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Theta Music Trainer - Earn Your Musical Black Belt Faster and Easier Than Ever Before

Are you on the path towards earning your black belt at The Ultimate Rock Guitar Dojo for Kids? Well, Theta Music Trainer can make the journey towards musical mastery easier and more fun than ever before. 481 more words

Ear Training

I'm Cheating Today

As you might have read recently, I am cheating today.  Today’s post will be short.

Today, I failed at remaining unemployed.

After a year of applying at various places and failing to get hired,I I finally have a job! 141 more words

Freshly Failed Friday!

Oh dear.  I have already started punning in this blog, and now my fondness for alliteration is beginning to make itself known. It was going to happen sometime, though, so why not now? 769 more words

I Got 99 Problems...

…and all of them are pitches.

Okay, so there might not be 99, and they might be organized into intervals, but ear training is difficult and makes me rage quit like no other thing in the entire world. 912 more words

Ear Training Tip: Inserting A Free Spectrum Analyzer Plugin Across All Computer Audio

A spectrum analyzer allows you to observe a graphic representation of an audio signal’s amplitude and frequency response, shown in vertical and horizontal axis respectively. 79 more words


Volume One, 1-2b: Transposing and an (Incredibly) Simple Introduction to Keys

Now that you are comfortable with the first three pieces of Mikrokosmos it is time to begin what Bartók recommended in his preface: transpose them. 859 more words


Reading and Recognising Intervals

Hello fellow singers!!!!

So I am working hard on my sight reading at the moment and have figured out that it gets a lot easier to recognise intervals when they come from something I know. 906 more words

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