging for her ears to be pierced. 329 more words

Bad Mom


Iona asked to get her ears pierced, so off they went to the mall today. She was very brave.


Most Painful Ear Piercing, EVER

The lady who did my piercing gave dotted marks with a red marker on the spots that I requested. At this point, I was still questioning myself to proceed or not. 105 more words


How Getting My Ears Pierced Made Me Feel Like a Moo Cow

At 11 am yesterday a tattoo artist named Kelvin was meant to pierce my ears. If I tell you that my whole life had been leading up to this moment, it’s because I expect that you’ll understand how it feels to be the only 38 year old woman that I know who has never had her ears pierced. 1,239 more words

Ear Piercing

Why Piercing Guns Are Horrifying

So you see children getting their ears pierced at Claire’s and maybe you’ve gotten your ears pierced too. It all went okay, right? Well, seemingly so but there’s a whole world you don’t know about. 290 more words


My tragus piercing experience 2 month update

Good evening lovelies! If you’re reading this in England then Wednesday has probably felt like it’s come around quicker than usual thanks to the clocks springing forward, as much as I like this time of year I hate when the clocks change as you feel like the day runs away from you. 699 more words


Metal Allergy

Not to long ago I got my 3 year daughter’s ears pierced. We went to Claire’s and they did a great job and we had a great experience. 361 more words

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