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Last night I pierced my sister’s ears, with a safety pin. I had my ears pierced that way by a friend a few years ago, and while it was a slightly traumatic few minutes, I look back on it fondly. 476 more words

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The Lazy Saturday That Almost Got Me Into Trouble!

It’s a Saturday night and it’s past 5 o’clock. What happened to my day? It’s not the first time I’ve asked myself this question. In fact, ever since I started back up at school I haven’t had a job, so all of my Saturdays have been like this. 901 more words

on earrings and tattoos

A little over a year ago, Maddie began asking to get her ears pierced. At five whole years old, we weren’t quite sure she was ready, so we put her off for a bit. 798 more words


Highlights from the past week include: Getting my cartilage pierced, getting a dress for the Marine Corps Ball, and reformatting my computer.

I got my cartilage pierced and I’m super excited about it.   358 more words


30 before 30 - #26 Rook Piercing

I love earrings. You probably already know this. I always have, I think I always will. When I got my last piercing in ’08 I was 100% done and content with the arrangement of jewelry as it was. 116 more words

30 Before 30

Ear Piercing

Jocelle came home with a sticker that she stuck on one of her earlobes.. She shared that they were playing with sticker earrings in the ccc.. 190 more words


Claire's Accessories: A Renaissance

When I was making my first steps into sartorial independence, choosing my own clothes and defining my style, accessories were a big deal for me. And  564 more words