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Getting my Helix pierced

I am obsessed with my new helix piercing! I’ve spent hours browsing Pinterest for super cute jewellery. I want to share with you some info about cartilage piercings and my experience of the piercing process and aftercare. 564 more words


Ear Piercing Adventure at Claire's

Yesterday we went to Claire’s for ear piercings. Since my daughters’ were little I’ve always taken them to Claire’s to get their first ear piercings. Mia is just now old enough to tell me she wanted her ears pierced and she is old enough to tell me if they hurt, which is why we decided to go. 113 more words


Anti-Helix Piercing

I have always had a fascination with piercings, and I really liked the look of my helix so I decided to get another ear piercing, I looked at the different types you could get and I settled on getting an anti-helix also known as a forward helix. 332 more words


Types of Ear Piercings Explained

The amount of ear piercing options has doubled since your grandmother’s day. Any and every location on your ear is not available for piercing by a top Toronto piercer. 489 more words


My Second Ear Piercing Story

Today I got my second hole pierced. After five years of begging my mom to let me, she finally took me to get it done. When I sat in the chair to get it pierced, I got really nervous and wished I could know more of what I was getting into. 402 more words


Is celebrating the holiday fair game to let your “after work self” roam free like Don Lemon?

Christmas parties and New Year’s Eve, are the holiday’s that an overwhelmingly amount of individuals agree is the time to get pretty tipsy if not drunk. 428 more words

Organization Development

"Our Thing"... and about your ear-piercing

When you were born, I had no idea of how to take care of you. I was scared to make mistakes. You were very fragile and I constantly questioned my ability to look after you.   361 more words

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