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Metal Allergy

Not to long ago I got my 3 year daughter’s ears pierced. We went to Claire’s and they did a great job and we had a great experience. 361 more words

The Original Family

වාසනාව උදා කරණ එක කනකට කරාබු දෙකක් බැගින් හතරක් දැමීම

වාසනාව උදා කරණ එක කනකට කරාබු දෙකක් බැගින් හතරක් දැමීම

ලංකාවේ ගෑනු ලමයි අතර ගොඩක් ප්‍රසිද්ද විලාසිතාවක් තමයි මේ කරාබු හතරක් දාන එක. හැබැයි මේකෙන් තමන්ගේ ජීවිතයට වාසනාව උදාවෙන බව නම් ඔබ නොදැන ඉන්න ඇති.

Ear Piercing

30 Day Daith Piercing Report

For those of who returning from yesterday’s post, as promised, I have detailed my first 30 days with the daith piercing and how it helped my migraines. 388 more words


Migraine Relief

If you follow the Down Home Blog on Instagram you know that in December I had an ear piercing done to hopefully help my migraines. It really was my last resort. 555 more words



I went to Abraxas to verify my finger tatoo and I left with a new piercing.

Has that ever happened to you? You go for one thing and come back with another? 24 more words

Daily Life

Getting my Helix pierced

I am obsessed with my new helix piercing! I’ve spent hours browsing Pinterest for super cute jewellery. I want to share with you some info about cartilage piercings and my experience of the piercing process and aftercare. 564 more words


Ear Piercing Adventure at Claire's

Yesterday we went to Claire’s for ear piercings. Since my daughters’ were little I’ve always taken them to Claire’s to get their first ear piercings. Mia is just now old enough to tell me she wanted her ears pierced and she is old enough to tell me if they hurt, which is why we decided to go. 113 more words