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EQ Ear Training using Max For Live

I love Max for Live, it’s DIY audio in the software domain and it makes trying out ideas and building new audio tools extremely easy. 318 more words


8 Milestones to make our Guitar life Easier

I’ve been playing Guitar for many years now, and although I really love life as a musician, I’ve also got many quite unpleasant experiences while playing on gigs and especially during songwriting. 1,328 more words


Ear Training is Brain Training

Theres this group of 10 persons sitting inside a room, and a nice modern electronic music was playing from the background. Now all of them heard the music and it was nice and soothing, but one among them heard a guitar part, repeating a simple funky 3-chord progression and he is pretty sure that it is in a minor key, and could probably, in a few seconds figure out and play the simple guitar part if he has his guitar on hand. 547 more words


Ear Training

“When the ear trains the hands, it can make our technique soar.” – Paul Stein*

As a musician, I am a year out of my masters degree and still feel like I have only started to uncover the meaning of true musicianship and how to accomplish it. 412 more words


SingTrue for Vocal Ear Training

SingTrue is an ear training and singing app from Easy Ear Training. It bills itself as an app that can help anyone sing in tune. 1,023 more words


Ear Training fantasies

One of my longest-standing research interests is in ear training pedagogy. Conventional wisdom says that the point of ear training class is not to train students’ ears… 887 more words


Yardbird Suite play-along

source: http://mdecks.com/mapharmony.phtml
This play-along was created using the smart player on Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro 6.7 for iPad & iPad Pro

Do you want to practice “Yardbird Suite” in all keys at any tempo? 175 more words

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