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Intervals Demystified

Hello there and welcome to another lesson. In this lesson, you are going to learn about intervals, what they are, how they are formed and how important they are to us as pianists/keyboardists. 1,436 more words

Music Theory

How to Pump Up Your Musical Ear

What is ‘Ear Training’ and why is it important? As musicians we spend a lot of time practicing our instruments, learning how to read, developing effective technique, understanding theory, etc. 1,047 more words

Piano Lessons

Blog - Relative Pitch

So following on from last months blog lets discuss Relative Pitch and its importance.

If the thought of trying to obtain ‘Perfect Pitch’ is a little too daunting then no need to fret! 143 more words

Shaun's Blog!

First Day of Classes!

Aaaah! I won’t lie I was really, really, nervous about my first day of college. I mean, who wouldn’t be? It’s college! It’s completely different and foreign and very scary. 464 more words


How to Listen Effectively: The Basics of Relative Pitch


When it comes to effectively listening to music to learn new songs, there’s different ways to do it:

1) Perfect Pitch

2) Relative Pitch… 2,350 more words


Diatonic Chords

Last month, we looked at the major scale, which has been foundational to Western music for 400 years.   Each of the 7 notes in that major scale can function as the root of a… 967 more words