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Ear Training with a Voice User Interface

As a musician and software developer, I look for synergies between these two roles. One such example is the app that I’m developing for the purpose of helping musicians with ear training. 186 more words


10 Facts About The Author Of This Blog

1. I’m taking up my BA in Music and I’m in my 4th year. I mainly study opera and piano, but I can play the… 318 more words


SoCS -- I feel pretty

I saw the word “pretty” and I thought immediately of the song from West Side Story.  I love that musical because it has so many great songs. 347 more words

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Composition & Improvisation: A Case Study: Part 4 of 24: Form & Harmony

The deep understanding of Form and Harmony… specifically which chords establish the key and tonality, which chords create tension, and where each chord belongs in the overall context of the piece… cannot be overstated. 353 more words


Chord Progressions: i-V7-i Theory & Ear Training

Study the i-V7-i Chord Progression (the minor counterpart of the major I-V-I) and you will understand the harmonic tension and release formula that makes an incredible amount of music tick… 333 more words

Aural Comprehension