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The pressure came suddenly
pulling the sound from my ears
making my mind beg for sustenance.

All at once
I was alone in silence.

The pressure compressed my world…

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Anatomy of the external and middle ear

Recently I began studying my current university degree which is a Masters in Clinical Audiology. To be honest, I hadn’t really known much about the ear before I began, but since starting, I have learnt so much and thought about so many things that I hadn’t even considered before. 813 more words


Middle Ear infection in Childrens

Ear infections are common, especially in children. They are usually caused by an infection and can cause earache and temporary hearing loss.

Ear infections usually go away on their own, but sometimes need treatment with antibiotics. 303 more words


Helix Tattoos Are Here For The Truly Brave Among Us

Tattoo addicts are constantly looking for fresh, new ways to ink themselves — and it looks like they finally found one.

Enter helix tattoos. These tiny tattoos are inked along the upper outer curve of your ear, for a delicate design that you can hide or display as needed. 205 more words


The revelation: I have got Vestibular Neuritis!

The two months of me constantly wining to my wife about how bad I feel and my wife’s Googling for the symptoms have finally paid of. 530 more words


E Is For...

It’s time for our Tuesday trip through the photographic alphabet in my Photography A to Z series I’m challenging myself with this year.  After three piece of cake consonants, we’ve hit upon another difficult vowel this week in the letter E.  342 more words