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"How Do You Know What The Notes Are"?

From time to time as I am writing a melody on the board that I want my students to play or sing, they will notice that I am not looking at music, and that I am singing quietly to myself (though apparently loud enough for them to notice) as I write. 713 more words

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there's an app for that

In our digital age, the smartphone is an invaluable tool. It’s almost like Mary Poppins’ bag: a small, relatively unobtrusive item that gives you unthinkable access to myriads of tools and resources. 500 more words

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Clapping Music: Rhythm Game and Music

Clapping Music, the app, is based on the Steve Reich piece of the same name. It includes a video of a performance of the piece, a video of Steve Reich discussing the piece, and access to more info about Steve Reich and his music. 803 more words

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Modern Musician Certificate | Coursera

via Modern Musician Certificate | Coursera.

Here’s a wonderful opportunity to learn modern music theory from the leader in Music Training, Berklee College of Music. 17 more words


Ears: A Musician's Best Friend

Many of the young musicians I have met or known through the years have drawn many emotions from me both positive and negative and this time, I want to talk about one of the most important things (if not the most important) in learning music seriously — ear training.  562 more words


iStrobosoft Tuner

iStrobosoft is the tuner that I probably use the most. I find strobe tuners are much easier to read quickly and I like that they are showing you more than just the fundamental pitch. 1,108 more words

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Ear Sharpener - Ear Training in Context

I have always liked this app because of the unique way that it approaches ear-training. It hadn’t been updated in a while and I was afraid that it was going to be gone shortly. 996 more words