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The Ear Repeats: A Chase

There seems to be a poetic schism between the eye and the ear in certain texts. The eye is seen as an engine of great dispersal, while the ear is a funnel that gathers together in an intimate sense. 532 more words

Vestibular Function Declines Starting at Age 40

A new study led by researchers at Massachusetts Eye and Ear found that vestibular thresholds begin to double every 10 years above the age of 40, representing a decline in our ability to receive sensory information about motion, balance and spatial orientation. 371 more words

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Knowledge of another soul after death

After death knowledge of another soul is as intimate as knowledge here on Earth of our own finger, head or ear — we feel ourselves within the other soul. 34 more words


Conch Piercing

For a while I have admired the conch piercing especially those with a ring, so after trying to decide if I wanted to get my tragus or conch pierced, I settled for my conch knowing I was going to do it at some point any way. 433 more words

The Nutrient Series – ENERGY

Although energy isn’t technically a nutrient, it is absolutely essential for our bodies. It is used by our cells to carry out all the processes needed to keep us alive. 530 more words