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Volume One, 1-2b: Transposing and an (Incredibly) Simple Introduction to Keys

Now that you are comfortable with the first three pieces of Mikrokosmos it is time to begin what Bartók recommended in his preface: transpose them. 859 more words


Reading and Recognising Intervals

Hello fellow singers!!!!

So I am working hard on my sight reading at the moment and have figured out that it gets a lot easier to recognise intervals when they come from something I know. 906 more words

Performer Resources

The Twists and Turns of Music Theory

When my students learn what intervals are in music, they first learn the interval name, a second, third, fifth, and so forth, before they learn the kind, major, minor, perfect, and so on. 666 more words

Music Education

How to be a Bomber (Perfect Love Casts Out Fear)

Across the road from me is an area where the old men play their pétanque, or as the English prefer to call it, boules… 590 more words


The Magic Of Listening

It is very rewarding to hear my students saying they love to listen to a piece of music or a particular style. They come to my lessons excited about new discoveries, interested to learn more about an specific style or composer, and that makes me feel very proud of them. 222 more words

Internal/External resonance

Really…all things are perceived internally.
But different channels are used in the reception.
E.g. bodily vs aurally.
Tactile vs. sound.
Keep that in mind…this is all somewhat metaphors. 555 more words

Ear Training

Awesome Ear Training Exercise For Bass Players - Scott's Bass Lessons

Here’s a video from Scott Devine, of Scott’s Bass Lessons, that has an ear-training exercise for bassists – although it can probably be used with most instruments. 174 more words