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Tonyc Salon & Spa: Ear Piercing

Confession: I got my ears pierced three months before my 19th birthday. That means that I had to wait 18 whole years before my dreams were turned into reality. 768 more words


Metal Boogers

Apologies for the title of this post (as well as for the tardiness of said post), but it will make sense in a minute.

So, today, finally, after procrastinating for six long years, I got my nose and ears re-pierced.   561 more words

ear piercing adventures [Story Time]

It’s partially the fault of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries and my liking of magnetic earrings as a youngling, but recently I decided to have my ears pierced. 344 more words


What made you decide to finally transition and are you getting a sex change??

I’ve met a friend yesterday I’ve known for about 15 years and tho she knew about my transitioning, this was the first time we’ve met since I’ve actually began to transition. 731 more words


Ear Piercings & Cultural Significance

If you go back through the old photo albums of my sister and I, you may or may not notice the ever-present gleaming crystal studs in our ears. 650 more words

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